Top 60 Game of Thrones episodes

[UPDATED] After many months analyzing each episode of Game of Thrones, I came to  the following top 60. My results are based on the ratings on IMdb, IGN-reviews, several reviews on the internet and my own opinions. There will be some conclusions included as well. Have fun reading.

60. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (78,2%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short review

‘Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken’ is the sixth episode of season 5. Daenerys and Jon don’t appear in this episode so the main focus has to be on King’s Landing and Winterfell. This year, the show spends a lot of time on Winterfell and I consider it a good thing! Let’s begin with the Winterfell storyline. Sansa’s fears come true: she has to marry Ramsay. It was a nice moment when she stood up against Myranda. ‘This is my home and you cannot frighten me.’ And Sansa is damn right. She’s back home after all. The marriage scene was very sad. The only person who looked amused was Ramsay, of course. Theon and Sansa were both incredible here! Excellent acting of both of them. The ending scene was hard but perhaps we could have expected this and it is necessary to evolve Sansa’s character in a more vengeful one. Alfie Allen’s performance was Oscar worthy.
King’s Landing was interesting again. Littlefinger is back, yay!, and more cunning than ever. Only he isn’t the only cunning person in KL nowadays. Our beloved Queen of Thorns arrives in KL too. Her lines are better than ever and her enjoyed her conversation with Cersei a lot, only it wasn’t really on the same level as Tywin unfortunately. A small hearing takes place and Loras ends up worse than before. The Faith now has evidence of Loras’s homosexuality and Margaery is trapped in one of Cersei’s schemes. Loras and Margaery both end up being incarcerated and Margaery begs Tommen for help. Tommen remains a mommy’s boy and keeps quiet. Olenna gives Cersei a deadly stare and we know that the cold war between House Tyrell and Lannister has started right here. KL was quite strong here! Arya has some wonderful scenes too! Her talking with the dying young girl was nice. But when she entered the Hall of Faces was really epic! Her storyline finally becomes interesting as well.
We end with Dorne. Dorne was absolutely rubbish this episode. I didn’t like the storyline. Suddenly Ellaria and the SS decide to kidnap Myrcella right at the same moment when Jaime and Bronn arrive in the Water Gardens to bring back Myrcella to KL. It was poorly written. Aside from that was the acting terrible as well. The fight scene seemed stupid and childish and didn’t feel like Game of Thrones anymore. Myrcella and Trystane’s acting was cringeworthy too.
U,U,U had a lot of potential and if Dorne was entirely left out here, it would be way higher on this list.
Therefore I am obliged to put this episode on the last spot.


  • Season 5: 10th place
  • Worst episode of Game of Thrones
  • Episode’s best element: Sophie Turner and Alfie Allen’s acting
  • Episode’s worst elements: Sand Snakes vs. Jaime/Bronn, Myrcella’s acting

59. The Night Lands (80,7%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short review 

This episode was good. New places were introduced such as Pyke. We learn more about the Greyjoys. The scenes at Dragonstone were nice too. I’m definitely interested in Stannis and Melisandre’s storylines. But, there was very little plot development! I’m less interested in Craster’s storyline. Daenerys’s storyline isn’t progressing too, which is very frustating. I consider ‘the Night Lands’ as the ‘most boring’ episode yet to date (in terms of GoT). But it sure has its memorable moments.


  • Season 2: 10th place
  • Most boring GoT-episode
  • Episode’s best element: Chemistry between Melisandre and Stannis
  • Episode’s worst element: Very slow episode

58. The Prince of Winterfell (80,7%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘The Prince of Winterfell’ was a decent episode. It has some great dialogues: Tyrion and Cersei, Brienne and Jaime, Theon and Yara. But I missed some action. This episode is too dialogue-centered. There was little or almost non plot development in King’s Landing, beyond the Wall and Qarth. Qarth was unnecessary here. I loved the romantic scenes: Robb-Talisa and Tyrion-Shae. Game of Thrones really lacked those romantic scenes. We had a anti-climatic ending but you know what they say: ‘Calm before the storm’. Stannis’s army is approaching and my expectations for Blackwater are set high.


  • Season 2: 9th place
  • Episode’s best element: Arya giving Jaqen his own name
  • Episode’s worst element: Quite slow 

57. The Wars To Come (82,5%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short Review

Season 5 has started! For the first time in GoT-history, we witness a flashback. We go back in time, to Cersei’s youth. Cersei and her friend visit a witch in the woods. Cersei asks for her future but doesn’t like answers. She will be Queen until another younger, more beautiful queen casts her aside and takes everything she has. She will also have 3 children, but not with the king. She’ll live to see her children die.
Cersei visits her dead father in the sept of Baelor and talks with Jaime about the consequences of him releasing Tyrion. The dead of her father only fueled her hate toward Tyrion. Tyrion arrives in Pentos, feels *beep* while Varys is (nagging!) talking about Westeros needing saving.
At the Wall, Jon talks again with Stannis. He also has a short conversation with the lady Melisandre. It’s fun to see how Stannis and The Wall’s storylines have merged into one. Stannis wants the Free Folk to join his army and Jon is the man to arrange this. If he cannot convince the King-Beyond-The-Wall before nightfall, the poor man will be burned at the stake.
Sansa has a rather short and ‘filler’ scene. She and Petyr leave the Riverlands and travel up north. We wonder what Petyr intends to do with her! Sansa’s way crosses Brienne so we can expect the two to meet each other very soon.
We’re also introduced to a new force in King’s Landing: the Sparrows. The religious fanatic group is given face by Lancel Lannister, who has made a physical and psychological transformation. Now with Tywin gone, King’s Landing desperately needs a strong leader, and the people may find that in the Sparrows.
We have quite a few Dany scenes. We are introduced to the Sons of the Harpy. It seems like Dany’s storyline, of learning how to rule despite the troubles on her path, just continues. I am not a big fan of the storyline either. It was nice to see her 2 (bigger!) dragons! But to be honest, nothing worth mentioning happened to her storyline.
The best material was at the Wall this episode. We ended with Mance Rayder burning at the stake. It was a hard scene to watch and we feel sorry for the man. In the end, he just wanted the best for his people and he has proven himself to be a decent leader. He wishes Stannis good luck in the wars to come and goes out like a hero. It’s only Jon who shows mercy by ending his suffering.
‘The Wars to Come’ was a decent opener. It’s nice to see every character again although it only felt like a re-introduction to the characters rather than progression in their storylines. Perhaps it may be the weakest season opening out of the five seasons, I still like it.


  • Season 5: 9th place
  • Episode’s best element: Mance is burned on the stake
  • Episode’s worst element: Brienne’s scene is pointless

56. The Bear and The Maiden Fair (82,7%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short review

‘The Bear and The Maiden Fair’ was not the most interesting Game of Thrones episode to date. We had some memorable moments: Jaime saving Brienne (a whole twist in his character development), Talisa announcing her pregnancy (one of the few moments of real love in GoT) and Daenerys negotiating with a Yunkish slaver. The episode had a LOT of dialogues: some were pointless (Sansa-Margaery ; Bronn – Tyrion ; Jon-Ygritte). Others were interesting and entertaining (Tywin-Joffrey; Osha-Bran; Melisandre-Gendry). I definitely missed the action, which we did get at the very end of the episode. I also missed Cersei and Olenna’s presence in some way. I consider ‘The Bear and The Maiden Fair’ to be one of the most boring GoT-episodes. Most of the scenes were fillers and there was almost none plot development.


  • Season 3: 10th place
  • Episode’s best element: Brienne vs. the bear and Jaime saving her
  • Episode’s worst element: No plot development

55. The Ghost of Harrenhall (82,7%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short review

Nice episode. It started where the last episode ended and I had a lot of questions to be answered. The Stannis vs. Renly storyline has ended and I’m surely going to miss his character. But I’m not really sure if I’ll support Stannis’s claim right now. He really messed up this episode and it makes me wonder how far he would go for the Iron Throne.
Winterfell-scenes: OK, nothing to great happened. Theon’s storyline as well, only his decision at the end will have drastic consequences.
Brienne’s oath was hartwarming. Loyality still exists after all.
Beyond the Wall = finally some progression. But the scene was too short to draw conclusions yet. Arya & Tywin make a great pair. A smart move by D&D.  King’s Landing-scenes were quite boring this time. Ending  scene was OK. Jaqen’s definitely an interesting character.


  • Season 2: 8th place
  • Episode’s best element: Renly’s last scene; Arya and Tywin together
  • Episode’s worst element: Aside from Renly’s scene, nothing really happened 

54. Dark Wings, Dark Words (82,7%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘Dark Wings, Dark Words’ starts with a vision of Bran. We already meet Jojen Reed before he’s introduced. The Three-Eyed-Raven makes an appearance too. Catelyn Stark receives bad news: her father Hoster Tully died and Winterfell has been burnt to the ground. Bran and Rickon have not been found. Michelle Fairley does a wonderful job in portraying Catelyn’s grief.
Finally we know what happened to Theon, and we feel a bit bad for him. At least he seem to get supported by a boy who seems to know Yara, his sister. We also are re-united with Brienne and Jaime. God, what a pair! Brienne and Jaime can be considered as opposites. Brienne is a loyal warrior, Jaime a warrior without honor. And those discussions between the two, makes us wanting more.
The fight scene between them was awesome. It was one of the best sword fights in the series yet and an excellent climax of the episode.
We finally see Arya back. She’s finally free but not for long. Arya and her friends are found by the Brotherhood without Banners, who seems to have no bad intentions with them. But then the Brotherhood are able to capture Sandor Clegane. The Hound reveals Arya’s identity, so it seems that she’s not getting home soon.
We briefly see Jon and are introduced to the term ‘warg’. The King’s Landing scenes were less interesting as well. The only thing that fascinates me in KL, is seeing how Margaery manipulates Joffrey.
Sadly, Daenerys didn’t appear in this episode. She really got interesting material this season.
A good episode. A lot of set-up again, and a serious lack of action (except for the Brienne VS Jaime-scene). Little or less progression in the King’s Landing storyline and Jon’s storyline. Theon and Brienne&Jaime’s storylines are definitely interesting!


  • Season 3: 9th place
  • Episode’s best element: Margaery manipulating Joffrey 
  • Episode’s worst element: A lack of action throughout this episode 

53. The Red Woman (82,8%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short Review

Season 6 has finally started after a long agonizing wait and it did not disappoint. We started where we were left off: Jon Snow’s dead. We get a nice opening scene: a beautiful shot of the Wall. Ser Davos discovers Jon’s body and hides it away from the mutineers. I think there’s a meaning behind this. Next we have Winterfell. There didn’t happen a lot with the Boltons, but Sansa’s scene did make up for that. It became one of the highlights of ‘The Red Woman’. Brienne and Sansa form a team together, something I longed for finally came true. And then we have King’s Landing. There wasn’t much plot progression but damn, Cersei finding out about Myrcella’s fate was so sad. Brilliant acting, Lena Headey! Margaery’s prison scene was a bit pointless and dull, but good to find out was exactly happened to her right now. Then we had Dorne. Dorne didn’t impress us last year, so I was amazed that we did get a follow-up scene. It wasn’t the best writing though. Doran and Hotah were the better aspect of Dorne and they killed them off. The only abominable thing about the Dorne storyline were Ellaria and the Sand Snakes and they choose to continue with them. Stupid decision by D&D. Tyrion and Varys shared a witty, funny scene together. I love to see those two together and look forward to similar scenes.
Daenerys’s storyline seems interesting this season, esp. after a quite boring storyline in season 5. Nice to see the Dothraki again. Arya has a small scene too. She gets the Margaery-treatment: a rather short and pointless scene. The sole purpose of her scene is informing the viewers about her whereabouts. We end again at the Wall. I love the Davos scenes and they seem to have extended his screen time too! (YAY!) The last scene defined Game of Thrones for me: WTF. No one saw that coming. Awesome closing scene.
‘The Red Woman’ wasn’t the best premiere in years, but it was slightly better than the premiere of season 5. Nonetheless, I look forward to see where episode 2 take us.


  • Season 6: 10th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Davos vs. the mutineers, Brienne saves Sansa and Theon, Dany and the Dothraki, Melisandre’s secret revealed
  • Episode’s worst elements: Dorne’s resolution, Margaery and Arya’s scenes are rather pointless

52. What is Dead may Never Die (83%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short Review

Quite good episode. Tyrion’s witty scenes as Hand of the King were again very enjoyable. It’s one of the great things this season and Peter Dinklage’s performance now really outshines compared to last season. We were introduced to Renly’s camp. We’re already familiar with his character but this time we meet the beautiful and cunning Margaery Tyrell and the fierce fighter Brienne of Tarth. I immediately fell in love with Natalie Dormer. Great acting from her side. Craster’s scene was nothing to big. It was just a follow-up from last episode, but it could be easily left out. King’s Landing scenes were nice too, esp. Tyrion’s. I missed Dragonstone here.


  • Season 2: 7th place
  • Episode’s best element: Tyrion’s scenes in King’s Landing 
  • Episode’s worst element: Craster’s scene could be left out; lack of Dragonstone

 51. Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things (83%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short review

Good. A bit more boring than ‘Lord Snow’ but still good.
Good acting form Michelle Fairley, Peter Dinklage and Sean Bean again. I liked Kit’s performance too. Kingslanding’s storyline remains great (even though it’s slow-paced).


  • Season 1: 10th place 
  • Episode’s best elements: Catelyn arresting Tyrion Lannister
  • Episode’s worst elements: Slow-paced

50. Kill the Boy (83%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short review

‘Kill The Boy’ had a lot of story progression and focused a lot on four specific characters: Daenerys-Sansa-Jon and Tyrion. Sansa’s screentime was very high this episode! It felt like it took one half of the episode. But to be honest, I totally love her storyline in Winterfell this season and these scenes were very necessary! Let’s start with Dany. Powerful way to start! Dany’s dragons never dissapoint and I actually liked her acting here. She made me think of The Mad King and I don’t know if that’s such a good thing but it would be nice if Dany evolved into more of a villain toward the end of the series! Hmm, good stuff to think about. She’s taking the wrong decisions, that’s for sure! In the end, her most loyal right-hand, Missandei, counsils her to use her heart. And so Danys decides to take a 360′ turn and opens the fighting pits and even wants to marry Hizdahr Zo Loraq. This scene was a bit stupid to be honest! Winterfell’s scenes were good but maybe a bit too long at once. It would be better to vary between Jon’s and Sansa’s scenes imo. The family dinner was nice to watch, although I’m glas I wasn’t part of it. It felt like everyone was just making everyone feel worse. Sansa the most of them all! But also Ramsay, now that’s Roose expects a highborn son! Finally something that plays out not in Ramsay’s favour!! Sansa had a confrontation with Theon. We knew that this would happen and that Sansa would react this way. But I still felt bad for him. In the end, he isn’t the worst person. I love the chemistry between these two. I’d love to see more of that!
Maester Aemon talking about Daenerys was a nice moment too. He’s the only family of her left and it would be cool if these two ever meet each other. Fingers crossed! Stannis had the best moment at the Wall! He left the Wall like a boss and the view upon his big army gave me shivers. Jon’s scenes were less interesting perhaps, but this character development is necessary to maintain his beautiful storyline this season. We learn he’s going to Hardhome, together with Tormund, to save the remaining Free Folk. We ended with a trip through the beautiful Valyria. Valyria was visually stunning! I loved it! Drogon flying over Valyria was a nice touch too. The dialogue between Jorah and Tyrion was well-written and I loved how they faded to black after Tyrion was dragged down by a stone man.
Good ending with a shocking twist. Unfortunately, Jorah’s fate has been sealed.
Good episode again! Lots of progression in the storylines. The focus was too much on the story so it was a bit boring at times.. Strong opening and ending!


  • Season 5: 8th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Stannis leaving the Wall
  • Episode’s worst elements: Very slow build-up

49. No One (83%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘No One’ is episode 8 of the sixth season. Even though this episode 8 isn’t as eventful as its predecessors (Hardhome / Mountain vs. the Viper), No One wasn’t boring at all. Arya’s storyline isn’t so coherent as it used to be and turns out to be one of the weaker plots this season. But I still love her character nonetheless. Lady Crane’s dialogues with Arya were one of the best things about ‘No One’. Her being ‘cured’ so fast, wasn’t believable and can be blamed for bad writing from D&D’s part. They better left out the stabbing scene in episode 7. Riverrun was a mixed bag of emotions: Brienne and Jaime’s scene was definitely one of the highlights of ‘No One’. There’s a lot of chemistry between them and you can feel that they still have feelings for each other. The dialogue between Jaime and Edmure was another strong scene! Tobias Menzies did a great job there. On the other hand, I didn’t like the resolution of the siege of Riverrun. I didn’t like that they didn’t show the Blackfish’s death on screen. His character deserved a badass death! Varys saying goodbye to Tyrion was a nice scene. The joke-scene on the other hand wasn’t necessary at all. We also got some graphic scenes, thanks to the Clegane brothers. Those weren’t highlights, but I could enjoy them. The attack of the Masters at Meereen did set things into motion in Meereen. Finally something is happening there! The ending scene was good: Arya vs. the Waif. I was a bit sad about Lady Crane’s death, because I loved Essie Davis’s portrayal. Finally Arya kicks some ass and kills the Waif. Too bad they didn’t show her actual death, but it was quite understandable from the writer’s perspective.

‘No One’ was one of the weaker episodes of season 6. The writing was a bit incoherent at the time and the off-screen death of the Blackfish annoyed me a bit. Albeit, it was an enjoyable episode with a few memorable scenes.


Season 6: 9th place 
Episode’s best elements: Arya and Lady Crane together, Jaime and Brienne/Edmure, Meereen attacked
Episode’s worst elements: Bad writing for some parts, Off-screen death of Blackfish, Jokes scene, Arya’s sudden healing, Crane’s death was so sudden, Arya’s whole storyline in Braavos was a bit pointless 

48. The Kingsroad (83,2%)

Game Of Thrones (2011)
Credits: HBO
  1. Short review

Good episode. Sad ending too. I start liking the storylines. Use of soundtrack here is perfect.


  • Season 1: 9th place
  • Episode’s best elements: very sad and upsetting ending
  • Episode’s worst elements: Quite slow 

47. The House of Black and White (83,7%)

Credits: HBO
  1. Short review

We have three main characters this episode: ‘Daenerys, Arya and Jon Snow’. Daenerys’s storyline seems to be not so interesting this season. The Son of The Harpies are the masters who want to re-introduce slavery once again. Daenerys learns that she’s not flawless and isn’t regard as ‘pure good’ by everyone. She learns the negative sides of ruling this time and doesn’t receive the love she’d usually get from the people. Not only when ruling but also when we’re talking about her dragons, Daenerys fails to be a good mother to them. Her favorite dragon, Drogon, visits her at night but when Daenerys tries to touch him, he soon flies away, making Dany realizing that she has lost the control over her dragons forever. The second main character is Jon. Jon and Dany’s storylines are almost identical. Jon will also learn how to rule now he is elected LC. He has to make the same difficult choices as Dany (Should I join Stannis and become Jon Stark VS. Should I be a good leader or a good person?) Jon seems to make the correct decision, Dany the wrong one. The next main storyline this episode is Arya. Her scenes were rather disappointing: ‘The first scene where she waited by the door of the HOBAW was very pointless. The only good thing about her scenes was her reunion with Jaqen H’ghar. It made me think of her brilliant storyline in season two.
Sansa also had a short scene where she meets Brienne again. Brienne fails to convince her and flees away when she realizes LF something up with her. She doesn’t give up her quest, knowing that LF is absolutely not trustworthy. We are introduced to Dorne this episode. We learn about Doran Martell, a likable character. Ellaria on the other hand changed drastically. She’s out for revenge and nothing can stand in her way.
I thought the introduction was a bit dull and focused to much on Ellaria rather than Doran and Myrcella (who we were wanting to see!).
Jaime and Bronn go on a mission to bring Mycelia to KL. Seems fun!
Tyrion’s scene was unnecessary; KL was boring this episode. The only good thing about the KL scenes was Kevan Lannister standing up against Cersei.
Episode was OK. The season started very slow (esp. Arya’s storyline!) and the storylines don’t feel as interesting as the previous seasons (e.g.: Dany – Tyrion in particular). Jon and Sansa seem to have a very interesting storyline (up to now).


  • Season 5: 7th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Jon and Sansa’s scenes
  • Episode’s worst elements: Arya’s storyline disappoints

46. The Sons of the Harpy (83,7%)


  1. Short review

‘Sons of The Harpy’ is the fourth episode of season 5. We take off where we left at episode 4: Tyrion’s kidnapping. Tyrion is thrown in a boat and Jorah accompagnies him. It’s safe to assume that he’s going to Queen Daenerys and not to Queen Cersei. Sailing in a small boat to King’s Landing would be absurd. Jaime’s also saillng, but in another direction, Dorne. We don’t know much about Dorne yet. I actually looked forward to this new place and it has disappointed me a lot! The Sand Snakes look like cheap B-movie actors. The storyline is a bit dull and not deeply thought about. You immediately see the difference between the writing of George RR Marin and D&D. The only likeable thing about Dorne this episode was Jaime and Bronn vs. the Dornish fighters.
King’s Landing was at its best this episode. The High Sparrow grows in power and you can read from his face that he’s up to something with Cersei. He first arrests Loras Tyrell, making clear that the Tyrells are not untouchable. I like the intensity of the scenes! Finally there’s a new atmosphere in KL. A very religious one, that’s for sure! Sansa and Jon’s scenes were a bit useless, although I liked the backstory of Lyanna Stark. Stannis and Shireen shared a wonderful scene! Stannis has evolved into one of the main good guys this season. Strange, because D&D considered him more of a villain (esp. during season 2)
Meereen has a nice ending but far too rushed! I immediately knew that something was going to happen with ser Barristan after his chat with Dany. It felt like a goodbye. And I was right! A damn epic way to go out Ser Barristan, although he has left us far too soon! This is the only moment where we actually saw him fighting in! And immediately his last one..
Good episode! Dorne keeps disappointing (even more with the Sand Snakes) and Meereen’s storyline was too rushed (but it was enjoyable, don’t get me wrong!) King’s Landing was amazing!


  • Season 5: 6th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Ending scene, Loras imprisoned
  • Episode’s worst elements: Sand Snakes’ acting

45. Lord Snow (84%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short review

Good as well. Nice introduction to King’s Landing. A lack of suspense but overall well written


  • Season 1: 8th place
  • Episode’s best elements: King’s Landing being introduced 
  • Episode’s worst elements: Lack of suspense 

44. Blood of My Blood (84%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘Blood of my Blood’ is the sixth episode of the sixth season. Perhaps not as strong as ‘The Door’, but a solid episode nonetheless. First and foremost, Benjen Stark has returned after how many seasons? 5? His return didn’t feel so strong, but I liked it anyway. Sam finally appears on the screen in season 6 and he gets a great amount of screen time dedicated to his character this episode. We meet his family and more of his background. Randyll Tarly isn’t the most lovable character and his hatred against Sam and wildlings in general is repulsive. Randyll could be one of those strong antagonists the show could use after Tywins’ death. Arya Stark finally makes a move and saves Lady Crane’s life. But her salvation comes with a cost: the Waif is after her now. I loved the scenes with Lady Crane. Mace Tyrell comes to the rescue in ‘Blood of my Blood’ to save his children. The confrontation with the High Sparrow was one of the highlights of ‘Blood of my Blood’. Walder Frey makes a return as well. I didn’t miss that awful guy, to be honest. We end with another speech of Daenerys. It sounded a bit like boasting and was extremely repetitive (given that the Dothraki already bowed for her two episodes ago). We get it. Daenerys has to be a ‘bad-ass’ character, but now they’re just trying to hard and she’s becoming not likable at all. The soundtrack on the other hand was top-notch! Loved it.

Nice episode! Highlights were Sam’s scenes at Horn Hill, confrontation with High Sparrow, Benjen’s return and Arya’s decision.


  • Season 6: 8th place 
  • Episode’s best elements: Sam at Horn hill, Tyrells/Lannisters vs. High Sparrow, Benjen is back, Arya retrieved Needle 
  • Episode’s worst elements: Daenerys gets another ‘epic’ speech, Benjen’s return is nice but felt somewhat flat

43. Mockingbird (84,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘Mockingbird’ is the seventh episode of season 4. We start with Tyrion’s trial aftermath in his prison cell. A logical follow-up scene where the Moutain makes a remarkable return. We get a (very long and rather boring) dialogue between the Hound and a dying man. The Hound gets attacked and Arya can cross out another name from her wish list. Also Jon makes a return to Castle Black, but that’s not appreciated by everyone. Tyrion gets three visitors this episode: we had his brother, who does not want to fight for him. Not that he doesn’t want to, but he’s not good enough after he has lost his sword hand. The second one is Bronn, who’s heavily influenced by Cersei. He could but doesn’t want to lose his life for Tyrion. And he gets well payed for that. Daenerys has a ‘romantic’ scene with Daario. She has made the decision to use Daario only for her sexual pleasures. Jorah is clearly jealous.
We also get a more extended scene of Selyse and Melisandre. Melisandre has been underused this season! She only appeared in two episodes this season. Nice to learn more about Selyse, who really seems to loathe her daughter and hides her inner problems by being fanatically religious. Arya and Sandor’s chat about why his face’s burnt. It’s a rather sad scene.
The third visitor comes to visit Tyrion. It seems to be the Red Viper of Dorne. Oberyn tells a story about Tyrion’s past, a story Tyrion himself didn’t knew about. It later turns out that Oberyn seizes the chance for revenge and declares to be Tyrion’s champion. A chilling moment! Wonderful performance by Pedro P.
The best scenes come from the Vale. A huge twist in Sansa’s arc: she kisses Petyr and gets punished by Lysa for that. For one second we think that Petyr defends Lysa but than he puts his card on the table and pushes Lysa through the Moon Door. We can conclude that Petyr has planned this a long time ago and this is only a next step in his masterplan, which makes him one of the most complex characters in the GoT-universe.
A lot of storyline progression which is again necessary to end a otherwise eventful and beautiful season. The lack of Stannis and Theon frustrates me a bit. Theon seems to have a interesting storyline too this season. Brienne and Melisandre’s scenes were somewhat unnecessary but it was nice to see her again (after a long time). The best moments come from Lysa flying lesson, Tyrion and his visitors and The Hound’s sad story.


  • Season 4: 10th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Tyrion and Oberyn’s dialogue, Lysa’s unfortunate moment 
  • Episode’s worst elements: AryaThe Hound & The Old man, Deanerys’s storyline

42. Walk of Punishment (84,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘Walk of Punishment’ didn’t disappoint. This season it looks like Daenerys and Theon both have very interesting storylines. Daenerys buys an army of Unsullied while giving up her biggest dragon ‘Drogon’. Theon escapes with some help from a friendly boy. He soon gets captured again, almost raped but is saved again by that boy. The boy must really like him a lot. Or does he make us think so? Brienne and Jaime, what a lovely pair. The two grow closer as Jaime gradually changes into a better man. But not without losing first. What a macabre ending.
King’s Landing scenes were again less interesting. Podrick’s moment was funny but a bit pointless. We meet the Lady Olenna Tyrell and I love her already. Terrific acting from her part. Arya and Jon’s scenes were pointless too, esp. Jon seems to have a boring season.
The introduction of Riverrun and the Tully’s was nice! Both Clive Russel and Tobias Menzies do a brilliant job. We are also introduced to the Reeds. Stannis’s scene was very short here. I wished to ser some more of him but I am definitely interested in knowing what Melisandre is up to.
In short, lots of dialogues and introductions to new, nice characters but very little action.


  • Season 3: 8th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Theon’s escape, Dany buying an army, Jaime’s lost
  • Episode’s worst elements: King’s Landing storyline

41. Breaker of Chains (84,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘Breaker of Chains’ is the third episode of the fourth season. A great season yet, although I am not a big fan of this episode. We started with the aftermath of Joffrey’s assassination. Tyrion is blamed, Sansa (finally) flees King’s Landing, sealing Tyrion’s fate. She is received by Littlefinger, of course, where he goes Sansa goes with him and it seems like his plan worked out. Deep in our hearts, we already know the true murderer. But who helped Littlefinger? We know that ser Dontos had a part in it. Could it be Oberyn? Petyr and Oberyn, mmm, nah don’t think so. Littlefinger and Varys? There’s could be more truth in it but Varys is so anti-littlefter I can’t believe it. Perhaps Tywin or Olenna. We’ll see later..
Tyrion had a small moment in prison together with Podrick. Pod made himself the most honest character in the series, next to Brienne. Too bad that he has to leave KL in order to be safe. We also have a conversation between Oberyn and Tywin (again). This time Oberyn openly confronts him about Elia, but Tywin makes sure he had no part in it.
Stannis did appear (shortly), but the progression in his storyline was very necessary. So we know that he’s about to buy a new army and that the Iron Bank of Braavos might help him with that. Jon did also appear, so did the Wildlings. Sam had a relatively large part, but his parts didn’t interest me too much. I wished we had seen more of Bran or Stannis instead. Arya’s story also continued, after being absent last episode. I looked very forward to her part and it disappointed me a bit. The Hound had great lines again, but nothing really happened in their storylines. It felt more like a ‘filler’ scene.
Best moment this episode: Daenerys invading Meereen. Meereen looked awesome (great visuals!), I liked the fight between the Champion of Meereen and Darioo and it was nice to hear Dany speaking in Valyrian again. The ending was quite cool and we had a glimpse at her impressive army again. She certainly had the most interesting part here.
‘Breaker of Chains’ had lots of story but no action (except for the last 5 minutes). Although these dialogues and character


  • Season 4: 9th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Dany invading Meereen 
  • Episode’s worst elements: Arya and The Hound’s moment, Stannis’s screen time too short

40. First of His Name (84,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘First of His Name’ started with the coronation of Tommen I Baratheon. I feel like he actually deserves the Iron Throne as he’s not as power-hungry as the others claimants. The rivalry between Cersei and Margaery is explored more this episode. Cersei’s starting to get more protective over Tommen, as she has already lost one son to her. The King Landing’s scenes were heavily focused on dialogues this episode, what may seem boring to most viewers. but we need this character development in order to continue their storyline. Cersei is more vengeful than she ever was, even trying to get Tywin and Oberyn on her side. We learn that Tywin ‘doesn’t *beep* gold’ and that their alliance with the Tyrells are as necessary as it could be.
Daenerys had a rather short scene, but vital to her storyline in general. She decides not to conquer Westeros just yet, but learn how to rule first, which seems to be a wise decision in my eyes. Brienne and Podrick on their way to the Wall might be funny, but I found it a bit unnecessary. I feel like her storyline isn’t as important as the previous seasons anymore. We shall see what happens onwards to her.
Sansa had a great deal of plot development: she arrived at the Eyrie, met her aunt Lysa Tully and learnt that she’s more wicked that Cersei is. It looks like she’s in a worse situation than she was before. Arya had very little plot development, almost none. I still enjoy her being with the Hound, but her appearance was rather pointless.
Jon had the greatest scenes this time. The Night’s Watch vs. The Mutineers brought action in this action, and this was absolutely necessary. I loved the graphics and the fact that Jon and Bran were almost re-united. The battle scene was very predictive, which was a bit frustrating. Jon’s again portrayed as ‘the hero’, at least we got rid of Locke and the rest of mutineers.
The fifth episode contained a good deal of plot development, but also a lack of action (but the last 10 minutes made up for it). It was one of the weaker episodes of season 4, but it doesn’t change my opinion about season 4 being the strongest season to date.


  • Season 4: 8th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Sansa being somewhere else, Jon vs. Karl
  • Episode’s worst elements: Cliché battle scene, lack of action overall 

39. Valar Dohaeris (84,5%)

valar dohaeris.jpg
Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘Valar Dohaeris’ surely had some good moments, but to be honest, nothing really happened. We started with the aftermath of the massacre at the Fist of the First Men. Too bad we didn’t saw the actual massacre. The King’s Landing scenes were follow-ups too. Tyrion’s still struggles after the Battle of Blackwater. He asks for recognition but get none. Cersei enjoys every bit of it.
Stannis struggles as well and is heavily influenced by Melisandre. Davos tries to kill her, but fails nonetheless. I am curious what will happen to Stannis this season as there is almost no progression in his storyline. Robb Starks arrives at Harrenhall and is still angry at his mother. His scenes was unnecessary here.
Jon Snow meets the King-Beyond-The-Wall. We’re introduced to a whole new world where giants and wargs are the most normal thing. Ciarán Hinds nails his performance as ‘Mance Rayder’, a name we have been hearing since season 1. The most interesting thing about the season’s premiere was Daenerys’s storyline. We’re introduced to Astapor, a slave city. Deaneries wants to buy an army and negotiates with the arrogant and bad-tempered slave master, Kraznys. We meet his assistant Missandei as well. The ending of ‘Valar Dohaeris’ was awesome. The legendary fighter ‘Barristan Selmy’ returns to the series and begs for forgiveness. He wants to join Daenerys’s side and swears loyalty. Goosebumps!
We had a good opener. Up till now, this is the least interesting season premiere. But the last 5 minutes made me change my mind slightly. Westeros finally meets Essos.


  • Season 3: 7th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Selmy meets Daenerys, Jon the King-Beyond-The-Wall
  • Episode’s worst elements: Nothing ‘great’ happened, Robb’s storyline

38. The Broken Man (84,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

The seventh episode of season 6 begins with a cold open. This hasn’t happened since episode 1 of the fourth season. So, something important is about to happen. And I am right. The Hound’s still alive and helping building a sept. Who would have thought that! The Hound’s wounds are treated by Septon Ray (wonderfully played by Ian McShane). Sandor doesn’t appear like the man he used to be. Has he become a believer of the Seven? Margaery and Olenna finally share a scene together this season. We finally find out that Margaery was playing  a game all along. Thank god, I couldn’t believe that the High Sparrow controlled our beloved Margaery like that. Olenna also has a strong dialogue with Cersei Lannister and finally puts her in her place. Cersei is left speechless as lady Olenna leaves King’s Landing. Class acting by Dame Diana Rigg. Jon, Sansa and Davos start their quest to get the Northern Houses by their side. First, Tormund and Jon try to convince the Free Folk. They succeed to do so. Second, they try to convince House Mormont which is controlled by Lady Lyanna Mormont. A young girl with a strong will. Loved the little actress, Bella Ramsey! They end with trying to convince House Glover, but fail. We can conclude that Team Stark will be having a great problem fighting the Bolton army. The Bolton army outnumbers almost 3:1. Jaime’s storyline in the Riverlands was one of the highlights this episode. Loved to see the Blackfish again! I missed that man. The Blackfish is as stubborn as we used to know him. He’ll do anything to protect his home from the Freys. Jaime Lannister and the Blackfish share a rather nice scene together. Arya’s short scene was tense and the atmosphere was quite dark. Loved the haunting soundtrack that went along with it. On the other hand; the scene was quite confusing. How could Arya survive the stabbing? She’s wearing the plot armor again, I reckon. The main focus was the return of the Hound, so we ended the episode with a scene of him. Septon Ray and his folk are being slaughtered by some men of the Brotherhood. Everything the Hound believed in was taken from him and fueled the inner danger of Sandor Clegane again. The Hound is back in full form now!

Another solid episode of the sixth episode. A bit slow, but the build-up to the final scenes is enormous. I cannot wait for the Battle of Bastards!


Season 6: 7th place
Episode’s best elements: Jaime in the Riverlands, Olenna vs. Cersei, Hound’s return, Ian McShane in Game of Thrones, Jon and Sansa rallying the North, build-up to the Battle of the Bastards, Lyanna Mormont
Episode’s worst elements: Arya’s stabbing scene was unrealistic, quite slow

37. Mother’s Mercy (85%)

Mother's Mercy.jpg
Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

The last episode of season 5 has come! Season 5 disappointed slightly.. I feel like this was a filler season now that D&D have to wait for the two final scenes. Although it wasn’t bad at all, just not at the usual level of Game of Thrones. Mother’s Mercy contained a lot (!) of big moments and I thought it would be better if they didn’t hurry so much. Let’s begin with Stannis. Stannis’s storyline comes to an end. I feel like this is very abruptly, like I haven’t seen the best of him yet. The last battle against the Boltons was very disappointing. We didn’t get to see anything! Why this huge build-up then. The same thing for Sansa. I expected bad-ass Brienne scene who came to save her! Instead she killed off Stannis. Although my feelings towards Stannis have changed, I’ll surely miss his presence in future seasons. Arya’s scene on the other hand was epic! This was the best of Arya that we have seen! I loved how she avenged Syrio Forel and gave this *beep* a gruesome death. I feared for a brief moment that she would be killed off as well, it’s GoT, you never know. But it was Jaqen H’ghar instead, or should I say no-one, because he just wore a familiair face. The whole notion about the Faceless training has become more unclear and mysterious than ever, and that’s what I like about it. Dorne’s storyline is handled off as well. Ellaria didn’t just give up on her ‘revenge’, as I suspected and poisoned Myrcella either way. The Sand Snakes were again terrible in this one (esp. Tyene’s lines). It was heartbreaking to see Myrcella die at the moment I started to appreciate her.
Tyrion didn’t do anything worth mentioning. Daenerys gets surrounded by Dothraki men and it’s likely that she’ll be captured. I’m not really ‘looking forward’ to this storyline, as we had the same thing way back during season 1. Cersei has the best scenes this episode. Her Walk of Shame was in some way painful to watch, and I felt sorry for her after all. Lena Headey’s acting was phenomenal! We had this moment of punishment coming since season 1. I liked her arc this season and it ended in a very good way. The last moment of season 5 is Jon getting betrayed. Jon Snow is getting cornered by his men and stabbed repeatedly. Again, we were left speechless. But again, I feel like Jon’s Snow storyline isn’t over yet. And Melisandre is back at the Wall as well. These things are happening for a reason!
Mother’s Mercy was a decent last episode but it left me quite unsatisfied in some way. We surely had some memorable moments and the last scene is one hell of a cliffhanger. I am looking forward to season 6.


  • Season 5: 5th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Arya’s great moment, Walk of Shame, Goodbye Jon 
  • Episode’s worst elements: Stannis last moments, Battle of Winterfell, Dorne

36. Second Sons (85,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

This episode had three main storylines: Daenerys negotiating with the Second Sons — Stannis and Melisandre’s plan to offer Gendry — Tyrion and Sansa’s wedding. The side storylines were: Arya and The Hound + Samwell and Gilly. We had a lot of Dany, Stannis and KL. Finally more Stannis, who certainly had too little scenes this season! His conversation with Davos was quite entertaining but the actual highlight was Melisandre seducing Gendry, followed by the creepy leeches moment. Dany’s storyline progressed a lot too. She met the Second Sons, tried to convince them to fight for her and in the end she achieves what she wants. Everything is going too smooth for her. I enjoyed KL a lot here! I can easily say that KL had the best storyline in ‘Second Sons’. I loved Cersei threating Maergery, Olenna’s trolling and Tyrion putting Joffrey in his place. Drunken Tyrion stole the show, I didn’t like Sansa here on the other hand.
The opening was nice: Arya trying to kill the Hound but after all she realizes that he has ‘good’ intentions with her: The least person where she expected so. Sam has his glory moment of all seasons: killing a white walker. He might be the first one to do so. The scene where they flee with all the crows following them was great too. I liked the dark atmosphere!
In short: great acting, finally more Stannis, Dany was good, KL was great, Arya and The Hound = the best duo we ever had on the show, Sam’s action moment was nice! I definitely missed Brienne and Jaime here but I am glad that they left out Theon and Bran here. We have had too much torturing for now and Bran’s storyline is far from interesting this season because there hasn’t been any progress from his side.


Season 3: 6th place
Episode’s best elements: Melisandre and the leeches, Sam vs. White Walker, The Wedding
Episode’s worst elements: Dany’s becoming ‘too fortunate’ 

35. High Sparrow (85,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘The High Sparrow’ is the third episode of season 5. We start with the beautiful House of Black and White. I loved the interior, the statues of the several gods. The scenes were very weird; it didn’t feel like Game of Thrones anyway (perhaps they did it on purpose!). Somehow I like the mystery about it (What do they do with the bodies? Who’s the woman? What’s the game of faces?) We are left with many questions and Arya’s storyline progresses very slow! Normally I love Arya’s character, but now I am a bit disappointed. The biggest surprise this episode? Sansa has to marry Ramsay Bolton ?! The worst villain imaginable, as the kid didn’t suffer enough! Though, I cannot say I am not interested in her storyline. Sansa is at her best this season; and she seems to have a great deal more screen time this season. The same for Jon! It feels like he is the main character this season. I loved the execution scene and consider Jon to have almost developed his character. We knew he would be a great leader. The KL’s scenes were better too. We saw the cold war between Margaery and Cersei coming, and now that Margaery is the Queen, it only can get worse. To be honest, Margaery was the one to be quite rude to Cersei this time. Not that she didn’t deserve it.
Brienne had a nice dialogue with Pod. I totally ship the two! I loved how Brienne finally appreciated Pod and told about her awful youth experience. I feel like she will face Stannis again this season and one of them will most likely end up getting killed.
Tyrion had a longer scene this episode! For the first time we saw Volantis (we learned about it when Talisa talked about) Beautiful visuals, less interesting storyline! Only the ending was a bit surprising. Jorah the Andal, yes Jorah!, captured Tyrion to bring him to the Queen. But which Queen he’s talking about?
Better episode compared to E01 and E02: more progression, interesting set-ups. Only Arya storyline is a bit of a letdown. Perhaps it will change! Jon and Sansa are again very interesting. King’s Landing is OK; the power of the Sparrows increases and they are a scary touch to the KL’s storyline.


  • Season 5: 4th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Littlefinger’s plan revealed, execution scene, High Sparrow
  • Episode’s worst elements: Arya’s scenes were quite disappointing

34. Garden of Bones (85,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Better episode. Until now, season 2 is weaker compared to season 1 but this episode can make me change my mind. The beginning of this episode was very nice although I wished to see a lot more of the battle. The Joffrey-scenes were (sometimes) hard to watch. The lack of suspense has been made good here.
A lot of Stormlands scenes: nice.
I didn’t like Daenerys’s scenes here. Bad acting from Emilia and I’m not really interested in the Qarth-storyline. Hopefully I’ll change my mind about that.
This episode’s ending was as fascinating as it was creepy.


  • Season 2: 6th place
  • Episode’s best elements: A lot of Stannis and Renly, Melisandre giving birth, Joffrey’s scenes
  • Episode’s worst elements: Qarth, Emilia Clarke, Battle of Oxcross not shown 

33. The Pointy End (85,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

The war between the Wolf and the Lion has begun. Although it was somewhat slower than anticipated. There were some nice scenes: – Call the banners. – Khal Drogo vs Mago
Dialogues were enjoyable: Tyrion and Bronn, Ned and Varys, ..
Good episode but it lacked action


  • Season 1: 7th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Nice build-up this season, strong dialogues, call the banners 
  • Episode’s worst elements: Lack of action scenes 

32. Mhysa (85,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Season 3 is coming to an ending. ‘Mhysa’ might be the weakest season finale yet, it still had some memorable moments. I consider this last episode to be the game changing one.
The Starks are out of power. After three years of spending time with Robb’s army, we can close his chapter. Theon was changing into someone else from the moment he killed Rodrik. Today we can finally give that a name: ‘Reek’. Arya has finally found her true identity, she only needed one more push to become who she’s intended to be: a killer.
We got a small glimpse of Jaime and Pyke. Yara’s speech was motivating. I look forward to see her meeting Ramsay. Bran had a big part this episode, since his storyline seriously lacked progression this season. He finally travels beyond the Wall and to be honest, I’m eager to know what this Three-Eyed-Raven truly means.
We also had a lot of Samwell, whose storyline doesn’t impress me too much. But seeing Castle Black again after two seasons, made my day.
We saw very little of Dany and Jon. Jon makes the decision he knew he had to make one day, and it was heartbreaking. Rose Leslie shone here! Dany’s scene was visually impressive but I expected a better resolution from her side. She had a wonderful season, but her last moment disappointed me slightly. Season 3 was a rollercoast of emotions, and I consider it to be the second best season in the series. Let’s season four come our way !


  • Season 3: 5th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Reek is born, Rose Leslie, Arya becoming no one   
  • Episode’s worst elements: Serious lack of action

31. Oathkeeper (85,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘Oathkeeper’ is the fourth episode of the second season. This episode was slightly better than the previous one. There was more progression in the storylines and I liked the cinematography here. Let’s start with Dany. Great visuals here, Meereen is absolutely beautiful. I love it. The shot where Daenerys was looking from upon the pyramid was awesome as well. The only thing that bothered me that the scenes felt rushed. I understand that the don’t want to show the sacking of a slave city for a third time, but how they portrayed it here was a bit weird. I wished to see a bit more. Overall, good scenes!
A lot of King’s Landing scene: another Bronn-Jaime training scene (nice), Tyrion and Jaime have a chat in prison (nothing too important nor interesting), another chat between Jaime and Cersei (again nothing interesting). Olenna revealing the face behind Joffrey’s murderer, Margaery’s plan B with Tommen and Brienne leaving Jaime were the best scenes from KL this episode. Especially the last scene made me almost cry. Tywin and Oberyn were missed a lot in this episode!
We finally had some more Bran scenes. I didn’t like his story up till now but he being held hostage at Craster’s Keep is definitely interesting material (as this has never happened in the books). We also had a lot of scenes at the Wall.
Locke has arrived at Castle Black, he seems trustworthy but we, as viewers, know better! Jon heading to Craster’s Keep is something to look forward to. Will he be reunited with Bran?
Oathkeeper’s ending surprised everyone (book and non-book readers)! Finally we learn more about the White Walkers and there seems to be a ‘King White Walker’ with a crown. We definitely will learn more about that..
In short: quite good episode, excellent opener and ending. Stannis and Arya were left out here, and I missed their presence. Stannis almost has no contribution to the storyline up till now; which is very frustrating.


  • Season 4: 7th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Dany’s scenes, Bran at Craster’s Keep, Land of Always Winter
  • Episode’s worst elements: Slave invasion was a bit rushed, Arya and Stannis’s absence 

30. A Man Without Honor (85,7%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Good episode. Less tense than the previous episode ‘The Old Gods and The New’ but still I consider this one to be the second best this season.
There’s more focus on the dialogues this time: Arya-Tywin; Tyrion-Cersei; Ygritte-Jon.
Three actors shone this episode: Alfie Allen (brilliant acting), Rose Leslie (perfect as Ygritte and really funny) and Michelle Fairley (what a woman). I love the Winterfell-storyline even though the end was shocking. Qarth was good too: the murder of the Thirteen was quite shocking too. Beyond the Wall scenes were OK: Funny dialogues between Jon & Ygritte but little progression in their storyline. The same for the King’s Landing scenes, which were forgettable here. Arya and Tywin’s pairing was an excellent choice from D&D, I enjoy every dialogue of these two.
In short: well-written dialogues, Ygritte and Theon were the highlights here but overall I missed the action of the previous episode.


  • Season 2: 5th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Arya and Tywin, good dialogues 
  • Episode’s worst elements: King’s Landing in general 

29. The Climb (86%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Again, a very good episode. Finally there’s some action beyond the wall (and on the Wall as well). Great scenes and lots of CGI! The moment where Jon and Ygritte were cut loose was well executed.
Less action at KL but again interesting dialogues: Olenna and Tywin (I really looked forward to this one), Petyr and Varys (good as always, but tragic ending to Ros), Ramsay and Theon (creepy and very well acting)
Jaime’s scene was less interesting, Robb’s too.

Melisandre meeting Thoros, Beric and Arya (!). Finally two totally different characters meet as this has never happened in the books. Interesting that they will meet again. I suspect this will be towards the end of the series.

We had a huge build-up at the end: Sansa finding out about her marriage plan – The fate of Ros – Jon and co. reaches the top of the Wall (beautiful sight)


  • Season 3: 4th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Climbing the Wall, Littlefinger’s speech 
  • Episode’s worst elements: Jaime and Robb’s scenes could be left out 

28. Oathbreaker (86,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

A solid third episode of the sixth season. My favorite moments were the scenes in the North (The Wall, Winterfell) and Arya’s scene. Jon Snow has finally returned and isn’t the man he used to be. The last scene of ‘Oathbreaker’ was really tense and one of favorite episode endings. I loved the frightening atmosphere. Arya’s fighting scene was well edited. There’s finally some progression in her storyline. The fight at the Tower of Joy was very enjoyable and cool to watch. A pity that we didn’t get the resolution straightaway. Daenerys’s scene was more boring in my opinion, as nothing really happened. The same goes for the Meereen scenes. Varys’s dialogue with Vala was OK, but I didn’t enjoy Tyrion’s conversation with GW and Missandei. It was pointless and not necessary at all. King’s Landing was fine. We got good dialogues and a nice build-up: Cersei is clearly going mad here. Cool to see Varys’s birds too. Tommen and the HS made a solid conversation, which was necessary to the progression in the KL’s storyline. Winterfell gave us a shocking scene once again. After 2 seasons, we finally see Rickon and Osha again, but not in the position we wanted to see them again. I am scared for what’s to come.

‘Oatbreaker’ was a slower episode, but a very solid one when it comes to plot progression. The episode provided some memorable scenes: Jon waking up, the reaction of the men at the Night’s Watch and finally him slowly changing to a more rigid leader. Arya starts to become interesting again. Winterfell provides the needed suspense. KL is building-up to something big. Meereen and Daenerys are disappointing me a bit.


  • Season 6: 6th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Jon’s back and not the sam man anymore, Arya’s back in action, Ramsay’s gift. 
  • Episode’s worst elements: Dany’s scene was pointless, so was Tyrion’s. 

27. The Gift (86,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review 

‘The Gift’ is the seventh episode of season 5. Until now, season 5 has been very slow and nothing ‘big’ happened. I can say that ‘The Gift’ made up for that, as some big moments happened throughout the episode. Let’s start with the first one! Tyrion meeting Daenerys.. This hasn’t took place in the books yet, but it was weird to see two totally different characters meeting each other. I definitely look forward to more scenes between these two. The second big moment: Cersei being incarcerated. We found out about Cersei’s incestuous relationship since the first episode, and we know that she would get punished for that one day. That day has finally arrived. It was a huge build-up, but it was all worth it. Finally some payback for that b*tch!
Stannis also arrived briefly in the episode, although it was more of a filler scene. ‘We march forward or we march to defeat. But we go forward. Only forward’. Stannis is stubborn (as we know him) and despite the weather condition, he won’t give up. Melisandre suggests to sacrifice Shireen (something she’s willing to do since season 4) and I am scared that she’ll somehow succeed in getting what she want.
Sansa also appears in this episode! I like Sophie Turner’s acting a lot here, as I feel a lot of sorry for her character. She has an awesome chemistry with Theon until the moment ‘Reek’ betrays her. Now you had the chance to redeem yourself, stupid Theon! The consequences are shocking and Sansa’s still in the same situation.
Margaery also appears in this episode, so we know what she’s actually doing in these black cells.. Nothing really.. She looks very filthy and hot at the same time and doesn’t play the Game of Thrones anymore.
Littlefinger and Olenna share a wonderful scene. Olenna seems to have the upper hand in the conversation and LF is obliged to listen to Olenna, clearly against his will.. I fear for Olenna’s life, now that she’s causing trouble for Littlefinger. Brienne had a 3-seconds-scene, a bit stupid to be honest. I feel like her character didn’t do anything this season.
Samwell had a lot of scenes too. I am not a big fan of his storyline either, so I was bored a bit. Tyrion’s at the other hand, had some really funny moments!
The Sand Snakes appeared again this episode. Their storyline slightly improved, but I’m still underwhelmed.
‘The Gift’ had a lot of variation in its scenes and a lot of characters appeared: The Wall-Winterfell-King’s Landing-Dorne-Meereen. There was a lot of build-up and character development and I liked it! There were truly some great moments this episode. Therefore I consider this episode the best one yet this season.


  • Season 5: 3th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Dany meeting Tyrion, Sophie Turner’s acting, Olenna scenes, Cersei’s fate
  • Episode’s worst elements: Stannis’s filler scene, Dorne is underwhelming 

26. Two Swords (86,7%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Season 4 has started! And how.. A great way to open this season: the melting of Ice into two swords. I already like the atmosphere, the soundtrack, the acting. Let’s get started!
We see Jaime and Tywin reunited. Jaime’s hair is different and so his attitude. I like him more now. His relationship with Cersei has changed too. He is not the same man anymore. Margaery and Olenna meet Brienne was nice too. I absolutely missed Olenna! We are also introduced to a new house: House Martell. Oberyn Martell, the prince of Dorne, is first seen in a brothel with his paramour, Ellaria Sand. To be honest, I am really interested in this character but I don’t really know if he’s good or bad. He’s up to something, that’s for sure. And then we see Dany again. She had a great storyline last season and I hoped for the best this season but she fails to hold my attention yet. There was very little progression in her storyline.
For the first time, we experience some tension between Drogon and Dany. I am sure that this is some foreshadowing and a set up for a new storyline. She is marching to another slave city, Meereen. At this point, I don’t really care anymore about conquering cities. Déjà vu? Yes, indeed.
Sansa talking about her dead mother and brother was sad, but it sounded more like whining. I think we have seen enough of whiny Sansa. Give her more action and fewer tears.
We didn’t see Bran nor Stannis this episode, and I really missed the last one. Stannis’s ending last season was quite interesting and I am eager to know how he will travel to a complete new location: The Wall.
Best scene this episode: Arya killing Polliver. The Hound was awesome in this and Arya just rocked. Epic ending.
Excellent opener with interesting material from Arya and King’s Landing. Dany disappointed a bit, so is the absence of Stannis.


  • Season 4: 6th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Jaime back in King’s Landing, Oberyn Martell introduced, Arya’s badass scene  
  • Episode’s worst elements: whiny Sansa again, Daenerys way to Meereen

25. Kissed By Fire (87%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

The fourth episode: ‘Kissed By Fire’ was one of the best episodes of season 3 yet. Very nice opening: The Hound VS. Beric Dondarrion. Entertaining fight and cool atmosphere. Jon’s progression in his storyline: he breaks his oath and eventually declares his love for Ygritte. Finally something happens in his storyline! Jaime and Brienne arriving in Harrenhal. We learn to know Roose Bolton’s true face. He seems to be very sympathetic to Jaime. One of the best dialogues in Game of Throne: Brienne and Jaime’s bathtub moment! Excellent acting here! Olenna’s presence was excellent as always. Arya saying ‘I can be your family’ to Gendry was heartwarming. Her talking about Ned Stark too.
The treason of Rickard Karstark and his execution were very good scenes. Good acting and a tense moment! We meet Stannis’s wife and daughter. Selyse seems to be a fanatic and depressed woman. Her daughter Shireen on the other hand, is a very sweet girl. I loved her from the first moment I saw her. Her moment with Davos is one of the sweetest moments in GoT.
Daenerys’s scene was unnecessary here but still quite interesting.
Littlefinger ruining the Tyrells’ plan and Tywin’s marriage plan made a anti-climatic ending. But very vital to the storyline of KL. I want more !


  • Season 4: 3th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Hound vs Beric, Bathtub monologue, Richard Karkstark executed, Shireen’s introduction
  • Episode’s worst elements: Anti-climatic ending, Deanerys’s scene was pointless

24. Winter is Coming (87%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Solid opener. I like the atmosphere of the series. The locations are wonderful (e.g: where Daenerys is married to Khal Drogo). Good acting as well (Peter Dinklage, Sean Bean, Michelle Fairley)
Nice cliffhanger.


Season 1: 6th place
Episode’s best elements: Decent opener, shocking twist at the end
Episode’s worst elements: A bit slow-paced

23. The North Remembers (87,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Season 2’s opening was quite good. Tyrion in King’s Landing for the first time. The introduction of Stannis Baratheon. Lady Melisandre immediately captures my attention. The Night’s Watch arrives at Craster’s. Daenerys’s scenes were less interesting here but nice to see the dragons again. Last scene was shocking and sad. We’re friendly reminded of how Game of Thrones works.
I liked the red comet throughout the episode. It has a symbolic function here: does it mark the birth of dragons? the victory of the Lannisters? the death of Ned Stark? or Robb Stark’s (possible) victories in the South. I think it stands symbol for the four of them.
Decent opener


  • Season 2: 4th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Tyrion in King’s Landing, red comet’s symbolic meaning, Stannis and Melisandre, shocking ending
  • Episode’s worst elements: Deanerys’s first scene disappointed 

22. A Golden Crown (88%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review 

Very good episode. Nice fight between Bronn and Ser Vardis; the visuals concerning the Vale were nice too. What makes this episode so great: Viserys’s crowning. Good acting and nice ending. One of the best of season 1, if not the best yet.


  • Season 1: 5th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Bronn vs. Ser Vardis, Peter Dinklage’s acting, Viserys crowning
  • Episode’s worst elements: King’s Landing was a bit slow-paced

21. The Wolf and The Lion (88,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

One of the better episodes of season 1. The situation between the Lannisters and the Starks continue to worsen and we can feel that this will soon reach its climax. More action, faster pace.
Introduction to the Eyrie was nice too: great visual effects.


  • Season 1: 4th place
  • Episode’s best elements: The tournament, The Eyrie introduced
  • Episode’s worst elements: Again slow-paced

20. You Win or You Die (88,7%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Again good, but the scenes at King’s Landing made this episode so great. Ned’s storyline has gotten more tense and we are on the brink of the Lannister-Stark war. The confrontation between Ned and Joffrey was great too. Good acting from Sean Bean and Lena Headey here. I liked Aidan Gillen’s performance too.


  • Season 1: 3th place
  • Episode’s best elements: King’s Landing scenes (esp. the last one!), Dany’s scenes, And now my watch begins
  • Episode’s worst elements: None, the build-up is incredible right here! 

19. Fire and Blood (88,7%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

I really liked this episode!
– Jack Gleeson’s portrayal as the true evil Joffrey Baratheon was brilliant. I really hate him right now! Brilliant actor!
– Great acting from Michelle Fairley as well. She’s terrific as Lady Stark. The same can be said from Peter Dinklage.
– ‘The King in the North’-scène sent shivers down my spine.
– The biggest moment of the episode? The final scene! Good acting from Emilia Clarke here.
– In short: good storylines, good acting, great visuals.


  • Season 1: 2nd place
  • Episode’s best elements: Aftermath of Ned’s death, The King in the North, last 10 minutes, Emilia Clarke’s acting
  • Episode’s worst elements: Again none 

18. The Old Gods and the New (90%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Very good episode! A bunch of epic scenes.
– Theon’s evil side gets the upperhand. Well acted by Alfie Allen here. Also Isaac Hempstead-Wright shines here. Very good scene!
– King’s Landing scene was great. Finally something happened. Sansa’s “rape” was shocking. Joffrey and Cersei finally get what they deserve. The hate of the people! Epic scene but brutal as well
– Ygritte’s introduction. Rose Leslie is the ideal Ygritte. She’s a great addition to the Wall and I look forward to see more scenes with her.
– Robb and Talisa: good but not necessary here.
– Qarth was OK. Nothing greats happened and Emilia’s acting annoyed me again, unfortunately. She overacted here. I didn’t believe it.

Best episode of season 2 up till now. Even one of the best of the entire series.


Season 2: 3th place
Episode’s best elements: Alfie Allen and Isaac HR, King’s Landing’s riot, Ygritte’s introduction
Episode’s worst elements: Qarth, Emilia Clarke’s overacting, Robb’s scene

17. The Dance of Dragons (90,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

We’re already towards the end of season 5 and it’s still getting better and better. Not as good as ‘Hardhome’, but c’mon, which episode could beat Hardhome? The episode started off quite slow. It was heavily focussed on Stannis’s storyline, which I like for a change. I feel like his character has been underused this entire series. Stannis is attacked by 20 men of Ramsay Bolton (I have to admit, it’s quite ridiculous). They are slowly but surely starving and freezing to death and we know where this could lead to: ‘an new offer’. Later more of that.
We also get some Dorne. It seems like the Sand Snakes rebellion is over, thank god! It was the worst storyline in Game of Thrones, to date. I am glad it’s over. Although the slapping scene of the Sand Snakes was weird and unnecessary as well. I feel like D&D better left them out and focused more on the other characters. Arya’s storyline began quite slow but it’s really paying off right now. It’s starting to get very interesting now that ser Meryn is present in Braavos as well. |t’s confirmed that he’s a pedophile, which was quite shocking too see, but not the most shocking scene of this episode.
Episode 9 is notorious for being the ‘most shocking one’ throughout each season. So far, we had Ned’s beheading (during season 1), the Blackwater Battle (season 2), the Red Wedding (season 3), the Wildlings vs. the Night’s Watch battle (season 4). It wasn’t so grandiose as the past episode 9’s but this one left me speechless for a long while. Even longer than after the Red Wedding scene.
Stannis decides to offer his daughter to the Fire God in order to ‘win’ the war against the Boltons. We see a terrified screaming Shireen, begging her parents to save her. Ugh, I couldn’t bear to look.
In the end it was only her mother who would care for her.. Sad. We ended with the most memorable scene: the big opening of the fighting pits. Daenerys finally has an interesting scene!
We have Jorah fighting for her, and he’s such a badass. Things only go very worse when they get attacked by the Sons of the Harpy, who plotted to kill her in secret.
A huge Drogon comes to save his mommy and we get a nice action scene. Daenerys decides to fly away (finally!!) on her dragon to escape the madness. We waited a long time for this and gosh, the soundtrack was incredible right there. Goosebumps!
The Dance of Dragons was an emotional rollercoaster, esp. during the last half hour. The first half nothing worth mentioning happened.


  • Season 5: 2nd place
  • Episode’s best elements: Stannis’s scenes, heartbreaking Shireen’s last moment, Dany flying on Drogon
  • Episode’s worst elements: First half was ridiculously slow, Dorne again 

16. Valar Morghulis (90,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘Valar Morghulis’ was a great episode and had all the ingredients for a solid season finale. We start with the aftermath of the Battle of Blackwater. As expected, Tywin gets all the credit and Tyrion none. He reaches his lowest point but is comforted by Shae. I finally like her now!
The Tyrells in King’s Landing? That’s going to give trouble for sure.
Brienne’s fight scene was awesome! I totally root for her now.
Robb takes the wrong decision just like his mother. Is this the beginning of their downfall? Theon’s downfall has already begun, and we kind of feel sorry for him. Qarth was great this time and I liked Emilia’s performance here! The visions scenes were really good and it made me think about future seasons. The dragons finally spit fire!
Jon Snow will meet the King-Beyond-The-Wall. I like to meet him too. And then, we end at the Fist of The First Men where the Army of Dead marches. Great visuals here! Best season finale up till now.


  • Season 2: 2nd place
  • Episode’s best elements: Tyrion and Shae, Brienne’s fighting scene, House of the Undying, Mance Rayder introduced, Army of the Death 
  • Episode’s worst elements: Slow beginning but epic build-up

15. The Mountain and the Viper (90,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

“The Mountain and the Viper”. The title may seem a bit uncreative (remember: The Lion and the Rose / The Wolf and the Lion) but it was the least you could say. From the first moment we sat at the edge of out seat: The Wildlings vs. Mole’s Town. We finally learn about Gilly’s fate (her storyline couldn’t just has ended there). We start to realize that the war against the Wildlings is nearer than ever. Missandei has her own scene thereafter and it seems that her relationship with Grey Worm is explored more. I’m not a big of that storyline. Petyr’s trial has begun. Finally he finds himself in a unstable position too, esp. when Sansa’s playing with his as well. The moment where he realizes that his fate is in Sansa’s hands is utterly satisfying. Sansa chooses to go fully Team Baelish, which makes Littlefinger (visibly) proud of her.
The Vale storyline seems to be ended here. LF is setting up his next step in his plan.
Arya also arrives at the Vale but is too late again. The look on the Hound’s face is priceless and even Arya couldn’t hold her laugh.
Dany finally has a big moment this season. The spying of Jorah Mormont is finally revealed. This has been set up since the very beginning and we knew that she’d learn about this one day, but we couldn’t help to feel bad for him.
The best was again saved for the last: The Mountain vs. The Viper. We have a long build-up: Tyrion started talking about his slow-witted nephew. The dialogue was far too long (!) and very pointless. We eventually get the long anticipated scene and it did not disappoint. The Viper is again awesome and angry as hell. At the very moment where we think that Oberyn has defeated the evil Moutain, Game of Thrones remind us of its cruel nature and kills of Oberyn in the most brutal way imaginable.
Strong episode where a lot of storylines wrap up: Ramsay Bolton only wins this season (he finally gets the appreciation by his father) and Daenerys sends the man only who’s fully devoted to her, away. The build-up this season is phenomenal and I can’t wait for the two final episodes.


  • Season 4: 5th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Good opener, Sansa’s gradual change of character, Mountain vs. Viper
  • Episode’s worst elements: Slow episode with incredible ending, Theon’s scene 

14. And Now His Watch Is Ended (91,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘And Now His Watch Is Ended’ is my favourite episode this season (yet). Lots of things happen and there is a lot of progression in the storylines (finally).
At the Wall, we have the mutiny at Craster’s. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Jeor Mormont. But finally something happens there.
King’s Landing was great too this time! Up till now, I have not been a fan of the KL’s plot, but Margaery digging her claws in Joffrey is definitely fun to watch. And Olenna’s presence in KL is a huge surplus! Sansa bonding with Margaery was also heartwarming to see. Finally someone who’s actually kind to her.
Bran’s storyline was very unnecessary and forgettable. We saw a very scary side of Catelyn Stark as well.
Brienne and Jaime — Nice again! We learn to know another Jaime Lannister who’s more humble and vulnerable.
Best storyline this season = Daenerys! I didn’t particularly like her storyline in season 2. Great scene at the end of this episode! Awesome CGI, good acting! The best ending of an episode yet.

In short: we had very nice moments this episode:
+ Olenna
+ A dragon is not a slave
+ Jaime’s not the same man anymore
+ Margaery digging her claws in Joffrey
+ Varys’s revenge
+ Mutiny at Craster’s
– Bran’s warging (again!)


  • Season 3: 2nd place 
  • Episode’s best elements: Varys’s revenge, Natalie Dormer’s acting, mutiny at Craster’s, last scene 
  • Episode’s worst elements: Only Bran’s scene was a bit pointless

13. Book of the Stranger (91,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘Book of the Stranger’ is another wonderful episode of the excellent first half of Game of Thrones’ sixth season. We begin this episode with one of the landmarks in Game of Thrones: the reunion of Sansa Stark and Jon Snow. Both Stark siblings immediately undertake action and plot to retake Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton. There are plenty of new character interactions: Brienne with Melisandre/Davos/Tormund for instance. Ramsay has only gotten worse. He has become the biggest villain of Game of Thrones so far and need meet his end very soon. The Pink Letter he sends to Jon is cruel and revolting, but necessary to build this epic build-up between team Stark and team Bolton. Tyrion leading Meereen is definitely getting interesting. He’s the missing piece Daenerys needed.  Natalie Dormer and Jonathan Pryce are giving their best performances in GoT. I loved their interaction and the acting was just great. It’s sad to see how Loras Tyrell’s character has evolved into a broken one. Lady Olenna Tyrell is her awesome self. She can never disappoint me. We finally see Littlefinger back in action! He’s reunited with Robin Arryn and is planning his next step. He wants the army of the Vale to support Sansa Stark. Yara and Theon are reunited. Their reunion isn’t as emotional as Sansa and Jon’s but it was strong for sure. I love how Theon supports his sister now for 100%. We say goodbye to one of our kindest Wildlings: Osha. She has been with us since the first season and Natalia Tena did a wonderful job. I’m happy that she died defending Rickon Stark, it shows how loyal her character was. The ending scene was visually stunning. Is this a foreshadowing to another mad Targaryen? The soundtrack was exquisite and reminiscent of the first season’s finale. Game of Thrones has entered its best season so far, it seems. I am ready for more!


  • Season 6: 5th place
  • Episode’s best elements: A Stark reunion, the Pink Letter, Margaery and High Sparrow’s interaction, Tyrion leading Meereen
  • Episode’s worst elements: Jorah and Daario bumping into Daenerys, Daenerys is again portrayed as the heroine of the story 

12. Baelor (91,7%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Very good episode. Almost an ‘iconic’ one. The end of the episode actually marks the whole beginning of ‘Game of Thrones’. And that’s what makes this episode so great: no one saw it coming. Now a true war has been set up. Great acting again from Sean Bean, Lena Headey and Jack Gleeson. This episode made me very quiet and sad at the end.
I consider this the best episode of season 1, even if the last ten minutes actually made this episode so brilliant. The other 40 minutes were good but not ‘that’ great.


  • Season 1: 1st place
  • Episode’s best elements: By the end I was left speechless 
  • Episode’s worst elements: A quite slow episode with a huge ending

11. The Laws of Gods and Men (92,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Strong episode! I loved the beginning where we were introduced to Braavos, a brand new city. Stannis sailing under the Titan of Braavos was just epic. The dialogues at the Iron Bank were nice. It showed how great ser Davos’s character is! Yara attacking the Dreadfort was the worst scene of Game of Thrones in my opinion. They better left that one out because it had no value to the storyline. Dany’s scenes were quite boring again. I feel like her glorious moments are over now that she has conquered Meereen. I definitely hope something bigger will happen to her but as it looks right now, I have the feeling that her dragons will have a big part in her next storyline, esp. the control over Drogon.
This episode was all about Tyrion Lannister! It made me love him even more and sent shivers down my spine. Peter Dinklage’s speech was amazing! Pedro Pascal and Charles Dance were brilliant too here. I really feel sorry for Tyrion and can conclude that he has his strongest storyline this season. He’s slowly but surely breaking down, which has been set up since the beginning of the series.
The Laws of Gods and Men was all about Tyrion and god, he just owned this episode.


  • Season 4: 4th place
  • Episode’s best elements: The whole trial (and Peter Dinklage in particular) 
  • Episode’s worst elements: Yara’s assault and resolution, Dany’s scenes were boring

10. Home (92,3%)

Source: HBO
  1. Short Review

Season 6 has taken a strong start already. ‘Home’ was a powerful episode with full of twists and tension. Let’s break down. We start with Bran. We haven’t seen this guy since season 4, so it’s weird to see him on the screen again. His scene didn’t disappoint though. I remember to not like his scenes in season 3 and 4, but it seems like he’s having an interesting storyline going forward. His vision give us more detail about the past of Game of Thrones, which is yet unexplored in the TV-series. Nice to see Hodor and Meera back. Max von Sydow is impressively good as the Three-Eyed Raven. His lines were epic and I love his deep voice too. It looks like we’re getting Hodor’s backstory too. At Castle Black, Alliser starts to attack Team Davos but is interrupted by the Wildlings and of course Wun Wun. Good graphic fight. A bit short, but enjoyable nonetheless. Olly and Alliser are finally punished, thank god. At King’s Landing, we see the Mountain crushing another man’s head. What a way to re-introduce his character! The dialogue between Jaime and the High Sparrow was the best one yet in season 6. The HS frightened me in some way. Tommen asking his mother to help him getting more assertive was touching and well-acted. We go to Meereen, to Tyrion visiting the dragons. We knew this would happen one time and it didn’t disappoint. Tyrion seems to get along well with the dragons. Then we have another scene of Arya training in Braavos. It gets repetitive and a bit frustrating, because nothing happens. In Winterfell, Roose learns that Walda’s gave birth to a son. We’re scared for Ramsay’s reaction, but it seems like he responds quite comprehensive. And then, GoT strikes again. I didn’t see that one coming. Ramsay’s stabs his own father in the heart, just the way Roose did with Robb. We’re getting small justice for him, but not exactly in the way we wanted. Poor Walda Bolton gets killed too. Ramsay feeds her and the baby to his dogs. Ugh, they’re building up Ramsay’s character to a complete monster. Sansa and Brienne’s conversation about Arya was heart-warming. It has been a long time since Sansa talked about Arya to someone. Theon saying goodbye to Sansa made a very emotional scene. Finally we see the Iron Islands again. Balon Greyjoy is still the same whiny man, but it gets interesting when he starts to cross the rope bridge and meets his twisted brother, Euron. Euron is whole different type of villain, but he’s enjoyable for sure. Euron throws his own brother from the bridge in order to take over power in the Iron Islands. I’m eager to know where they’re taking us with that storyline. We end with Davos asking Melisandre for help. Melisandre has some remarkable powers, so perhaps she could Jon Snow bring back from the dead. Melisandre is reluctant, but she tries anyway. At first sight, Mel seems to be failing in her resurrection. She eventually gives up and leaves the room. When only Jon and Ghost are left, Jon opens his eyes. He’s reborn.

What an episode! The storylines have progressed remarkably and ‘Home’ didn’t bore us for a second. Strong actors join the cast (Max von Sydow and Pilou Asbæk). The pacing is good, even though there are a lot storylines to be covered. The only thing that bothered me is the lack of progression in Arya’s storyline. She’s one of my favorite characters and it irritates me to see her over and over again in the same kind of scenes.


  • Season 6: 4th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Bran’s vision of the past, Jaime confronting the HS, Tyrion visiting Viserion and Rhaegal, shocking scenes in Winterfell, Sansa talks about Arya, Euron’s introduction, the ending scene
  • Episode’s worst elements: Arya’s training is getting repetitive 

9. The Lion and the Rose (92,7%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

The Lion and The Rose’ did not disappoint. The best wedding in Westeros! We started with Ramsay hunting a poor girl and eventually ended up killing her. We saw a totally different Theon Greyjoy: completely brainwashed and terrified by Ramsay. Thereafter we had a scene of Stannis and co. Finally. Although it felt more Selyse-Melisandre centered. Shireen is as cute as always, and next to Davos, the only one who’s morally justified. Stannis showed us a redeeming quality: compassion towards his daughter. Something Selyse clearly lacks.
We are also reunited with Bran although it was a very short reunion. He had a vision about the past, present but also future. So we saw a huge dragon flying over King’s Landing. Dany coming to Westeros confirmed? Hell yeah!
But this episode was about one thing: the wedding of the Lion and the Rose. We saw a (less) enthusiastic Margaery marrying Joffrey. Joffrey was as vile as always, this episode more than others. We are also introduced to Lord Oaf: Mace Tyrell. And Olenna did not lie. Spoken of Olenna. She was very present in this episode. Her talking with Tywin and Sansa made nice dialogues but her facial expression at the wedding table made us feel bad for Olenna and Marg. She’s clearly not happy that her granddaughter married this monster. The best dialogue this episode: Martell vs. Lannister. I loved how Oberyn had the upper hand. Brienne meeting Cersei was something entirely new. I can not tell how much I love her. Brienne is such a kind, loyal warrior and Jaime knows that.
Joffrey became more cruel and started to humiliate Tyrion in front of the people. The only ones who sided with Tyrion were Sansa and Margaery, the rest just didn’t dare something to say. Margaery was able to save Tyrion a few times. ‘Look the pie’. And then we know something is about to happen when Joffrey starts chocking after drinking his vintage wine. The moment where we all waited for. Minutes before he laughed at how he winned the War of the Five Kings, now he lost the war himself. His death was gruesome but deserving. But who’s behind it. Was it really Tyrion, I doubt so.
Sansa fleeing made him more suspicious but I don’t think it was him. Who wants Sansa to leave KL? Right, Petyr Baelish. His theory about creating chaos worked out in his favour. ‘The Lion and The Rose’ was an episode not easy to forget.


  • Season 4: 3th place
  • Episode’s best elements: All of King’s Landing, Joffrey’s last glass of wine
  • Episode’s worst elements: Bran’s scene 

8. The Door (93,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

‘The Door’ was an epic episode! Bran Stark had a lot of big moments here. He got a vision where the origin of the Night King was revealed. In another vision he was walking among the Army of the Undead. When the Night King sensed his presence, things went very wrong. He got touched and so the Night King was able to trace him. The Night King and his army of Wights marched to the Lair of the Three-Eyed Raven and started a fight against Bran and co. A lot of characters died: The Three-Eyed Raven, Leaf, Summer and of course our beloved Hodor. In Hodor’s final moments, the whole reason of his existence was explained. We finally found out why Hodor said ‘Hodor’ all the time. And what a tragic scene. A real tear-jerker. ‘The Door’ was a very emotional rollercoaster. Another example is Jorah saying goodbye to Daenerys. The moment he said ‘Goodbye Khaleesi’, touched me. We also get some nice scenes at the Wall (Jon finally leaves the Wall!). And Tormienne is just too funny.
Tyrion and Varys welcome the High Priestess Kinvara. She’s basically Melisandre 2.0, only more diplomatic and younger. Arya’s storyline is definitely getting interesting: Essie Davis (a wonderful actress) is doing a great job in Game of Thrones. The theatre company adds a funny element to this (dark) season. The Kingsmoot was another great scene. The soundtrack was very beautiful there! The only thing that bothered me was Euron Greyjoy. He looked like a cheap villain to me. I hope his lines improve in the next episodes.
Overall, The Door was another excellent episode of the sixth season. The last 10 minutes reminded me of Hardhome (which is definitely a good thing). It was so emotional, but the storylines are stronger than ever.


  • Season 6: 3th place
  • Episode’s best elements: Bran’s vision, The Night King attacks the Cave of the Three-Eyed Raven, Hodor’s fate and revelation, Arya and the acting troupe, Kingsmoot, Jon leaving the Wall with Sansa and co. 
  • Episode’s worst elements: Euron Greyjoy didn’t impress

7. Blackwater (94,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

In four words: the-best-episode-yet! I loved everything about ‘Blackwater’. The acting, the visual effects and the storyline. The first time we didn’t see more than King’s Landing and that was pretty cool here. I couldn’t imagine that we would lose one second of this war between the Lannisters and Baratheons.
Great acting from Stephen Dillane, Liam Cunningham, Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage. I loved the build-up. We started very calm: Stannis’s boats approaching, Tyrion laying in bed with Shae, .. and when the city bells started to ring, we realize the battle is about to start. The wildfire-scene was impressive but what came after was even better. Stannis encouraging his men to not give up, gave me goosebumps. Tyrion was amazing as well in this episode, esp. his speech. But the real build-up was at the very end. Have the Lannisters really lost? I sat on the edge of my seat.
Loras Tyrell enters the Great Hall. Did the Tyrells just fight in Stannis’s cause? Or did they really team-up with the Lannisters? The latter is true as we seen our beloved Stannis dragged away.
‘The battle is over, the Lannisters have won’.


  • Season 2: 1st place
  • Episode’s best elements: The whole build-up and battle
  • Episode’s worst elements: There were none 

6. The Watchers on the Wall (94,7%)

Credit: HBO

‘The Watchers on the Wall’ is the notorious ninth episode where main characters are killed of (à la Starks) or where a major battle takes place (à la Blackwater). It now seems we get both of them. It was a great battle, perhaps the greatest that we have seen in the GoT-universe. We started slow with a dialogue between Jon and Sam. Slowely but surely the battle between the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings began and we had this huge build-up. It culminated when we saw the biggest fire the North has ever seen. This episode was mainly focused on action and battle and not so on dialogues, which worked out fine. I like this kind of Game of Thrones. Beautiful and epic scenes conclude: the wildlings approach the Wall and giants are riding mammoths, Grenn and some others are fighting a giant in order to hold the gate, 360° fight scene and drop the scythe. We also learn about Gilly’s fate. Near the end there are drastic changes at the Wall: Ygritte meets Jon for a last time and we will never see Grenn and Pyp’s like again. Farewell, Ygritte! The ninth episode was visual stunning. I was hooked to the screen from beginning to end. The Watchers on The Wall is definitely one of the finest Game of Thrones episodes.


  • Season 4: 2nd place 
  • Episode’s best elements: Just like Blackwater,  a nice build-up to wonderful battle scenes, Ygritte and Jon
  • Episode’s worst elements: More focused on action rather than acting (but that was fine) 

5. The Rains of Castamere (95,5%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

I am literally shocked. I thought that Ned’s Stark was the most shocking thing about the series but today I am proven wrong. What-a-episode! We started with Catelyn and Robb talking about taking Tywin’s home. It did send shivers down my spine. I thought Walder Frey was a weird, sometimes funny old man, but god I hate the man now! More of that later.
We did see Arya, Jon and Daenerys as well. There was no KL this time, but I surely didn’t have the time to think about that. Finally, there was some progression in Bran’s storyline! He discovered the ability of greensighting and also met Jon again. Too bad they actually didn’t see each other in human form.
Daenerys’s scenes were nice too! We had a (small but) good part of the siege of Yunkai, and we saw Dany winning again.
We had lovely moments between Arya and the Hound. Arya staring at the Twins was heartbreaking, she almost made it to her mother and brother but nonetheless it was too late. The wedding was orchestrated by Roose Bolton and Walder Frey to kill the Young Wolf in his trap. The real shock began when Talisa got stabbed. I realized things where going completely wrong. It was also sad how they killed of Grey Wind, which was a bit symbolic here.
Arya got dragged away by the Hound, so expect more moments from this duo! (Which I don’t mind at all.) But we will never see Robb, Talisa and Catelyn Stark again. And that last one did hurt a lot. The show will certainly miss this great actress!
Best episode of Game of Thrones (yet), no doubt!


  • Season 3: 1st place
  • Episode’s best elements: The whole Red Wedding and shocking ending, Arya almost reaching her destiny, Dany’s scenes
  • Episode’s worst elements: There were none

4. The Children (95,7%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

We end the wonderful season 4 with ‘The Children’. Last episode we spend all time at the Wall, so it felt a bit weird to see the many other characters again. But we started at a familiar place: The Wall. Jon tries to kill Mance in his tent but we know he’s too honorable for that. At the moment we fear for Jon’s live, an impressive army comes to the Watch’s aid. It’s the huge army of Stannis! The scene gave me goosebumps.
Stannis captures Mance Rayder and meets Jon Snow.
‘Saying goodbye’ is the main theme of The Children. And is beautiful how connected the storylines are at the end of season 4. Jon says goodbye to Ygritte (but meets a new redhead, Melisandre). For the first time, we see him in tears. Cersei makes a drastic decision: she no longer keeps her relationship with Jaime secret. Danaerys chains her dragons and leaves them in tears (again the ‘say goodbye’-component). Jojen Reed leaves Bran for good, and Bran can finally reach his destiny. Tyrion leaves Westeros but not before he says goodbye to Shae and Tywin. Arya does the same thing: she leaves Westeros as well, and says goodbye to the Hound. We realize how similar Arya and Tyrion are right now. They both don’t belong where they are right now and needed a drastic change in their storyline if they want to develop to the fullest.
‘The Children’ is definitely the strongest one when it comes to the build-up and the storylines. Some storylines even have started since the first beginning and now finally culminate (e.g: Tyrion being loathed by his family and finally seeks revenge — Arya wanting to flee her life as a princess to become a warrior in Braavos — Cersei no longer keeps her incestuous relationship a secret — Bran finally knows who the Three Eyed Raven is.)
Absolutely phenomenal!


Season 4: 1st place
Episode’s best elements: Stannis intervention, Jon saying goodbye to Ygritte, Dany chaining her dragons, Bran reaching his destiny, Brienne vs. The Hound, Arya leaving the Hound behind, Tyrion and Tywin’s confrontation, Arya saying goodbye to her past, soundtrack
Episode’s worst elements: Skeleton fight 

3. The Winds of Winter (97%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Another season ends. ‘The Winds of Winter’ may be considered as the best season finale yet. Let’s see. We have Cersei Lannister burning down the Sept of Baelor with the High Sparrow, Margaery, Loras, Lancel, Kevan and Mace inside. Sounds like a mad plan, isn’t it? Yeah. The Mad Queen has been born from the ashes of King’s Landing and I am totally in love with her character. Too bad we have to say goodbye to Queen Margaery and King Tommen. Both actors will be missed. ‘The Winds of Winter’ is known for its great developments: Cersei becomes Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and Jon becomes King in the North. Bran finally finds out about Jon’s parentage (GoT has been hinting on this one since the first season). The close-up from baby Jon to full grown Jon gave me goosebumps as well. Arya Stark avenges her dead mother and brother by giving Walder Frey a gruesome death as well. I won’t miss that old bastard. Daenerys finally (!!) chooses to leave Meereen and heads with her army to Westeros. Her team consists not only of the Greyjoys, Dothraki, Unsullied but also of House Martell and House Tyrell (thanks to Varys!). That last scene was an incredible ending to an incredible season. Olenna in Dorne was a nice surprise. At least, the Sand Snakes were all right this episode because of the Queen of Thorns’ presence. Tyrion being named Hand of the Queen was another emotional moment. Samwell had an interesting journey as well this season. Oldtown seems to be a beautiful place and the Citadel’s library left me open-mouthed.

The Winds of Winter was incredible in many ways. The direction was great (credit to Sapochnik!), the soundtrack was fantastic (credit to Mr. Djawadi) and the conclusions of the storylines were epic. Many of those storylines have been building up since the first season (Dany leaving to Westeros; Jon’s parentage; Cersei wanting to rule), so it’s nice to finally see a conclusion to those. The real Game of Thrones has finally started and we’re heading towards it endgame. The Winds of Winter is just the beginning of the end. And if they’re doing it like this one, than I cannot wait for summer 2017.


Season 6: 2nd place
Best elements: King’s Landing scenes, Cersei on the Iron Throne, the second part of the Tower of Joy, King in the North, Dany heading to Westeros, Arya’s revenge on Walder Frey, soundtrack, direction
Worst element: timeline was a bit confusing (e.g: Varys seems to time travel.)

2. Hardhome (97,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

What-the-*beep*! I blamed season 5 for its lack of action, but man, Hardhome made me change my mind 200%. It started quite slow. Tyrion and Jorah in the throne room with Daenerys. Tyrion councils Dany to not execute Jorah but to send him away. Daenerys clearly feels bad about it and Jorah won’t give up on her just yet. True love.. He decides to go back to his former slave owner, Yezzan, on condition that he may fight in Daznak’s Pit. Cersei has three rather small scenes. We see how she get tortured by septa Unella. Unella urges her to confess, something stubborn Cersei won’t do. Qyburn visits Cersei and informs her about the situation in King’s Landing: Tommen isn’t eating and locks himself in his chamber, Kevan has taken control over KL as Hand of the King and Qyburn continues his work at the Mountain. Cersei is starting to break piece by piece. Arya has a refreshing scene this episode! She gets a new assignment: to play Lanna and observe the Tin Man at the docks. She has to know everything about him and later assassinate him with ‘a gift’.
Samwell has a rather useless and short scene which functions here as ‘the introduction of Hardhome’. ‘Jon always comes back’, and we see Snow sailing to Hardhome. He arrives and meet the Wildling elders.
Karsi seems to be a great character and the acting of the actress is one of the strong points this episode. Jon can convince most of the wildlings to flee Hardhome and to join him. It felt like a ‘Titanic scene’ when the wildlings were preparing to leave by boat. But then something weird happens.. Suddenly we only see mist and the gates are getting closed. They are getting attacked by the Army of the Death. We get a huge battle scene and a lot of action for about 15 minutes. Jon’s fighting a White Walker and finds out that he can kill them with a Valyrian Sword. From a high cliff, the Night’s King is watching Jon Snow.. Creepy! The fight isn’t over yet: Tormund is fighting his ass off. Karsi too but when she encounters some zombie children, she refuses to kill them and gets killed (too bad!). A lot of new wights jump off the cliff and start to attack the Wildlings and NW too. Edd and Jon realize it’s time to flee and manage to escape. The giant, Wun Wun, also manages to escape (awesome CGI right here!) The best scene is yet to come: Jon and The Night’s King stare at each other, and then the Night’s King raises his arms and resurrects the dead Wildlings.. Jon and co. witness how the Army of the Dead only has doubled multiple times and were looking perplexed.
‘Hardhome’ had the best visuals in the Game of Thrones series and the battle scenes were well executed. It felt like a blockbuster movie, instead of a tv series.
Arya and Cersei’s scenes were memorable too but the last 20 minutes made season 5 one of the best seasons of Thrones. Therefore this episode receives a 97%, which is very hard to top.


Season 5: 1st place
Episode’s best elements: Arya’s scenes, Daenerys and Tyrion talk, cinematography, battle scene and huge (!) build-up, visual effects and terrifying ending
Episode’s worst elements: None 

1. Battle of the Bastards (98,2%)

Credit: HBO
  1. Short Review

Never thought that an episode would top Hardhome, but here we are. Almost everything was GREAT about this episode. From Meereen to the battlefield of Winterfell, the Battle of Bastards provided the best hour of television in a very long time. Let’s start with Meereen. Even if Dany’s acting felt a bit wooden and to forced, the scenes itself were breathtaking. We also see some of the dragons. Stunning visuals in these scenes. The scenes with the masters was a bit flat, OK, but the epic action in those scenes made me forget about it instantly. Yara and Theon Greyjoy meeting Daenerys and Tyrion was another great scene. Nice to see those four together. Nice throwback to season when (arrogant) Theon laughed with Tyrion and to see how thing turned out now. There’s some chemistry between Yara and Dany and I like it. Cool to see them work together now.

The thing I looked forward to the most, was the Battle of the Bastards itself. And it didn’t disappoint me. We are reminded of how cruel Ramsay can be and couldn’t wish for an earlier death. The build-up is enormous and unseen in Game of Thrones. I got goosebumps when I saw the armies of both teams staring at each other. Another goosebumps-moment was when Jon took off his sword and decided to fight the Bolton men on his own. The soundtrack was hauntingly beautiful there! The battle scene itself was impressive, esp. when the Bolton army started to make a wall and cornered the army of the Starks. Epic scenes. The soundtrack that went along Jon’s near-death experience was chilling. His body gasping on the crowd reminded me of Dany’s scene in the season finale of season 3. And then, the big moment! The Army of the Vale comes to the rescue and shatters Ramsay’s army to pieces. Amazing visuals as well there. Sansa’s truly a badass character right now. I couldn’t believe that I loved Littlefinger’s character so much. Ramsay starting to realize that he has lost, was amazing. Jon, Wun Wun and Tormund followed him to Winterfell and from there, hell broke loose for Ramsay. Wun Wun destroyed the gate on his own and made it possible for Jon and Sansa to break into Winterfell. The poor giant sacrificed his own life there! A real hero. Ramsay and Jon have a short duel and Jon wins easily. Finally that little sh*t Ramsay gets what he deserves and get hit hard in the face. Stark banner is back in Winterfell, yay! Sansa is the one to finish Ramsay Bolton’s miserable life and feeds him to the Hounds. What a rewarding death scene. Even more so then Joffrey’s one.

‘Battle of the Bastards’ was understandingly the most anticipated episode of the sixth season. The visuals were breath-taking and after the Red Wedding or Mountain vs Viper episodes, we finally get some rewarding episodes. Loved to see House Stark back in power again. Things are coming to and end and Battle of the Bastards is the beginning of the epic conclusion of ‘Game of Thrones’. Deserved the number 1 spot in this list.


Season 6: 1st place
Episode’s best elements: Battle of Meereen, Battle of the Bastards, visuals, Ramsay’s ending, Yara and Daenerys, enormous build-up, Kit Harington and Iwan Rheon, dragons in action
Episode’s worst elements: Daenerys’s character remains too forced and not human at all, a bit predictable 

Final conclusion 

  1. Season 6 (89,3/100)
  2. Season 4 (89,1/100)
  3. Season 1 (86,6/100)
  4. Season 3 (86,4/100)
  5. Season 2 (86/100)
  6. Season 5 (85,4/100)
What do you think of this top 60? Do you agree? Let me know what your top10 is in the comments below. 

Written by Yelmer Motmans (August 7th)




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