In-depth analysis of the trailer of Game of Thrones

We finally got the first official trailer of the sixth season of Game of Thrones. Thank god. The wait was unbearable! A lot of brief shots were shown and it’s about time to discuss them each in detail.

SPOILER ALERT! (Please don’t take all of this seriously. It’s only speculation.)  

Let’s start!


  • I believe this to be the opening shot of season 6. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau told in an interview that season 6 will start where season 5 left us. Jon Snow was killed during the night, this scene takes place the morning after.
  • During Episode 1


  • Opening shot of season 6: Jon Snow’s body lying in the snow.
  • During episode 1


  • It’s probable that this shot will be the first scene in King’s Landing. We see Jaime returning to King’s Landing. That explains the picture below.
  • During episode 1


  • Jaime on the boat, back to King’s Landing
  • During episode 1


  • Cersei awaits Jaime and Myrcella. She has been waiting for a long time to see her daughter again. The man behind her is The Mountain. Look at the picture below: she wears the same dress, so we can assume that it’s that scene.
  • During episode 1 


  • Cersei and The Mountain awaiting Marcella’s arrival.
  • During episode 1


  • I think that Davos is visiting the place where Shireen was burnt. Perhaps he will find the wooden stag he gave Shireen. The wooden stag symbolizes ‘House Baratheon’ and therefore the end of the Baratheon line. I believe this to be a very sad scene and will probably happen during the 1st or 2nd episode.
  • 1st or 2nd episode


  • The wooden stag Davos gave Shireen during episode 9 of season 5.


  • Probably the first scene in Winterfell. Roose Bolton confronts his son about his escaped bride. He’ll probably call Ramsay a loser, now that they have lost their most important claim on the North. Ramsay will slowly but surely turn against his father.What will lead to … (see the picture below.)
  • This will happen during episode 1 or 2. 


  • I believe this to be Roose Bolton. Ramsay will keep a speech for the North where he declares to be the Lord of Winterfell. (Winterfell is mine, come and see) 
  • This will happen during the beginning of episode 9. 


  • Davos confronts Melisandre about Stannis’s death. Melisandre will tell him everything (even about Shireen) and shows regret. That’s why she tells Davos that she has lost faith in the Lord of Light. This scene will lead to Davos visiting the place where Shireen was burnt.
  • During episode 1.  


  • Jorah and Daario come across the place where Daenerys was abducted by the Dothrak (a bit predictable, but ok.)
  • Very likely during the 1st episode. 


  • Jorah will find Dany’s ring, obviously.


  • Jorah thinking: ‘Where in the seven hells are you, Khaleesi’


  • The shot following Jorah finding the ring, will be Dany’s first scene in season 6. It looks like her hand are tied.
  • I think Dany will have a rather short scene during the first episode. We found out that she doesn’t get any respect from the Dothraki leaders.


  • Daenerys arrives in Vaes Dothrak. It seems to be quite an impressive scene. She’s staring at the giant stallion.
  • Probably during episode 2 or 3. 


  • Daenerys staring at the giant stallion. Here we see that her hands aren’t tied anymore and she isn’t controlled by a Dothraki leader. With this amount of people, she can’t run away.


  • This could be either Jaime or the Mountain confronting the High Sparrow. Given that the Mountain cannot talk until Cersei’s enemies are all dead, I go with Jaime. Although he looks a bit tallish to be Jaime, but it’s the most logical answer.
  • Jaime threatens the High Sparrow , but he doesn’t seem to be scared of him.‘Together we can overthrow an empire’. It’s a quite dark scene, so it could happen during night.
  • The man talking to the High Sparrow wears gold armor. Look at the picture below. Jaime wears his gold armor again.
  • Probably mid-season material. 


  • Jaime and the Tyrell army want the Faith to release Queen Margaery
  • Confirmed to happen in season 6


  • You can see a man with long, white hair in the picture. This is probably Aeron.
  • The scene is probably about the baptizing of Euron Greyjoy.
  • Mid-season stuff. (episode 4-5)


  •  It looks like Sansa is back in power. From the clothing and her overall appearance, we can conclude that she’s in a quite good position.
  • We assume that Jon Snow and Sansa team up and fight against the Boltons in the ninth episode, which will be all about the Battle of the Bastards.
  • I can see Sansa being named ‘The Queen of the North’ in the season finale of Game of Thrones. Melisandre’s vision will be true after all (- I have seen myself walking amongst the battlements of Winterfell).
  • From this picture, I assume that Sansa tries to find Rickon back. Thanks to Theon’s confession, Sansa knows that her brothers are still alive. Perhaps Sansa talks to one of the Great Northern Lords (Smalljon Umber perhaps) here.


  • Tyrion is in big trouble now that the Great Masters declare war on Meereen. Tyrion will probably scare them too and release Rhaegal and Viserion.
  • Probably mid-season stuff (episode 5-7)


  • I think this is Drogon, but I can’t tell for sure. He’ll be spotted in Vaes Dothrak by Daario and Jorah, what gives the sign that Dany could be nearby.
  • Episode 1-3 material. 


  • Lancel is threatening Cersei to move aside with the Mountain. It looks like she’s blocking the Throne Room. The men behind Lancel look up to someone and it doesn’t look like they are feeling confident. I think they’re looking up to the Mountain, who’s ready to slaughter them.
  • It could mean the death of Lancel, which will indicate that Cersei has become merciless.
  • Probably during episode 3-4


  • Frankenmountain shows no mercy!


  • Cersei chooses violence. This will happen after episode 1/2, because she’s wearing black to mourn Myrcella. I could see this happening during the first half of season 6.


  • The Mutineers seem to smash in a door. I fear that this is the room where Ghost is locked up. I can see Alliser ordering his men to kill off Ghost now that Jon is dead too.
  • Probably one of the very first scenes of season 6.
  • During episode 1 of season 6.  


  • Tommen seems to be very unstable in this picture. His eyes seem to be wet too. I think this is during his mother’s trial.
  • Probably during episode 6/7. 


  • Cersei goes to her trial like a badass and introduces the Mountain as her champion.
  • Probably during episode 6/7


  • This is one of Bran’s visions, namely the Tower of Joy.
  • We clearly see Ned Stark, although he is played by a different actor. He has a different shape of face than Sean Bean.
  • Rumor has it that this scene will appear in episode 6. 



  • Euron’s arrival in Pyke. It seems to be a very stormy night, just like the scene where Euron walks the bridge. Could this happen in the same episode?
  • Probably during episode 4 or 5


  • Arya has her sight back, so I think this scene will appear in the second half of season 6.
  • Arya’s training with the Waif, who treats her very violently.
  • During episode 5 or 6? 


  • Littlefinger could come across with Sansa Stark. He’s back in the North, that’s certain.
  • During episode 5 or 6? 


  • Margaery’s first scene of season 6. Someone is visiting her. I think it could be septa Unella, who lectures her about the Seven Gods.
  • During the 1st or 2nd episode


  • It looks like this is beyond the Wall. I think it’s Meera who’s attacking a wight. Why would that person carry a ball of fire?
  • During episode 3/4? 


  • During episode 3/4?


  • The Battle of the Bastards has started. It looks like this is team Sansa-Jon
  • During episode 9


  • It looks like House Umber supports team Sansa and Jon as well.
  • During episode 9


  • Is one of the pyramids of the Great Masters ruined by Viserion and Rhaegal?
  • During episode 6/7


  • Theon is found by one of Ramsay’s men.
  • During episode 2/3


  • Euron is baptized by Aeron after Balon Greyjoy’s death.
  • During episode 6?


  • Cersei nibbling Jaime’s ear and it looks like their relationship gets a boost. But when Jaime realize that Cersei has gone full mad, he probably ends their relationship for once and for good and heads to the Riverlands.
  • During episode 2/3? 


  • Brienne comes across Sansa and Theon and brings them to the Wall. They get attacked by Bolton men but Brienne saves the day.
  • During episode 2/3


  • Brienne in her ‘thuggish’ fight.
  • During episode 2/3


  • Everyone thinks that this is Melisandre’s hand, but I disagree. Melisandre doesn’t wear a ring and her hand is slightly different.
  • I think this is ‘Daenerys’s’hand. Perhaps she wants to make clear that fire cannot kill her.
  • During episode 3/4 


  • The Hall of Faces
  • This scene could appear at the beginning of the sixth season. 


  • Melisandre stripping
  • She looks quite concerned, like she’s doing this against her will.
  • I think she has to strip before the reborn Jon Snow, who has changed his mind about ‘having sex with Melisandre’. Jon Snow’s character has taken a 360 degrees-turn and this somehow scares Mel.
  • During episode 4/5? 


  • Dolorous Ed saying goodbye to Jon and closing his eyes.
  • During episode 1 or 2? 


  • Arya in training. She’s chased by the Waif.
  • During episode 3 or 4?  


  • The Bolton army form a wall against team Jon & Sansa
  • During episode 9


  • After Euron has become the King of the Iron Islands, Yara and Theon decide to flee to Volantis. Yara seems to be interested in girls as well.
  • During episode 7 or 8?  


  • Euron pushes his brother, Balon, of the bridge after he arrives in Pyke
  • During episode 4 or 5? 


  • Tower of Joy vision
  • We see Ned Stark and Howland Reed fight Arthur Dayne (the one with the Targaryen-armor)
  • During episode 6


  • Tormund leads the Wildling army and fight against the Bolton army.
  • It looks like he’s in bad position and I can definitely see him bite the dust during the epic battle.
  • During episode 9 


  • Is this Jon fighting against the Bolton army during the Battle of the Bastards? We can’t tell for sure.
  • During episode 9 


  • The High Sparrow successfully converts Margaery to the Faith of the Seven or is Margaery just playing a game to get out of the Black Cells?
  • During episode 3/4? 


  • Very unclear shot. We see a woman attacking something/someone.


  • This is clearer but again very hard to determine what would go on here.
  • I think this has something to do with Meereen. Next season, there will be famine in Meereen and the people will find a (violent) way to get  food.
  • Mid-season stuff


  • Arya being blind.
  • I think this will be one of her very first scenes.
  • During episode 1 or 2? 


  • Jaime and Mace Tyrell march with full strength to the Sept of Baelor in order to release Queen Margaery.
  • The man with the plumet on his helmet is Mace Tyrell.
  • During episode 6


  • Sansa being chased by Bolton men in the woods.
  • During episode 1/2


  • The Dothraki Army fighting the Sons of the Harpy in Meereen? Who knows?!
  • This could happen during episode 7/8?


  • Tormund leading the Wildlings during the Battle of the Bastards.
  • During episode 9 


  • One of Brandon major visions includes the Night’s King planning to attack the Wall. Could this make Bran return to the Wall, to Jon, to inform them about this?
  • During episode 6/7 


  • Davos protecting Jon Snow.
  • During 2nd or 3th episode of season 6? 


  • A dead Ghost laying next to his owner,  Jon Snow.
  • During the 2nd or 3th episode
What do you think of this trailer? Please let me know in the comments below

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