Game of Thrones season 7 trailer #1 (analysis)

Winter is finally here! We have waited long enough to see the first trailer of season 7 and it didn’t disappoint. Season 7 is looking more expensive and epic than ever. Let’s break down the bunch of shots we received today. Don’t read further if you don’t want to be spoiled! 


  • This scene definitely takes place in the courtyard of the Red Keep. It seems like there are more men standing there. At least six men can be seen. Since there is a big map of Westeros laying on the ground of the courtyard, I assume they want to discuss war strategies there. Given the spoilers, we know that House Tarly allied themselves with the Lannisters. This could be Jaime Lannister, Randyll Tarly, Dickon Tarly standing among some soldiers there.


  • Cersei Lannister is approaching these men. Of course, our Queen wants to attend the war council as well. Is she wearing a winter’s coat? Hard to say so.


  • Grey Worm and the Unsullied reach Dragonstone for the first time. It seems like the Unsullied got new armour. The three dragons on the armour is a nice touch!



  • This table is from the war council in Dragonstone. Remember Stannis and Melisandre having sex right on the table way back in season 2. That’s the one. These first three shots indicate that Daenerys and Cersei are plotting war against each other.


  • Someone is cleaning a dagger. I think it’s the hand of a young girl. My money is on Arya Stark, after she has killed some more Freys at the Twins.


  • Another shot of Arya. This time she is travelling through the Riverlands after she has left the Twins.


  • Another look at the great map of Westeros in the Red Keep. This scene probably takes place earlier than the first shot of the trailer. Jaime and Cersei are trying to recreate an XXXL-sized map of Westeros to help them discuss war strategies, which will be necessary after Daenerys’s arrival.


  • Cersei during the war council in King’s Landing. Her black clothing proves that she’s darker and more evil than ever. She makes the attendants of the council sure that the Lannisters will clear everyone out of their way.


  • The next shot indicates that Cersei isn’t telling lies. The Lannister army marches to Highgarden to sack the city. The Lannisters need the resources to avoid more problems on their part.


  • We can see Jaime, Qyburn and the Mountain standing next to Queen Cersei. This might be an important event since they are all together. Do they receive someone important? Perhaps Euron Greyjoy?


  • Jaime’s looking quite concerned about Euron’s alliance. Euron wanted a marriage alliance with Daenerys but since that didn’t work out for him, he might try to get in favour with the Mad Queen. He could come up with the same proposal and we know that Jaime wouldn’t be too keen about that.


  • Cersei probably wouldn’t be delighted about Euron’s proposal either. They need a strong alliance anyway.


  • Tyrion enjoying the view of Dragonstone. I think this might be the first scene where they show us Drogon. Tyrion would want to spend a moment alone since he’s closer to attacking his siblings than ever.


  • What a breathtaking view and that’s before Drogon emerges. This scene could easily take place in the first couple of episodes.


  • Daenerys entering Dragonstone as well. Notice the big dragon head right before the gates. This is the first time that Daenerys enters Dragonstone in season 7.


  • Going back to the very place where you were born. It definitely makes Daenerys emotional.  Varys and Grey Worm are standing right next to her.



  • Daenerys touching the sand. Just like Tyrion, she’ll need a moment to retreat in silence and process the things that are happening to her. It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster for the Dragon Queen! She could never connect so closely with her family.


  • Daenerys in her Throne Room. Just like Cersei, she might receive an important visitor. Could it be Jon Snow? Or perhaps Melisandre?


  • Then the action starts right away! The Unsullied attack Casterly Rock.


  • It’s going to be a tough situation for the Lannister soldiers since Casterly Rock was quite abandoned. Grey Worm would probably lead the attack on Casterly Rock with the aid of Tyrion. It was Tyrion’s idea to have the Unsullied sneak into Casterly Rock via the entrance where he lured whores into.



  • A shot at Winterfell. Brienne has returned to Winterfell (probably at episode 1). The King in the North has gathered the Northern Lords to discuss how the North will be ruled. Sansa and Davos are definitely acting as Jon’s right hands


  • Littlefinger resumes his plan to turn Sansa against Jon Snow. Sansa could be watching how Jon is leaving Winterfell. LF might tell her that it’s the moment to finally act and take matter into her own hands.


  • The Gate of the Wall is opening for someone. Bran and Meera are probably standing before the Wall’s gate.


  • What a cool shot! Given that there’s a lot of fire in the scene, I think this shot takes place during the naval battle between Team Yara and Team Euron. Theon witnesses how his sister gets captured. Will he finally step up?



  • We can assume that Melisandre allied herself with Daenerys Targaryen. I can’t believe that Daenerys would want to welcome her into her team. We already know that Varys isn’t to keen on the Red Priests and besides, he has found out about Mel’s failures. Melisandre tells Varys that she’s leaving Westeros soon right before seeing Jon arriving in Dragonstone as well. How would Davos react to that? I don’t think Melisandre will get much screentime at all this season. This could be one of the few scenes she’s appearing in.


  • A shot from the wight hunt. Some free folk are entering Eastwatch-By-The-Sea.



  • Someone’s or something’s watching Arya Stark from a distance. Could this be Nymeria? From Arya’s facial expression, she might be quite surprised.


  • Another scene of the wight hunt. This shot could take place at the frozen lake. The weather conditions are very dire. White Walkers might be very close here. Among the 11 men are: Jon, Tormund, Jorah, the Hound, Thoros, Gendry, Beric. It looks like they are surrounded by wights.


  • Littlefinger after he has been put in his place by Jon Snow. Littlefinger won’t be happy about the way Jon’s treating him and start to turn more evil against the King in the North. Expect him to be the major antagonist in Sansa and Arya’s storylines this season.


  • Dothraki ambushing the Lannister and Tarly army. Hell yeah!



  • This scene probably takes place during the naval battle between Euron and his cousins. Expect a major loss on Yara and Ellaria’s part. This looks like a promising scene!


  • Daenerys and her Hand discussing the attack of Casterly Rock? Both aren’t looking very optimistic.


  • Some new armour for The Mountain! (His previous one got damaged anyway). This armour makes him really badass, though.


  • Hmm difficult to see. This shot suggests that soldiers are trying to sneak into somewhere close by a river or sea. My money’s on Ironborn entering a ship. Probably Euron’s men.


  • Jon pushing Littlefinger against the wall of the tombs beneath Winterfell. Littlefinger could tell Jon about his feelings for Sansa and I imagine that Jon doesn’t take that too well.



  • Another shot of Unsullied managing to entering Casterly Rock. This really looks like a promising battle.


  • Arya looking under her bed. Is someone trying to attack/kill her? Perhaps Littlefinger might want to get rid of Arya all the same.


  • Is this ser Jorah’s hand? It looks like someone with a serious condition of greyscale. I don’t think it’s a wight, though. Is Jorah finally getting a cure for his disease?


  • Dothraki ready to kill off some Lannister soldiers. I’m really looking forward to see this epic battle!



  • Jon and Tormund running away from some danger. Probably the Night King and his army. Jon is looking good in this wildling’s clothing.


  • Right before the attack on Casterly Rock, Grey Worm wants to say goodbye to Missandei. Maybe for the last time. Missandei seizes the opportunity to study Grey Worm’s trained body.


  • Another kind of boatsex! Yara and Ellaria Sand come across very well. This scene could well be happening right before the naval battle.


  • Daenerys pushing the lion statue. She’s ready to get rid of the damned Lannisters.


  • And so does she! Bronn and Jaime can barely escape Drogon’s wrath.


  • We are so ready for season 7! This last shot proves that we are getting at least one another Battle of the Bastards scaled episode. I’m definitely hyped.

Game of Thrones season 7 premieres July 16th. For those who wants to rewatch the whole trailer, here you are: 


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