Game of Thrones – Season 6 Episode 8: ‘No One’ (Prediction)

1. Info

  • Episode 8: ‘No One’
  • Duration: 59 minutes
  • Date: Sunday, June 12th
  • Director: Mark Mylod
  • Writer: David Benioff, D.B Weiss

2. Synopsis

While Jaime weighs his options, Cersei answers a request. Tyrion’s plans bear fruit. Arya faces a new test. (TVMA) 

  • Adult Content
  • Adult Language
  • Brief Nudity
  • Violence

3. Confirmed cast members

– Green colour: weren’t present in ep.6

  • Peter Dinklage as ‘Tyrion Lannister’
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as ‘Jaime Lannister’
  • Lena Headey as ‘Cersei Lannister’
  • Emilia Clarke as ‘Daenerys Targaryen’
  • Nathalie Emmanuel as ‘Missandei’ 
  • Maisie Williams as ‘Arya Stark’
  • Jerome Flynn as ‘Bronn’
  • Tom Wlaschiha as ‘Jaqen H’ghar
  • Rory McCann as ‘Sandor Clegane’
  • Gwendoline Christie as ‘Brienne of Tarth’
  • Dean-Charles Chapman as ‘Tommen Baratheon’ 
  • Tom Wlaschiha as ‘Jaqen H’ghar’ 
  • Conleth Hill as ‘Varys’ 
  • Sibel Kekilli as ‘Shae’ (not confirmed, but very likely to appear)
  • Clive Russel as Brynden ‘Blackfish’ Tully
  • Paul Kaye as ‘Thoros of Myr’ 
  • Eugene Simon as ‘Lancel Lannister’
  • Jacob Anderson as ‘Grey Worm’ (not confirmed, but very likely to appear) 
  • Faye Marsay as ‘The Waif’
  • Ian Gelder as ‘Kevan Lannister’
  • Julian Glover as ‘Pycelle’ 
  • Anton Lesser as ‘Qyburn’ 
  • Thor Björnsson as ‘Gregor Clegane’
  • Finn Jones as ‘Loras Tyrell’ (not confirmed; probable to appear) 
  • Tim Plester as ‘Walder Rivers’
  • Daniel Tuite as ‘Lothar Frey’
  • Melanie Liburd as ‘Red Priestess’
  • Ania Bukstein as ‘Kinvara’
  • Ricky Champ as ‘Flynn’
  • Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as ‘Lem Lemoncloak’ 

4. Promo



5. Speculation (based on leaks, spoilers, etc..)

THE RIVERLANDS, RIVERRUN [+/- 20 minutes] 

  • Brienne and Podrick arrive in Riverrun. They notice how the Lannisters and the Freys are laying siege to the Blackfish and his men. Brienne and Podrick ride through the Lannister camp and Brienne decides to visit Jaime’s tent. Jaime is surprised to see Brienne and asks her whether she has fulfilled her quest. Brienne answers that she serves Lady Stark now, and that she came to Riverrun to ask the Blackfish to help the Starks fight the Boltons. Jaime advises Brienne to persuade the Blackfish to surrender the castle, so he travel up North to join the Starks. While waiting outside, Podrick meets Bronn again. The two have a small talk before Brienne and Podrick head to the castle.
  • Brienne and Pod are permitted to enter the castle, as she has word from Sansa Stark. Brienne tries to convince the Blackfish to head North and to fight alongside the Starks against the Boltons. The Blackfish tells Brienne that he’s unable to do so as long as the Freys and the Lannisters are besieging Riverrun. He will never give up his home.
  • Jaime talks with Edmure Tully  He’s allowed to briefly return to Riverrun, but he has to make sure that the Blackfish surrenders because he’s the Lord of Riverrun, not the Blackfish. If he fails to do so, The Lannisters and Freys will attack Blackfish by nightfall. He’ll make sure he’ll slaughter every Tully to get back to Cersei. Edmure is unable to persuade the Blackfish and the Freys/Lannisters keep their word. They indeed start to march to the castle.
  • A battle takes place. The Blackfish let his men shoot flaming arrows towards the Frey/Lannister army. Brienne offers her services and promises the Blackfish to protect the castle with him. It doesn’t go well for the Tullys. The Lannister/Frey soldiers are able to break into the castle and kill off a lot of the Blackfish’ men.  Brienne and Pod barely make it out alive, as the Blackfish implores them to flee the scene. He explains to Brienne that there is secret way out, but they has to travel by boat. Brienne tries to convince the Blackfish to escape with her, but the Blackfish tells her that he rather dies than giving up his own home to the Freys. Brienne and Pod leave Riverrun. The Blackfish is killed off-screen.

THE RIVERLANDS [5 minutes] 

  • The Hound is able to track some men of the Brotherhood who slaughtered Septon Ray and his people. He starts to attack them with his axe and gets to kill a few man before he is stopped by Thoros of Myr and his men, who happen to be there too. Thoros orders his men to capture the Hound and to bring him to ‘someone who would like meet him’.

KING’S LANDING [13 minutes] 

  • The High Sparrow talks with Loras Tyrell. He’s able to manipulate Loras by promising him a way out. He offers Loras a way to be forgiven by the Gods. For that, he needs to do something in return for the Gods.
  • The Red Keep is now, thanks to the alliance between the Faith and the Crown, filled with a lot of sparrows. Among these men, we have Lancel Lannister. At a certain moment, Cersei decides to exert her power and to let not pass the FM. She realizes how much influence the High Sparrow now has. Lancel implores Cersei to order the Mountain and Qyburn to step aside. Otherwise he will use violence. Cersei doesn’t give a BEEP about Lancel and chooses violence. The Mountain brutally kills the sparrows, including Lancel.
  • Cersei’s actions against the Faith are confronted in the Great Hall. A lot of Lords and Ladies have came together in the Great Hall to hear King Tommen’s announcement. Tommen, alongside Pycelle and Kevan, informs Cersei that the Mountain isn’t fit any longer to be her champion, thanks to his crimes against the Faith Militant. Who attacks the Faith, attacks the Crown. Tommen is clearly upset that he has to punish his own mother. Kevan is also furious with Cersei for killing his own son. He doesn’t care if Cersei loses her trial by combat right now.
  • Cersei realizes that she has zero chance at winning right now. This has happened because of the manipulation of Tommen by the hands of the High Sparrow, Kevan and Pycelle. She tells Qyburn that she needs to prevent the trial from happening. The only way to do that is to get rid of them all. She reminds Qyburn that she still has a huge amount of wildfire beneath the Sept. But first she needs to get rid of Kevan and Pycelle. Qyburn promises Cersei that that’s something he’ll take care of.

BRAAVOS [12 minutes] 

  • Arya secretly worked together with Lady Crane from the acting troupe. Lady Crane provided a bag with gold for her and they planned to let the Waif find Arya. Arya knew that the Waif was coming, so she waited for her in a very public spot where everyone can see her. Arya carried a bag with artificial pig blood behind her clothes, something the actors sometimes use when they perform. She staged everything, so everyone will think that she would have died somewhere in an ally in Braavos. Actually, Arya is a bit injured, but not so serious as we thought she would be in episode 7.
  • After the stabbing, Arya immediately heads to the acting troupe. Lady Crane treats her wounds and asks if she returns to Westeros, together with them. The acting troupe has been asked to perform in the Riverlands. Arya says that she would love to return with them, but she first needs to get rid of the Waif for once and for good.
  • Arya’s plan (part II): Arya tries to lure the Waif in the place where she left needle. But first she needs to get the Waif’s attention to follow her. She’s able to find the Waif and draws her attention by making herself visible to her. This time, she wears other clothes and doesn’t seem to be injured at all. The Waif can’t believe her own eyes, as she thought to have killed Arya for once and for good. Arya runs away from her, and of course, the Waif decides to chase her. She’s almost able to catch Arya and manages to stab her, but really not as bad as in the last episode. A blonde man in blue clothes, follows the Waif and Arya all the time and witnesses the fight between both. Arya’s able to lure the Waif in the dark place where she left Needle. She leaves a trail of blood at the wall, to make sure the Waif will know where she hides.
  • The Waif thinks to have caught Arya and sneaks into the dark place. Arya stands behind her and stabs her to death and leave her dying. The blonde man suddenly appears to the Waif and takes off his face. He was Jaqen H’ghar the whole time. The Waif begs Jaqen to heal her, but Jaqen coldly tells her that she has failed her test. The Waif dies.
  • Arya and the acting troupe are getting things ready to leave Braavos. Arya decides to leave her identity as ‘No one’ behind and becomes Arya Stark again.

MEEREEN [10 minutes] 

  • Kinvara, the Red Priestess, has kept her word. She did send some of her Red Priests to convince the people of Meereen of Daenerys’s status as the Lord’s Chosen. Even the Masters of the city seem to have flocked together to listen to a Red Priestess. Tyrion’s plan bears fruit! Tyrion and Varys decide to walk to the Meereenese Port, but first they listen to one of the Red Priestesses. Tyrion is fascinated by the Priestess and while he listens, something weird happens. For a moment, he thinks to have seen Shae among the crowd. Tyrion can’t believe what he sees and walks to her. Suddenly, she changes into Kinvara. Tyrion is confused by what he just saw.
  • Varys and Tyrion arrive at the Meereenese port. Varys decides to leave Meereen for a while because their plan has worked out and Varys needs to arrange a few important matters. Varys says goodbye to Tyrion and calls him ‘the most famous dwarf in the world’.
  • When Varys has left the city, some people start to scream and to run away. Tyrion decide to go and see what happens. He discovers the return of the Sons of the Harpies, who are attacking the Masters. Tyrion runs away as quick as he can and hides in the Pyramid together with Missandei. Grey Worm commands the Unsullied to fight the Sons of the Harpies. Tyrion talks with Missandei in the Throne Room when they hear a big thud. It’s Drogon who has landed on the top of the Pyramid, together with Daenerys. Daenerys and her army of Dothraki have finally arrived in Meereen, just in time!

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  1. Do you know the name of the Faith Militant character who gets killed by the Mountain in this episode after Cercei says “I choose violence”?


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