Top 20 Westworld characters of 2016 !

The results are in. The votes are counted. Which Westworld character can be considered as the very best character of Westworld? Which characters made the top 20? Let’s take a look at that! Be aware of spoilers! 

20. New Clementine Pennyfeather


This pretty host replaced the poor decommissioned Clementine Pennyfeather. She actually never could replace the former Clementine, but I can’t say I didn’t like her. Even for her limited screentime, she still made it to the top 20. The poor girl got throat slit by Maeve! I hope she’s alright, though.

19. Marti


Even though she appeared in only one episode (The Stray), she did make a lasting impression on  the viewers. Marti was an awesome guest in the park who decided to team up with Teddy. She wasn’t scared of some action but when the masked men of Wyatt were simply too strong to fight, she had to flee away. I hope to see you once again, Marti!

18. Angela


This super sexy host made it the top 20! Angela even has multiple stories to tell in Westeros, if you might have remarked that. Many years ago, she guided the guests to Westeros but nowadays she likes to keep up with the Man in Black and Teddy. Angela is certainly a mysterious character and we can’t exactly tell if she’s good or bad.

17. Peter Abernathypeter abernathy original host westworld.png

Louis Herthum was simply amazing in Westworld’s first episode! The actor truly deserves a nod for his dialogue with Dr. Ford. I have never seen such a convincing robot before. Mr. Abernathy got decommissioned rather soon. Too soon, if you ask me. Fortunately, the decommissioned Peter might play a key role now that Charlotte Hale has big plans to bring down Robert Ford for once and for good.

16. Charlotte Hale


After talking about this Charlotte Hale, here she is. She shines at the #16 spot, even though I thought she would have ended up a bit higher. Hale is a cunning, young businesswoman who goes very far in getting what she wants. She isn’t scared to clear everything and everyone that’s standing in a way. If this will get a good ending isn’t certain, though.

15. Theresa Cullen


In my humble opinion, I think she deserved a spot in the top ten at least. But it’s good that she made the top 20! Theresa was a strong and determined woman, whose job was of such importance for her that it literally killed her. Theresa ambition in bringing down Ford caused her own undergoing. Theresa wasn’t an interesting character in the first couple of episodes, but she still went out with a shocker! Her last scenes proved how good Knudsen can deliver. It made me realize that the show got rid of her way too soon.

14. Lee Sizemore


Lee is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea and honestly, I can understand that. He’s a prick and he can really work on my nerves at times, but he’s true to himself at least. I doubt whether Lee is really the bad guy in the end, but I have a bad feeling that he won’t last long. The chance of him dying increased considerably now that he secretly works together with  Charlotte Hale. Just think about what happened to Theresa..

13. Teddy Flood


Ah, this poor host didn’t make the top 10. Teddy isn’t very lucky, is he? He died so many times in the show, that I lost count. Teddy has a soft spot for Dolores, but his hatred toward Wyatt is what fascinates us the most. He’s got a mysterious past as well. I’m looking forward to find out what he really did to the little town. Did he really shot the people there? Was this why he got this miserably written loop? And what did he share with Dolores in common back then? We don’t have to wait too long to find out.

12. Lawrence / El Lazo


We saw multiple facets of Lawrence’s character. That’s what makes him so interesting. We first get to know Lawrence as a criminal being almost executed, before being saved by the MiB. Or was it really ‘saved’? The MiB let Lawrence suffer and kills his loving wife. We start to feel sorry for his character, especially after he got killed off by the Man in Black only to retrieve more answers about the Maze. But then we met ‘El Lazo’, another layer to his character. El Lazo is the treacherous leader of the Revolutionaries. He isn’t as modest as we thought he was, but he’s a great character nonetheless.

11. Old Clementine Pennyfeather


No one can replace good old Clementine. This kind host met a rather sad end, only to fulfill a part in Charlotte Hale and Theresa Cullen’s evil plan to bring Dr. Ford down. Clementine was Maeve’s best friend as the two always worked side by side. She also worked as a whore to send money to her family. The poor girl suffered a lot, but deep inside we all hope she’ll get her revenge. In some way.


10. Logan


He’s not the most friendly guy out there. Doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a bad character, though. Logan was introduced together with his friend William. The two are literally each other’s opposites. Logan is arrogant and full of himself, where William is less secure of himself and rather caring towards the hosts. Nonetheless, Logan is a skilled player of the game and knows his way in Westworld. He made it to the top 10…

9. Armistice


I am glad she made it to the top 10. This character has been terribly underused! Armistice is a strong female outlaw who’s desperately seeking revenge on Wyatt. She wears a snake tattoo on a body, which is painted red with the blood of her enemies. Only the head of the snake isn’t painted, which means she still has to encounter Wyatt. Armistice is a total badass and  I’d love to see more of her. She ends at #9!

8. Elsie Hughes

I didn’t think she would end up this high, but here we are! I don’t complain. Elsie is a nice and smart character whose ambition stretched a bit too far. Her investigations led to a big discovery, so she needed to be killed off before the secret could be revealed. Was she really killed off? We actually can’t confirm this, but if this is the case, then I’m really sad. Right before she got so fascinating, we lost her. A well-earned 9th place, Elsie!

7. Hector Escaton


He ends up a bit higher on this list than his companion Armistice. I’m cool with that. Hector is one of my personal favourite characters in Westworld. He simply doesn’t give a shit about being the bad guy and his arrivals in Sweetwater are always the very best! I only wonder, will we ever hear his awesome speech at the end of his massacre? Who knows ?!

6. William


Many speculate whether William is the Man in Black in the future. This theory still has to be proven correct, but proof is piling up. I still consider William as a separate character, though, until the theory is proven correct. William is the exact opposite of his companion Logan. Not until the last episode, he really stood up for himself and stopped being submissive to Logan. He seems to genuinely care for Dolores and is, just like us, interested to find out why Dolores is starting to become more conscious about her existence.

5. Dolores Abernathy


The real surprise on this list! I really thought Dolores would end up in the top 3 or so, but I like a good plot twist. We experienced Dolores character development very closely and she’s considered to be the main character in the show. Dolores is seeking answers to the questions about her existence. She feels like the real world is calling her and I can’t wait to see her escape Westworld. Whether the latter comes true is very questionable. Too bad she didn’t make the top 3!

4. Maeve Millay


According to the voters, Maeve Millay is the best female character in Westworld. I wished to see her even higher, but a spot in the top four is pretty cool. Maeve got an impressive storyline in the show and she’s the first host seeming to succeed in her plans up to now. Maeve is gathering an army to get out of Westworld. We will find out next episode if her plans come to fruition.


3. Bernard Lowe


This character received a mind-blowing development, which we didn’t saw coming. Bernard seemed to be an intelligent, good guy with a sad past. But when we found out that his whole existence was a lie, we felt more than only sorry for him. Bernard was one of the few people who really cared for the hosts, but now we understand why. Bernard still is a good guy and I’m glad he ended up this high.

2. Dr. Robert Ford


He almost earned the #1 spot, but the honor is for someone else. Still, he ended up extremely high as I expected him to be. Dr. Ford is played by veteran actor sir Anthony Hopkins and with someone of his reputation, I suspected Ford to become a great character. Hopkins was one of the main reasons I wanted to try out this show. One thing I didn’t regret. Good job, Dr. Ford! You well deserved the second spot.

1. The Man in Black 


Ow yeah! The Man in Black is awesome and even though we don’t know his name, he’s still the best character in Westworld. We got to know him as a pretty twisted guy, but in the end, his intentions might not be as bad as we thought they were. As you can read above, many suspect the MiB to be William. The theory still has to be proven right, though. We are heading toward the last episode and I’m sure that we will find out whether the MiB finally reaches his destination: the Maze. This rich board member is a longtime visitor and I hope he can maintain this high spot for an even longer time. Congratulations, sir whoeveryouare.

Word of thanks

For everyone who voted! Thanks for taking the time to vote! I hope you’ll all enjoy the season finale of Westworld. Hopefully you are all back to vote once again next year!

  • Thank you IMdB-members of the Westworld board.
  • Thank you Redditors of the subreddit r/Westworld.




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