Road to season 6: Best Scene (season 5 edition)

Only 56 days to go.. The wait is getting shorter and shorter and in the meantime we’re going to discuss the best aspects about Game of Thrones. We already discussed the best character, which was Tyrion Lannister. The best episode of Game of Thrones is Hardhome, of course. Now, we’re going to look for the best scene in Game of Thrones.


The 10 best scenes of Game of Thrones

10. Daenerys sacrifices Mirri Maz Duur and Drogo in order to give birth to her Dragons (s01e10)

When? During the last episode of Game of Thrones season 1.

Why so important? Daenerys proved that magic is still of great value in the world. Now, that she possesses 3 dragons, she’d probably be one of the most powerful leaders out there. Perhaps she’ll repeat history and conquer Westeros on the back of her largest dragon.

On a scale of epicness: 8/10

9. Ned Stark’s execution (s01e09)

When? During the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones’ first season.

Why so important? The death of Ned Stark symbolizes the begin of the War of the Five Kings, which lasted for 4 seasons. Ned Stark was the main character during season 1 and the representation of ‘honor’ itself. Since then it was clear which direction Game of Thrones would go.

On a scale of epicness: 9/10

8. The King in the North (s01e10)

When? During the last episode of Game of Thrones’ first season.

Why so important? House Stark declares war against House Lannister. This storyline has become one of the main themes of Thrones. The war against the Lannisters only lasted for 2 seasons. It’s clear that towards the end of the series, House Stark will have won the war and not House Lannister.

On a scale of epicness: 8,5/10

Unburnt Mother of Dragons from Blue Heron on Vimeo.

7. Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a ladder (s03e06)

When? During the sixth episode of Game of Thrones’ third season.

Why so important? The most cunning character of Game of Thrones reveals his strategy. He causes chaos (e.g: killing Jon Arryn and blaming the Lannisters) and tries to climb the ladder each time he causes chaos. Littlefinger is one of the very few characters whose power and influence grows as the series progresses.

On a scale of epicness: 7,5/10

6. Jaime recounts King Aerys’s madness. (s03e05)

When? During the fifth episode of Game of Thrones’ third season.

Why so important? From this scene on, Jaime started to evolve into a more sympathetic character. We learn that he isn’t an evil character at all, but only misunderstood. He explains why he has killed the Mad King: not for glory or recognition but to save the people of Westeros and his own father. Still he’s considered a kingslayer.

On a scale of epicness: 7,5/10


5. The Red Viper fights the Mountain (s04e08)

When? During the episode eight of Game of Thrones’ fourth season.

Why so important? Oberyn Martell can finally avenge the death of his sister, Elia Martell, by killing the murderer and raper of Elia: the Mountain. First, Oberyn needs a confession from the Mountain. He needs to know who the order gave. At the end, the Mountain confesses that he raped and killed Elia and therefore also the involvement of Tywin Lannister. Oberyn faces a gruesome death, but not before having the Mountain confessed his crimes. A war between the Martells and the Lannisters has started!

On a scale of epicness: 9/10


4. The Night’s King raises his Army of the Death (s05e08)

When? During the episode eight of Game of Thrones’ fifth season.

Why so important? The Night’s King reveals himself to Jon Snow. He shows his power in an epic stand-off. The war against the Night’s King and his army is one of the main storylines in Game of Thrones. We’ll definitely see the conclusion of this epic war during the very last episodes of Thrones..

On a scale of epicness: 9,5/10

3. Jon Snow kills a White Walker (s05e08)

When? During the episode eight of Game of Thrones’ fifth season.

Why so important? Jon Snow fights against a White Walker and kills him with his Valyrian sword. The fact that he could kill a White Walker with a valyrian sword is one of the key elements of the show. Westeros knows how to defeat the biggest threat out there: the White Walkers and its impressive army.

On a scale of epicness: 9/10

2. The Red Wedding: Talisa, Robb and Catelyn’s tragic deaths (s03e09)

When? During the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones’ third season.

Why so important?  The biggest twist in the show to date is The infamous Red Wedding. The death of the two Starks symbolize the downfall of House Stark in a very gruesome way. The Red Wedding is also notorious for being the show’s most shocking moment. And shocking moments are Game of Thrones’ trademark…

On a scale of epicness: 9,5/10


1.’I demand a trial by combat’. (s04e06)

When? During the sixth episode of Game of Thrones’ third season.

Why so important? Tyrion Lannister’s trial is considered to be the best moment in the show. Peter Dinklage is responsible for that. His acting skills and emotions during this scene were captivating .Tyron slowly evolves into a broken man with a strong hatred towards his own father who disgusts him because of his size. The decision to have a trial by combat eventually leads to the death of Oberyn and Tywin and most importantly: the alliance between Daenerys and Tyrion.

On a scale of epicness: 9,5/10

Season 1: top 10 best scenes

  1. Ned Stark’s execution (s01e09) (20,41%)
  2. ‘King in the North’ (s01e10) (16,28%)
  3. Daenerys sacrifices Mirri Maz Duur and Drogo in order to give birth to her dragons (s01e10) (14,47%)
  4. Viserys gets a golden crown (s01e06) (12.4%)
  5. Bronn fights against ser Vardis during Tyrion’s trial (s01e05) (7,75%)
  6. Syrio Forel versus the Kingsguard (s01e08) (6,2%)
  7. Bran discovers Cersei and Jaime and is pushed out of the window. (s01e01) (5,17%)
  8. Ned Stark’s arrestment (s01e07) (4,65%)
  9. Catelyn Stark arrests Tyrion Lannister (s01e04) (3,88%)
  10. ‘Call the Banners’ (s01e08) (3,62%)

Season 2: top 10 scenes

  1. Wildfire! (s02e09) (26,97%)
  2. Arya and Tywin chat about history and her background (s02e07) (14,61%)
  3. Three blasts (s02e10) (13,2%)
  4. ‘Ser Rodrik, I sentence you to death’. (s02e06) (7,73%)
  5. Daenerys’s vision in The House of Undying reunites her with Drogo and her unborn child (s02e10) (5,62%)
  6. Jon Snow kills Qhorin Halfhand. (s02e10) (5,34%)
  7. King’s Landing riot and Sansa almost raped. (s02e06) (4,49%)
  8. The Lannisters win the war, Cersei tries to keep her son safe, Tyrion is badly wounded (s02e09) (4,48%)
  9. Daenerys’s dragons breathe fire for the first time. (s02e10) (3,93%)
  10. ‘The King in the North’ wins another battle. (s02e04) (3,37%)

Season 3: top 10 scenes

  1. The Red Wedding: Talisa, Robb and Catelyn’s tragic ending (s03e09) (30,86%) 
  2. Jaime recounts King Aerys’s madness. (s03e05) (15,43%)
  3. ‘Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder’. Ros’ fate revealed. (s03e06) (10,57%)
  4. Beric Dondarrion fights The Hound and is brought back to life. (s03e05) (8%)
  5. Jaime Lannister loses his sword hand. (s03e03) (6,86%)
  6. ‘Mhysa’. Daenerys liberates thousand of slaves. (s03e10) (4,57%)
  7. Sam slays a White Walker. (s03e08) (4,29%)
  8. ‘Valar Morghulis’, Arya kills her first man (s03e10) (4,28%)
  9. Daenerys conquers Yunkai as well. (s03e09) (2,57%)
  10. Barristan Selmy meets Daenerys Targaryen. (s03e01) (2,29%)

Season 4: top 10 scenes

  1. ‘I demand a trial by combat’. (s04e06) (19,59%)
  2. The Red Viper fights the Mountain. (s04e08) (17,84%)
  3. Tyrion’s final confrontation with his father (s04e10) (10,53%)
  4. Joffrey gets his wine served. (s04e02) (9,65%)
  5. Oberyn swears revenge for Elia Martell and begins with The Mountain. (s04e07) (6,73%)
  6. Arya takes revenge on Polliver for stealing Needle and killing Lommy. (s04e01) (5,26%)
  7. Jon fights Styr and reunites with Ygritte one last time. (s04e09) (4,68%)
  8. The Land of Always Winter revealed (s04e04) (4,39%)
  9. Grenn holds the gate. (s04e09) (3,51%)
  10. Brienne fights the Hound to protect Arya (s04e10) (3,50%)

Season 5: top 10 scenes

  1. The Night’s King raises his Army of the Death (s05e08) (20,58%)
  2. Jon fights a White Walker (s05e08) (19,42%)
  3. For the Watch (s05e10) (12,46%)
  4. Cersei’s atonement (s05e10) (10,14%)
  5. Daenerys flies away on Drogon (s05e09) (6,96%)
  6. Stannis sacrifices Shireen (s05e09) (5,22%)
  7. Arya Stark reunites with Meryn Trant (s05e10) (4,93%)
  8. Hundreds of Wights jump off the cliff (s05e08) (3,77%)
  9. Daenerys and Tyrion talk about their terrible fathers. (s05e08) (3,48%)
  10. Cersei’s arrested for her sins (s05e07) (2,9%)

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