Road to season 6: Best duo of Game of Thrones (season 5 edition)

Game of Thrones has many characters, perhaps too many. But there are a lot of advantages too. Every character in Game of Thrones has his own complexity. Sometimes two whole different characters meet each other and develop a wonderful chemistry. Let’s see which duos can be considered as the best ones.

10. Jon and Ygritte


One of the most tragic duos in Game of Thrones. Ygritte was born at the wrong sideof the Wall and therefore directly an enemy to Jon Snow. Love took the upper hand and Jon and Ygritte couldn’t resist each other. They truly loved each other, but the ongoing war separated each other for once and for good.

9. Ned and Robert


Ned and Robert shared some nice and funny moments together in season 1. Robert considered Ned to be his real brother and made him his most loyal confident, Hand of the King. Too bad both men aren’t among the living anymore..

8. Melisandre and Stannis

Melisandre and Stannis

We have to admit that their friendship/relationship was quite fascinating. Both characters have a dark side and it was nice to see how Melisandre pushed Stannis over the edge and therefore causing his downfall. Both actors did a great job as well.

7. Sansa and Petyr


Since season 1 we knew that Petyr had eye for Sansa Stark. Their friendship grew into a relationship and Petyr evolved into Sansa’s teacher in some way. He taught her to give up her ‘ideal view’ on knighthood and life and to play the Game of Thrones. What a pair!

6. Ramsay and Reek

Ramsay and Theon

The two have a slightly different relationship, namely Reek is Ramsay’s personal pet. You have to know that Reek was Theon Greyjoy once and it was only Ramsay who turned him into a brainwashed servant. The chemistry between the two actors is awesome and we can conclude that their scenes are sometimes hard to watch.

5. Davos and Shireen


Davos and Shireen had the most heartwarming relationship. Loathed by her mother and ignored by her father, Shireen found her only best friend in Davos. It was sweet to see how Shireen didn’t care about all the rules back when Davos was imprisoned. Our hearts melted.

4. Tyrion and Varys


Varys and Tyrion are both very intelligent characters with a good political insight. Their dialogues always deliver and make the best scenes in Game of Thrones. We expect to get more Tyrion and Varys in season 6. Yay!

3. Tyrion and Bronn


Tyrion can talk himself out of almost every situation and knows an answer for everything. Bronn has the best lines. Mix these haracters up and you have some awesome dialogues. We had quite a lot of those during the first four seasons. We all hope these characters get to meet each other once more before it all ends.

2. Jaime and Brienne

Jaime and Brienne.jpg

Jaime and Brienne are exactly each other’s opposite. Jaime is handsome, corrupt and considered as the ‘ideal knight’. Brienne isn’t handsome, very (!) loyal and a laughing-stock  because she’s a female knight. Initially Jaime doesn’t respect Brienne at all and calls her a big beast. When Jaime loses his sword hand, and so his pride, Brienne is the one to teach him a lesson in life. Jaime starts to respect Brienne and the two form a strong bond.

1. Arya and the Hound


Who did ever expect that these characters would come together and form a badass team. The Hound taught Arya a great deal about surviving out there and he truly cared for his companion after al. We realized that the Hound really isn’t the worst person in Westeros and that he’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing. We surely got brilliant scenes from this duo.

12745803_926037114132737_6956056341825266426_n Do you agree with our list? Let me know in the comments below!


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