Game of Thrones – Season 8 predictions

Episode 1: Winter Has Come


  • The first snowflakes are falling in King’s Landing. Men are rebuilding the Red Keep when Daenerys and co. arrive in King’s Landing.
  • Archmaester Marwyn tells Daenerys that winter has come everywhere in Westeros. The threat of the White Walkers has never been so close now. Melisandre agrees and tells them that the Long Night has started.
  • Tyrion and Varys also returned to King’s Landing. They walk trough the city and chat. Tyrion tells Varys that he had never thought that he would return to this city again.


  • Arya Stark and Nymeria arrive in Winterfell, together with Podrick, Brienne and Gendry. Jon can’t believe his own eyes. Arya runs to her brothers and hugs them. We have never seen Arya so happy. Jon asks Arya where she has been the whole time and how she survived. Arya tells Jon that it’s a very long story but that she had never forgotten to stick her enemies with the pointy end.
  •  Jon thanks Brienne for bringing Arya and Sansa home and for keeping her oath to Catelyn Stark. He has never met such a loyal knight. Brienne gives back ‘Oathkeeper’ to Jon Snow, because she thinks she has fulfilled Catelyn Stark’s last wish.


  •  Jorah and Daenerys have a conversation about her possible marriage to Jon Snow. Daenerys asks Jorah not to be jealous, because she’ll never want him to leave her side. Jorah promises Daenerys to protect her until the moment he dies.
  • Tyrion brings a visit to the dragons in the Dragonpit. Tyrion’s bond with the two smaller dragons is bigger than ever.
  • Tyrion also goes to the place where the Sept of Baelor once stood. He thinks about his family that has been buried there. Tyrion accidentally discovers Widow’s Wail, that has survived the destruction of the Sept of Baelor.


  • Gendry reveals his parentage to Jon and offers his sword to him to help him fight the Army of the Dead. Jon accepts his offer.
  •  Jon tells Arya that they aren’t safe in Winterfell and that they need to leave the castle as soon as they can, together with the Northern Lords. He proposes Arya to travel to the Vale and asks Brienne and Podrick to accompany them. Arya tells Jon that she has become a trained warrior and that she can help them. Jon assures her that even the best trained warrior couldn’t handle the Army of the Dead.
  • Samwell Tarly and Gilly arrive in Winterfell as well. Samwell brings very important news to Jon.


  • Sansa and the Lords of the Vale find out that the Wall has fallen. Sansa tries to convince Robin Arryn to prepare his army to fight the White Walkers. Robin Arryn doesn’t seem to be concerned with it, much to Sansa’s anger.


  • A blizzard is taking place in the Iron Islands. Theon convinces his men to leave the Iron Islands. Otherwise they will all be meat for the Night King’s army.
  • Theon thinks it’s for the best to head to the Winterfell for the moment. They’ll be safer there, having Sansa’s help.
  • Theon and the Ironborn start sailing to Winterfell.


  •  Samwell tells Jon about the marriage proposal of Daenerys Targaryen. At first, Jon opposes the idea to marry with his own aunt. Sam implores Jon to think about the fate of Westeros. The North needs the support of Daenerys’s army and her dragons are essential for the creation of the Valyrian Swords.
  •  Jon finally agrees to travel to King’s Landing to meet Daenerys Targaryen together with the Northern Lords. He understands that they won’t be safe in Winterfell anymore.
Jon Snow and Arya Stark are reunited.

Episode 2: The Long Night


  • Jon, Samwell, Gendry, Arya, Nymeria, Brienne, Podrick and the Northern Lords prepare to leave the North to head south. Jon begs Bran to come with them, but Bran remains stubborn. He thinks that a Stark must stay in Winterfell. The last time he ran away, the Boltons stole Winterfell from them. Jon warns Bran of the threat the White Walkers bring, but Bran answers him that he has already faced the Night King.
  •  Brienne and Podrick bring Arya to the Vale, to her sister Sansa.
  • Gendry accompanies Jon and Samwell. Among the Northern Lords, we have Lyanna Mormont who’s become Jon most trusted advisor.


  • Arya, Brienne and Podrick are still on their way to the Vale. They notice how the climate has changed since they were there. Arya and co. arrive in the Eyrie. The two sisters are reunited.
  • Sansa and Arya talk about their mistakes in the past and forgive each other. Arya talks about her faceless training, which makes Robin Arryn laugh. He doesn’t see a warrior in such a small girl as Arya. Nymeria immediately dislikes Robin Arryn and when the direwolf starts to growl, Robin runs away.


  • Olenna Tyrell arrives in Horn Hill, where she meets with Melessa Tarly and Talla Tarly. Olenna offers her condolences to the two, but Melessa tells Olenna that they should have never sided with the Lannisters. Olenna tells Melessa that Cersei Lannister destroyed her House and that House Tyrell is nearly extinct. She realizes that she won’t live very long anymore and proposes to give the Reach to House Tarly if they side with Daenerys Targaryen.
  • Olenna offers the two a chance to join Daenerys’s army in the war against the White Walkers, because they can use all as many man as possible. Melessa accepts her offer.


  • An extreme winter storm takes place in the North. Bran asks Meera why she stayed with him in Winterfell, especially when it could result in her death. Meera tells Bran that she would never leave his side. Bran starts to kiss her.
  • Suddenly, Bran and Meera hear a smashing noise. They realize that the Army of the Dead try to break into Winterfell via the gate. Bran implores Meera to leave Winterfell immediately and to leave him behind. Meera tells Bran that she will never do that and that she would rather die with him.
  • The Wights manage to enter Winterfell. The Night King is also present among the Wights and tries to trace Bran Stark. Meera thinks that they both will die and pledges her love to Bran.
  • The Ironborn discover the attack and come to the aid. They help fighting the Wights. The Brotherhood Without Banners see what’s happening in Winterfell and decide to help them as well. Theon asks Thoros and Beric to bring the Starks to safety. He dies during the battle against the White Walkers, sacrificing himself for the Starks. The Ironborn are slaughtered by the Others. Unfortunately, Bran is being killed by the Night King. Thoros of Myr convinces Meera to leave together with them. Meera cries and tells Thoros that she’ll never leave Bran behind. She decides to take Bran’s body with her. The group flee Winterfell by horse, while it’s being destroyed by the Army of the Dead.
The Brotherhood Without Banners comes to the rescue.

Episode 3: The Wolf and the Dragon


  • Jon and co. arrive in King’s Landing. Jon meets Queen Daenerys Targaryen.
  • A Small Council takes place. Among them we have Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion, Varys, Olenna, Missandei, Grey Worm and Lyanna Mormont. The group talks about the things that are going on right now in Westeros. They realize that they need to work together if they want to survive. Daenerys really needs the support of the North and offers a pact in the form of a marriage.
  •  Jon informs the Small Council of his parentage, what causes a lot of surprise and misbelief. Lyanna ferociously supports Jon Snow against Olenna and Varys’s opinions. Jon tells them that he didn’t believe it himself at first, but it’s the truth. He was never interested in the Iron Throne anyway, even if he is the rightful successor. He only marries with Daenerys to save Westeros, not because he loves her. Daenerys remains his aunt after all.
  • Daenerys thanks Jon to agree with this (political) marriage and assures him that he made the right choice.


  •  The Brotherhood headed to the Riverlands to escape the Night King’s Army. Meera is still sad after Bran’s death and tells the group that his existence was vital to the survival of Westeros. She explains them that Bran had the ability to warg and to look into the past and the future.
  • Beric Dondarrion understands that they need Bran in the Great War. He’s willing to sacrifice himself to give his life to Bran Stark. He asks a reluctant Thoros of Myr to speak the words. Thoros doesn’t want to at first sight, but Beric keeps insisting.


  • Melisandre visits Jon Snow in the Red Keep. At first, Jon Snow doesn’t want her in his presence but Melisandre offers him some vital information about the victory against the Army of the Dead.
  • Melisandre tells Jon that the Lord of Light demands a great offer if they want to win against the Night King. He needs a gift of ‘Fire and Blood’, which means that Daenerys Targaryen would be the ultimate gift to the Lord of Light. She thinks that Daenerys isn’t the conqueror, but the savior.
  •  Jon Snow tells Melisandre that he’ll never commit such an atrocious crime and sends Melisandre away. Melisandre persuades him to look into the fire to see the truth himself. An astonished Jon looks into the fire..


  • Beric kills himself and Thoros does the usual ritual. Bran Stark opens his eyes and is reborn. He tells them that he has seen how they can save Westeros.


  • In King’s Landing, Samwell and Gendry talk about forging more Valyrian swords to fight the White Walkers. Gendry tells Samwell that he doesn’t know how to do that, but that he can try to reforge a new greatsword out of two smaller Valyrian swords.
  • The wedding of Daenerys and Jon takes place. Archmaester Marwyn marries Jon and Daenerys in the Red Keep, while the most important lords and ladies are present. Jon and Daenerys awkwardly consume their marriage. Both are still struggling to accustom themselves to their recent marriage.
Jon and Daenerys’s marriage takes place.

Episode 4: The Lord of Light


  •  Bran has woken up and realizes he has been brought back from the dead. Meera doesn’t know how to react to Bran’s resurrection. Thoros of Myr believes that the Lord of Light brought him back for a reason.
  • Bran asks the Brotherhood to bring him to the Vale, to his sister Sansa Stark.


  • Jon Snow, now officially King of the Seven Kingdoms, legitimizes Gendry Baratheon as the heir of Storm’s End.
  • Tyrion talks with Jon Snow. The two laugh about the fact how everything has changed since they have seen each other. Tyrion gives Jon ‘Widow’s Wail’, because it once belonged to Ned Stark. According to Tyrion, the sword should remain with the Stark family.
  • Olenna arrives in King’s Landing again and informs Daenerys and Varys about the pact with House Tarly. Daenerys thanks Olenna for her contribution.
  • Olenna Tyrell also talks with Samwell Tarly, informing him about his house’s involvement and their future position in the realm.


  • Bran and the Brotherhood arrive in the Vale. The two last Starks, Bran and Arya, are finally reunited.
  • Bran informs Sansa and Arya about the attack of the White Walkers on Winterfell. He also saw the dragons in King’s Landing as the ultimate weapon against the Army of the Dead. He urges Sansa to send someone to King’s Landing to help them before the White Walkers invade the Vale as well. Sansa sends Brienne and Podrick to King’s Landing, together with the Brotherhood.


  •  Jon and Daenerys finally start to appreciate each other. Jon keeps thinking about the things the Lord of Light had shown him into the fire.


  • Sansa sends word to Riverrun to ask her uncle Edmure for help. He has sworn to stand alongside the Starks during the Great War.
  • Brienne, Pod and the Brotherhood start their journey to King’s Landing.


  • A heavy snowstorm takes place in the Vale. Sansa realizes that they need help from Jon asap.


  • Brienne, Pod and the Brotherhood make a stop and light a fire. Suddenly, the group is attacked by some wights. Thoros of Myr burns his sword and fights the undead with his flaming sword. Podrick tries to save Brienne’s life at one point, but is killed during the process. Brienne goes insane and kills off many wights. She later mourns over Podrick’s dead body but the group has to continue their quest to King’s Landing.

    Winter at the Eyrie

Episode 5: As High as Honor


  • Samwell learns about Jon’s two Valyrian swords ‘Oathkeeper’ and ‘Widow’s Wail’ and asks him if he may reforge them back into one greatsword. Jon accepts his proposal.
  • Gendry indeed reforges the two swords into one greatsword and calls it ‘Fire’.


  •  Edmure Tully and his men arrive in the Vale. Edmure tells Sansa and Arya that he wouldn’t forget his family and promises to protect them during the Great War.
  • Arya tells Edmure that she was the one who killed Walder Frey. Edmure thanks Arya for bringing justice to his sister and nephew and to free him of his imprisonment.


  • Brienne and the Brotherhood arrive in King’s Landing. A small council takes place where Brienne pleads for help. Daenerys and Jon realize that the Night King won’t stop marching and that he’ll attack King’s Landing as well at one point.
  • Daenerys calls the banners. She asks Olenna Tyrell to call the Tarly and Tyrell army to let them march to the Vale. She heads back to the Reach. Jon also gathers his men, among them Lyanna Mormont, Lord Glover, Lord Manderly and Lord Cerwyn. Sam sends Gilly and the baby to Horn Hill, where they will be the safest.
  • Tyrion thinks it’s time to free the dragons and releases them out of the Dragonpit. He puts forward a plan to Daenerys: he thinks he’s ready to ride one of the dragons as well. ‘Fire’ is the only way to defeat the Army of the Dead.


  • Wights starts invading the Vale as well. Sansa and Arya order the Knights of the Vale to protect the Eyrie.
  • Robin Arryn wants to fight alongside the Lords of the Vale, even after they have persuaded him not to do so. Arya decides to join the battle, because they can need as many men as possible. Sansa, Bran and Meera stay inside the Eyrie.
  • Robin Arryn dies quite early in the process. The Knights of the Vale and the Tully forces are able to temporarily stop the attack of the Wights, but the fight isn’t over at all. Sansa and Arya realize that this was only a small bit of the Night’s King army and that they have already lost a great amount of soldiers.


  • Tyrell and Tarly men arrive in King’s Landing. Daenerys leaves King’s Landing temporarily in the hands of Archmaester Marwyn, Missandei, Varys, Melisandre, Samwell and Lyanna Stark
  • Melisandre tells Jon that they won’t stand a chance against the Night King as long as Daenerys is alive. Jon sends Melisandre away.
  • Daenerys and Jon prepare their men to march to the Vale. Daenerys speeches before the Dothraki and the Unsullied. Jon before the Northerners and the Southerners.
  • Gendry returns ‘Fire’ to Jon Snow as it belongs to him. Jon gives his Valyrian Sword ‘Longclaw’ to Jorah Mormont because it belongs to his House and Jeor Mormont would have been proud of his son right now. Jorah thanks Jon Snow for returning Longclaw to him.
  •  Samwell hands ‘Heartsbane’ over to Brienne. He thinks that Brienne is one of the best warriors and she only should yield him during the fight. Brienne is honored by Sam’s word. She and the Brotherhood start marching to the Vale. Grey Worm and Gendry leave for the Vale as well.
  • Daenerys leaves King’s Landing on the back of Drogon, Tyrion on the back of Rhaegal and Jon on the back of Viserion. Beneath them we see their army marching to the Vale.
The Great War is about to start.

Episode 6: A Song of Ice and Fire [extra long episode]


  • The fight looks more like a slaughter until Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion arrive in the Vale. Daenerys commands Drogon to spit fire, Tyrion tries to do the same thing. Jon still struggles to control Viserion and Bran realizes that. He successfully attempts to warg into Viserion.
  • Edmure Tully and the Tully forces keep trying to defend the Eyrie from the White Walker invasion. At a certain point, Edmure is stabbed to death by a White Walker.
  • The Night King arrives in the Eyrie together with his army of Wights. Sansa realizes that they won’t stand a chance against the Night’s King and that they are leading a suicide mission.
  • The Night King keeps bringing Wights into the battlefield. There are even undead giants and wights riding on giant ice spiders.
  • Due to the snow storm and high winds, the dragons have zero visibility. The White Walkers, who are immune to the dragon’s fire, continuously throw spears on Daenerys’s dragons. Rhaegal is the first to be mortally wounded and slowly fall downs. Daenerys urges Tyrion to hide inside the Eyrie. Rhaegal, who tries to save himself, is stabbed to death by an enormous amount of Wights.


  •  The army of Daenerys and Jon arrive in the Vale as well. A huge battle erupts. The army of the White Walkers outnumbers Westeros with 2:1. Brienne yields Heartsbane and fights ferociously. Arya Stark fights next to her side.
  • Jorah manages to kill off one of the White Walkers. Grey Worm command the Unsullied to fight the Wights. Jorah sees how another White Walker tries to kill off Daenerys. He hastens to the White Walkers and succeeds in killing him in time. He stares at Daenerys and at the same moment, he’s attacked by many Wights. Daenerys screams in agony when she sees Jorah dying after saving her life.
  • The White Walker army only seem to grow and the prospects for Westeros aren’t exactly positive.


  • Brienne is attacked by one of the White Walkers as well. Arya fights alongside Brienne and helps her during the fight. Brienne is able to kill off the White Walker.
  • The Night King doesn’t cease to bring in more and more Wights. Daenerys realizes how reduced her army is right now.
  • Grey Worm keeps fighting the Wights, but is killed off at one point. The White Walkers are managing to enter the Eyrie. Sansa, Tyrion, Meera and Bran start to realize that they have to get out of the Eyrie as soon as possible.
  • Daenerys faces the fact that her army is losing against the Night King and that they need to get out. She convinces Jon to mount Drogon with her and to get the others out of the Vale right now.
  • Daenerys (remaining Unsullied/Dothraki/Tarly and Tyrell forces) and Jon’s army (Northern Lords) retreat. Brienne, Arya and the Brotherhood try to bring Sansa, Bran and Meera to safety. Gendry who survived the battle as well, also returns to King’s Landing. Daenerys and Jon see on the back of Drogon how the Night’s King revives the dead people, including Jorah, Edmure and Grey Worm. The most frightening thing still has to happen: the Night King also revives Rhaegal, who now joins the Army of the Dead.


  •  Jon and Daenerys arrive first in King’s Landing. They tell Varys, Melisandre, Missandei, Marwyn and Sam that the mission was a big failure and that Westeros is doomed.
  • Melisandre talks to Jon in private. Jon tells Melisandre that he doesn’t know what to do anymore. The Night King now even has a Whight Dragon by his side. Melisandre tells Jon that there’s only one way to defeat the Night King.
  • At night, Jon calls for Daenerys to come to him and asks to bare her breast and to close her eyes. Daenerys doesn’t understand what Jon is planning to do, but she listens to him and bares her breast. Suddenly, Jon drives his sword into Dany’s breast. Daenerys cries of anguish and asks Jon why he betrayed her. Jon tells her that he didn’t have a choice if he wants to save the people of Westeros. Daenerys collapses and dies with tears rolling down her eyes.
  • Archmaester Marywn sees how Melisandre, being convinced that she has fulfilled her task, is leaving King’s Landing in her true form by night. Where she heads to is unknown…
Westeros vs. The Others

Episode 7: Winter is Over [double episode]


  •  In the morning, Varys is the first to discover Jon’s betrayal and asks Dany’s men to capture him.
  • Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Meera, Gendry, Brienne and the Brotherhood Without Banners arrive in King’s Landing. Varys informs them about Jon’s betrayal and brings together the Small Council. Tyrion thinks that Jon should be executed for his crime but Jon tells them that they should be concerned with another thing right now: the Night King is coming there way and if he doesn’t kill him, he will kill every living person in Westeros. Jon claims that he is the one to kill off the Night King with his sword ‘Fire’. It’s what the Red Woman had shown him into the fire. He has seen it with his own eyes. Varys angrily leaves the Small Council.
  • Daenerys’s remaining men feel betrayed and leave King’s Landing together to head back to Essos.
  • Gendry took Jorah’s sword ‘Longclaw’ with him and gives it to Jon Snow, as he doesn’t know to who it belongs right now. Jon Snow wants to give it back to Lyanna Mormont, because it should stay with House Mormont.
  •  Sansa and Arya implores Jon not to kill off the Night King, but Jon tells them that they won’t stand a chance otherwise. It’s the only way to save Westeros.
  • Varys, Missandei and Tyrion say goodbye to Daenerys Targaryen. Varys tells Tyrion that he had always believed in Daenerys. The only ruler who was fit to sit on the Iron Throne was assassinated in a cowardly way. Tyrion tells Varys that Melisandre might have been right after all. Perhaps it was necessary to offer Daenerys to save countless lives? Varys remains reluctant when it comes to belief.
  • Daenerys’s ashes are being buried where the Sept once stood. Drogon, who’s being kept in the Dragonpit again, mourns over the death of his mother and refuses to eat.
  • Bran’s starting to sense the Night King presence as it gets remarkably colder in King’s Landing. The ground is starting to freeze and inside the Red Keep it gets as cold as ice.
  • Bran warns the others about the arrival of the Night King and urges them to leave King’s Landing asap. The Wights indeed start take over King’s Landing as well.
  • Sansa, Arya, Brienne, Marwyn, Sam, Bran, Meera and Lyanna Mormont are the first to try King’s Landing in time. Tyrion and Varys also find out about the invasion of the White Walkers and Varys implores Tyrion and Missandei to leave King’s Landing right now. Varys hastens to the Red Keep to warn the others. The Northern Lords want to keep supporting Jon Snow even in the world’s darkest times. Jon tells Varys to get out of King’s Landing while he still can.
  • The White Walkers and their remaining army start invading King’s Landing. The two remaining dragons, Drogon and Viserion are released from the Dragonpit and fight the undead Rhaegal. Varys tries to catch up with the rest.
  •  The group of Sansa and co. is attacked by a White Walker at a certain moment. Brienne is able to save the others and kills off the White Walker. The group succeeds in leaving King’s Landing in time.
  • The people of King’s Landing desperately try to escape the city, but many are being slaughtered.
  • Viserion is killed by the undead Rhaegal. Drogon is finally able to kill off the undead Viserion, but is mortally wounded as well. A weak Drogon spits fire on as many wights as possible, but ignites the wildfire beneath the city in the process.
  • Jon and the Northern army face the Night King and the remaining White Walkers in the Throne Room. Many of the Northern Lords, among them Lord Glover and Lord Manderly, are being slaughtered by the White Walkers. Jon’s able to kill off the other White Walkers right until he and the Night King are being left. Jon, with his last ounce of strength, fights the Night King while the city is burning off.
  • Before the Red Keep goes up in the flames, Jon beheads the Night King with ‘Fire’ and dies within the Wildfire. Not only Jon but also Drogon is killed during the Wildfire explosion. The city goes up in smoke… The Iron Throne doesn’t exist anymore…



  • We see a view at King’s Landing where only ashes remain of the city. There’s no trace of life in the city any longer.


  • Archmaester Marywn arrives back in Oldtown. He orders the other Maesters to immediately send raven to the Great Houses of Westeros.


  • A raven is sent to the Vale: Winter is officially over and spring is returning to Westeros.
  • Sansa is proclaimed the Lady of the Vale and talks with her right hand, Brienne of Tarth, about marrying Gendry Baratheon to secure the position of House Stark. Brienne asks Sansa whether she has seen her sister since they have fled King’s Landing, but Sansa tells her that she doesn’t know where she went to.


  •  The news of Lady Olenna Tyrell’s death reaches Horn Hill. Lady Tyrell died of old age. Melessa Tarly tells her son that Lady Tyrell promised her that the Reach would go to House Tarly. Melessa wants her son to rule over the Reach, together with Gilly.
  • At first, Samwell doesn’t see himself as a capable ruler but Melessa assures him that he’s as intelligent as his father. His father only lacked something he does possess: kindness. Samwell accepts the offer and becomes the Lord of Horn Hill.


  • Tyrion and Missandei are seen laying in bed together. Both have fled to Casterly Rock during the Great War against the Night King. Tyrion and Missandei talk about Daenerys Targaryen. Missandei tells Tyrion that she will never forget that she has saved countless lives, including her own life.
  • Tyrion, being Lord of Casterly Rock, offers Missandei to marry her.
  • Varys suddenly shows up in Casterly Rock, much to Tyrion’s surprise. He would have never thought that the Eunuch would have survived. Varys tells him that eunuchs are too tough to kill.
  • Both talk about the fate of Westeros. There’s no king or queen any longer. Westeros is now being ruled by 7 rulers: Lady Sansa rules over the Vale and plans to marry Lord Gendry Baratheon who rules over Storm’s End. The Reach is being ruled by Randyll Tarly’s son, Samwell. Dorne remains independent and is ruled by the Sand Snakes. Casterly Rock is ruled by Lord Tyrion and Missandei. Winterfell is being ruled by Lord Bran Stark and Meera Reed. Edmure’s son with Roslin Frey will rule over Riverrun once he comes of age.
  • Varys thinks it’s for the better that the Iron Throne has been destroyed. In his lifetime, it only brought war and misery.


  • Bran orders his men to rebuild Winterfell. Meera notes that the weirwood tree in the Godswood has been destroyed as well. Bran tells Meera that he no longer needs to look into the past or the future. The only thing that matters now is the present together with her.
  • Bran is proclaimed as the Warden of the North and the Lord of Winterfell.
  • Bran asks Meera to bring him to the crypts. Bran visits his family: Ned Stark, Robb Stark, Rickon Stark, Lyanna Stark and of course Jon Targaryen. Bran placed Jon’s statue next to his mother, Lyanna, where he should be. Meera asks Bran about Arya’s whereabouts. Bran tells Meera that Arya would never be a Lady and that he’s certain that she’s surviving somewhere in this world.


  • Arya and Nymeria set sail on a ship to leave Westeros. This time for once and for good. When the captain asks Arya where he has to bring her, she tells him she wants to see the end of the world. She always wanted to know what’s west of Westeros.
  • The last shot is a smiling Arya Stark sailing to the edge of the world.
Arya sails to the end of the world. The end.

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