Top 25 American Horror Story Characters

American Horror Story: Hotel ended this month. We were introduced to a lot of new nice characters. You can think of Liz Taylor or The Countess. But how good are they doing in our top 25 American Horror Story characters? You’ll find out very soon..

25. Evil Santa / Leigh Emerson


Ian McShane made a brief appearance in season 2 as the evil santa Leigh Emerson. His role was rather memorable and that’s why he opens our list.

24. The Countess


Lady Gaga’s first time in AHS. She made her introduction in the Hotel Cortez as the Countess who ran the hotel. She was a troubled woman with a difficult love life, but she had an evil side as well. The Countess ends at #24

23. The Angel of Death


Frances Conroy did a fine job in Asylum where she plays the Angel of Death. She didn’t have many lines but her acting skills and body language were simply incredible here. The Angel of Death is, without a doubt, one my favorite characters in AHS.

22. Violet Harmon


Violet wasn’t a fortunate character and towards the end we really felt sorry for her. The best thing about her character was her complex relationship with Tate Langdon.

21. Moira O’ Hara


Conroy’s second character on this list. Each time she appeared on screen, she could fascinate. Alexandra Breckenridge may be mentioned here as well, although it was Conroy who really stole she show.

20. Elsa Mars


Elsa Mars was the last character of AHS veteran Jessica Lange, and god I miss her! Again, Lange plays a strong female woman whose ambitions causes her breakdown. For her acting skills alone during Freak Show, she deserves this spot in the top 20.

19. Twisty The Clown


Another character of Freak Show on this list. Twisty appeared like the ultimate villain in the first episode of that season, but when we learned about his backstory, we couldn’t get him out of our minds, He ends at #19.

18. Madame Delphine LaLaurie


Coven’s first character ends at number #18. Kathy Bates entered AHS like a boss and she earned an Emmy for her haunting portrayal of madame Delphine LaLaurie. I consider her as one of the greatest villains the series has.

17. Misty Day


Number 17 contained the biggest villain of Coven, number 15 the sweetest girl. Although their fate was quite similar.. How sarcastic. Lily Rabe nailed her role as a swamp witch obsessed with Stevie Nicks. Misty Day is easily a fan favorite.

16. Myrtle Snow


Another one from Coven. Conroy’s last and best appearance is the fashionista witch Myrtle Snow. Her hair was in-cre-di-ble! And her last word ‘Balenciaga!’ showed how awesome she was. Myrtle Snow deserves this 16th spot on the list.

15. Nora Montgomery


Lily Rabe’s first appearance in AHS was rather memorable. She played a ghost whose maternal needs were not yet fulfilled. She was also the mother of the demonic creature Infantata.

14. Marie Laveau


Angela Bassett’s Marie Laveau was a badass witch! Her lines were awesome and her attitude as well. I think Bassett was a great addition to the cast of AHS. Bassett’s best character peaks at #14.

13. Sally McKenna


Hotel may be the weakest season of AHS, nonetheless it had a few wonderful character. Sally McKenna is one of those characters. Sarah Paulson shows that she can manage anything. This time she plays a former drug addict with abandonment issues.

12. Pepper


Like Elsa Mars once said, ‘she has a pure soul’, Pepper is one of the few true good characters. Her backstory may be as sad as Twisty’s, she never did any harm to anyone. She ends very high at #12.

11. James Patrick March


The second character of Hotel on this list is James Patrick March, played by Evan Peters. Evan’s first true evil character made Hotel a lot better. Just like Sarah Paulson, Peters can pull off almost every character. Too bad he didn’t make the top 10.

The 10 best characters (season 5 edition)

10. Dandy Mott


The main villain of Freak Show opens the top 10. Inspired by Twisty he becomes a serial killer as well. A serial killer of the worst kind. Dandy thinks that he’s perfection itself, but in the end, he’s just a talentless Mommy’s Boy who was destined to anything but greatness.

9. Tate Langdon


Evan Peters’ first appearance in AHS as the ghost boy Tate Langdon, left us speechless. His backstory was quite intense and beside the fact that he seemed like a pretty psychotic killer, we couldn’t hate this guy. He makes the top 10. Yay!

8. Oliver Thredson


At first sight, he came across as a pretty good guy but we were so wrong. Thredson was one of the creepiest characters in the entire series. Zachary Quito only has 1 character in this list, but he cannot complain about his 8th spot.

7. Bette and Dot Tattler


As I mentioned above, Sarah Paulson can do anything in AHS. Playing a siamese twin with both very distinct characters is not easy to do. Paulson made us forget that she’s only one person. The girls have been terribly underused in this show but she still earns a high spot at #7.

6. Liz Taylor


We can all agree that Liz is the best character in AHS Hotel. O’Hara’s character had a beautiful transition and his story line ends in style. Denis only makes this list one time at number #6.

5. Constance Langdon


Jessica Lange’s first character opens the top 5. Constance Langdon earned her a Golden Globe, as she deserves! The bitchy mother of Tate Langdon was just awesome in every way.

4. Fiona Goode


Another character of Jessica Lange ends very high! Fiona Goode was the reigning supreme with a bit of Constance Langdon in her. Her goal was to live forever, but no worries Fiona, you’ll live on forever in our minds. What-a-character! Again, it earned her an Emmy.

3. Sister Jude


Three times Jessica Lange in a row! Only she could do that. But I do not complain! Jude Martin is easily Lange’s best character. Her transition from a rigid, evil nun to a fragile, respectable woman was simply amazing. And damn, she could make us cry in the end. She opens our top 3.

2. Sister Mary


Asylum was AHS most popular season and sister Mary Eunice contributed to that. She starts the season as a shy, timid girl who becomes possessed by the devil. It’s epic to see how Lily Rabe interprets this character. She’s just one step away from the highest spot in out list.

1. Lana Winters


Of course, who else ?! Lana Winters is a big fan favorite and Paulson did more than her best to achieve this status. Her acting during this season was Golden Globe worthy. Lana Winters couldn’t be described as a pure good character. She surely had some evil sides in her (e.g. too much ambition). The complexness of this character made her the best of all characters! Congratulations Miss Paulson!!

Special thanks to the IMdB message board ‘American Horror Story’ for voting.


Do you agree with our list? Please let us know in the comments below. 

 Written by Yelmer Motmans (February 1 2016)

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