[Speculation] Who will die in season 6?


Season 6 of Game of Thrones is not so faraway anymore. The first trailer of the new season will probably drop this weekend. Let us make some predictions first and come later back to see if we were right after all.

1. Tyrion Lannister


Probability: 0%

Why?: Tyrion is one of the main characters, perhaps the protagonist of Game of Thrones. George R.R Martin once said that Tyrion is his favorite one and that he identifies a lot with him. I just can’t see Tyrion killed off next season, that would be way to early. He has a vital part to play in controlling Meereen next season and in the war against the slave cities.

2. Daenerys Targaryen



Why?: Daenerys’s story isn’t over yet, that’s for sure. She still has got a lot to do. Last season she got captured by some dothraki leaders and she’ll try to convince these warriors to join her army. There are even rumors of a big scene next season where Daenerys is going to invade King’s Landing. Still, if Daenerys will die in Game of Thrones, it will be toward the end of the series. Perhaps during the battle between the Others and the King & Queens of Westeros. Time will tell.

3. Bran Stark


Probability: 0%

Why?: Seriously, why would they bring back Bran Stark this season and already kill him off this season. No, there’s no chance of him dying this season. Bran is a key character this season. He’ll provide us with flashbacks and flash forwards and he’ll learn how to fly. Bran will be, in my opinion, one of the very few characters to survive the series. Maybe not in the same form as he lives now. Perhaps through one of Dany’s dragons..

4. Sansa Stark


Probability: 5%

Why?: Sansa won’t die in season 6. There’s a very slim chance, but I don’t see it happening. This season, Sansa’s character will finally evolve into a strong, successful lady who’s hardened by the tragic events that has happened to her. I could definitely see her as the Lady of Winterfell by the end of season 6 and play an important part in the war agains the others as well. I could see her surviving in the end as well. Sansa is one of the few who has learned to survive in dire circumstances. If Sansa is going to die next season, it will be by the hands of Ramsay Bolton. 

5. Samwell Tarly


Probability: 5%

Why?: Samwell will certainly not die next season, my friends (of course, it’s Thrones, you never know). His storyline in season 6 is extremely important for the endgame of Game of Thrones. Therefore I can definitely see him survive season 6, 7 and perhaps season 8. He is the one to inform Westeros about the situation beyond the Wall and he knows how to stop it. Samwell started as a no-one with no specific talents, but in the end he’ll be the savior of Westeros. How ironic.

6. Missandei


Probability: 10%

Why?: Missandei didn’t have a very big role in Game of Thrones and she could easily be left out. That’s why Missandei’s character is in danger next season. But her main storyline is the relationship between her and Grey Worm, which will further develop during season 6. I don’t know why, but I could see her end up with Tyrion somehow. She would be the perfect girl for him: loyal, honest and pretty. Other than that, I could definitely see her dying in Game of Thrones. Perhaps not in season 6, but more towards the end of Game of Thrones. If she would die next season, she’d be probably killed off by the Sons of the Harpy. 

7. Davos Seaworth 



Probability: 15%

Why?: There’s a real chance that season 6 is Davos’s last season. His main purpose was being the left hand of Stannis Baratheon and provide him with good advice. Now that Stannis is gone, he lost his purpose somewhat. If he’s going to follow Jon Snow or Sansa Stark, he could end up as his/her right hand. If that’s the case, then I can see Davos surviving next season. If not, he will have no contribution to the series anymore and die soon. When he’s going to die next season, he’ll probably be executed by Melisandre. If Melisandre is possible to keep Jon Snow under her thumb (as she did with Stannis), she’ll convince him to get rid of Davos. Especially when Davos starts asking questions about Shireen… 

8. Petyr Baelish


Probability: 20%

Why?: It all went smoothy for Littlefinger. But I feel like his plans will slowly start to backfire. If Sansa Stark turns against him, and reclaims Winterfell without him knowing, I think he could make a chance to die next season. We know that he’ll be involved in the battle between the bastards (Jon Snow and Ramsay), but it’s not clear at which side he is. If he supports Sansa, he could definitely survive next season. If not, I don’t see him surviving. He could also end up being killed by Ramsay Bolton for switching sides.

9. Jaime Lannister


Probability: 20%

Why?: Jaime was pretty useless last season. His main storyline is his incestuous relationship with Cersei and now that their relationship isn’t very prominent, Jaime doesn’t contribute so much to the series anymore. Last season he went to Dorne and didn’t have much to do. Next season he’ll get another task and could meet Brienne of Tarth again. If that’s going to happen, chances are slim that he’s going to die already. The show will continue to focus on their love story then. If not, I don’t see the point in keeping Jaime alive. (Almost) all of his children are dead. Rumor has it that Arya will be in the Riverlands by the end of season 6. If that’s true, she could be the one to kill off Jaime Lannister, now that he’s in that region as well. But I don’t think it’s very likely to happen. I could definitely see Jaime die towards the end of season 7, and Cersei will be somehow involved in his death scene.

10. Olenna Tyrell


Probability: 25%

Why?: Olenna sought help from Littlefinger last season and his stare at her told more than a thousand words. Olenna was the first to play with him and therefore places herself in a very dangerous position. Olenna has made some rivals in King’s Landing now (beside Littlefinger, Cersei for instance). When it comes to her storyline next season, I am bit out of the blue. There are no clear indications of what will happen to here. She’s very important when it comes to Margaery’s storyline. Margaery desperately needs her help to get out of her prison cell. Olenna is also one of the most cunning and intelligent people in Westeros, so she could have foreseen a plan when it’s becoming to dangerous for her. There are some rumors of her being collaborating with Varys. If that’s the case, Olenna will without a doubt survive next season and play an important part in bringing Daenerys to King’s Landing.

11. Podrick Payne


Probability: 35%

Why?: He has no contribution to the main storylines of Game of Thrones. His sole purpose is serving Brienne of Tarth and that arc has been set up since season 4. I can see it end in season 6. If Podrick is going to die, it’s going to be during the first episodes of season 6. I can see him being killed of by Ramsay’s men, saving Brienne’s life in the process. If not, he will just continue his storyline and follow Brienne in her new adventures. If Pod’s not going to die this season, he’ll most certainly die next season. Until now, he remains in the ‘danger’ zone.

12. Loras Tyrell


Probability: 40%

Why?: Loras was in a very dangerous position last season, and for a moment I thought that he’ll be executed in one of the next episodes in season 5. That was not the case but his trial still has to take place during season 6. If he loses it, it’s very certain that he’ll die. If not, I think they will focus on another ‘broken’ side of Loras Tyrell. Nonetheless, Loras has no important meaning to the series anymore, so it could be the last season for the Knight of Flowers.

13. Melisandre


Probability: 40%

Why?: Melisandre did some pretty evil things last season. It’s time that she’s going to be punished for her crimes. Next season could be a possibility. If Jon Snow truly believes in Davos Seaworth and the latter finds out about how Shireen died, Melisandre will be killed off. No doubt about that. She caused Stannis’s downfall and Jon wouldn’t let that happen to him. Or Melisandre’s character has to evolve into a good one. Than she has a good chance in surviving the series. She has the gift of reading the future, so killing her off would be a pity.

14. High Sparrow


Probability: 45%

Why?: The High Sparrow made an enemy for life: Cersei Lannister. And Cersei’s face during the last scene said enough: revenge! And this could play out against the High Sparrow. I could see him getting slain by the Mountain, but not before Cersei’s trial. When she’s proven to be innocent, I think the High Sparrow will be a dead man soon. But don’t forget: his power keeps increasing. Perhaps he’ll surprise us all, and be the one to take over King’s Landing until Dany comes.

15. Cersei Lannister


Probability: 50%

Why?: It’s 50-50 for Cersei. We don’t know for sure. She’s starting to break down since the beginning of season 5 (the death of Tywin) and I think season 6 will be too soon for her to die. If her son Tommen die in this season, there’s a good chance that she’ll go mental and burn King’s Landing to the ground. Although, it sounds more like season 7 material. Nonetheless, Cersei’s situation is precarious.

16. Olly


Probability: 70%

Why?: Olly’s character development ended during the end of season 6. He was able to avenge his dead parents by killing Ygritte and Jon. If Jon’s alive next season, and that chance is 99,99%, he’ll be punished for what he did. And that will be him being executed by the Lord Commander. It’s also possible that Jon leaves the Night’s Watch and doesn’t care about his men anymore. In that case, he has a chance of surviving. Although his screen time will be significantly reduced.

17. Ellaria Sand


Probability: 80%

Why?: Ellaria took a dangerous decision at the end of season 6. She provoked a possible war between the Lannisters and Martells and damaged Doran’s trust in her. Doran gave her a second chance, but she failed him again. If he keeps his word, Ellaria will be executed. It’s also possible that the troubles going on between Ellaria & the Sand Snakes and Doran Martell were staged and that Doran is working on a master plan to install Trystane on the Iron Throne. Although, it would be a weird plot twist..

18. Jorah Mormont


Probability: 85%

Why?: Jorah’s fate was revealed in season 5: grayscale. Grayscale is incredibly difficult to treat, and if Jorah continues keeping it a secret, it’s starting to become a serious problem. Jorah’s final scene will be his reunion with Daenerys and dying into her arms before right she invades Westeros. I could see this happen towards the end of season 6. That would make a hell of a tear-jerker!

19. Ramsay Bolton


Probability: 90%

Why?: Ramsay will be the main villain of season 6. He’ll reach his endgame towards the end of season 6 in a major battle against Jon Snow. We can assume that he’ll lose (it would be awkward if the Boltons win again) the battle and face a terrible death. It would be cool if he get smashed to a wall by the giant Wun Wun. We already know that Wun Wun is evolved in that battle, so it could happen. It’s very likely that season 6 is going to be Ramsay’s last one. In season 7, the White Walkers will take over the role of the main villains.

20. Roose and Walda Bolton


Probability: 100%

Why?: ‘Winterfell is mine, come and see’ are Ramsay’s words into a recent teaser for season 6. Until now, Winterfell is from Roose Bolton and Walda, not Ramsay. We already concluded that Walda will end up being killed off by Ramsay, as soon as we saw his reaction to Walda’s pregnancy. Ramsay’s evil enough to kill his own father and it would be a good way to finish the Boltons..

Other characters  that are very likely to die (80-100%): 

  • Pycelle
  • Tommen Baratheon
  • Kevan Lannister
  • Alliser Thorne
  • Walder Frey
  • Tormund Giantsbane

What do you think of this top? Do you agree? Let me know what your top 10 is in the comments below.

Foto op 24-12-14 om 13.13 Written by Yelmer.



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