The End is Here: Cersei Lannister’s endgame

Before season 8 starts, I will make an analysis of each character’s endgame. Today we will discuss Cersei’s endgame and how her last story will be told in the upcoming season.


  • There’s a reason why D&D left out Cersei’s miscarriage in the season finale. I don’t think they’re showing her miscarriage yet! They’re using it for the greater good. Her first scene would be together with Euron, who’s arriving in King’s Landing with the Golden Company. Euron will notice two things: Jaime gone and Cersei visibly pregnant. He would start asking questions. I don’t think Euron is stupid and he knows that Cersei’s only using him for her own good. He would want something in return now and with Jaime gone he wouldn’t wait longer. He has done a great deal in Cersei’s favour already: bringing her Ellaria Sand and her daughter, attack the Unsullied during their assault on Casterly Rock, ferrying the Golden Company to King’s Landing. Euron doesn’t want to lose more time and proposes Cersei to marry him right away. Cersei understands that she needs his alliance since she’s surrounded with enemies at all fronts. This time, Euron will stay a while in King’s Landing. Of course he will, who’s Cersei going to interact with otherwise? I’m sure he’ll bring Yara with him since it’s not a bad idea to remind the viewers of her whereabouts. Yara would be thrown into prison for the time being. This episode will mainly set up Cersei and Euron’s relationship for the rest of the season. Both are very wary of each other. The viewers can sense an imminent betrayal on both sides.


  • Episode 2 will explore Cersei and Euron’s relationship even more. One of the scenes we could get in episode 2 is a small council, now consisting out of Cersei, Euron, Qyburn and one of the leaders of the Golden Company. Qyburn would bring up that the Wall has fallen and the Night King would attack Winterfell first. Cersei and Euron won’t be sad about that, since all of their enemies gathered in Winterfell. It’s just wait and see for them now. Qyburn would also want to mention Jaime’s arrival with the stationed Lannister army in Winterfell as well. This news will certainly displease Cersei a lot, much to Euron’s delight. Cersei doesn’t want Jaime getting killed off after all. Another scene we could be getting in the second episode is the marriage between Euron and Cersei in a snowy King’s Landing. This scene could definitely mirror the marriage between Sansa and Ramsay, given the similarities between their marriage. A good thing that Cersei is pregnant right now so she doesn’t need to have sex with Euron. We will learn in episode 2 that Cersei still loves Jaime and that she’s trying to hide it for Euron but it’s too obvious that she’s lying. On the other hand, Cersei’s also shows a lot of hatred toward him. In her eyes, he still ‘betrayed’ her, though.


  • Remember that Theon Greyjoy is still out there planning to rescue his sister, Yara. According to Theon, Euron has turned tail and left to the Iron Islands. It would make sense for Theon to travel to the Iron Islands directly only to discover that no one is there. Euron will find out that his nephew has gone back to the Iron Islands to ‘attack’ him. Cersei will definitely try to convince Euron to sail his men to the Iron Islands to make him submit to his rule. With having Euron gone to the Iron Islands, she could start to plot against him and this is the ideal occasion. Why does she need Euron for at this point? Her army is being shipped to KL. Euron decides to leave eventually. He would take Yara with him to make Theon submit more easier. As for the fight at the Iron Islands, I think we’re in for a great character moment for Theon. Him and his men will definitely lose against Euron’s men but not without setting Yara free. Theon will die a heroic death, having his character redeemed at last. I can see this fight happening by the end of episode 3, though. With Euron being departed for the Iron Islands, Cersei can start plotting with Qyburn what she’ll do with Euron when he returns.


  • Euron Greyjoy and his men arrive back in King’s Landing after their victory. It’s not a pleasant return for Euron as Cersei has commanded the Golden Company to attack Euron’s army as soon as they set foot on King’s Landing. Euron’s army is destroyed quite quickly since the Ironborn are not as strong as the GC on land. A captured Euron is brought before Cersei and she lays her intentions bare. She admits to Euron that she only used him to get her army to King’s Landing and that she doesn’t need him anymore. She couldn’t stand him either way. Cersei would definitely choose to execute Euron and is delighted that she has gotten rid of him. At this point, she only has to deal with what’s left of her enemies’ forces and she understands that Daenerys and Jon will exact revenge on her for having betrayed them.


  • I do believe that this will be the ‘big action episode’ with Westeros fighting the Night King. I don’t think Cersei will appear in this episode, just as in previous season.


  • The war against the Night King has been fought and Westeros has won but not without having lost a great amount of their men. Daenerys is ready to take King’s Landing at this point. She will do that like her ancestors; on her dragon’s back. Of course, Tyrion and Jaime will try to convince Daenerys to not be queen of the ashes. Daenerys understands that Cersei wants to go to war with her and that she has prepared her massive army to fight Dany. Jaime asks Daenerys to let him talk to Cersei first, before attacking her. The reunion between Jaime and Cersei will definitely be heart-wrenching as we can see how much these characters do still love each other. Jaime indeed tries to make Cersei submit to Jaime but Cersei tries to do the opposite thing. She gives Jaime a last chance to redeem himself and wants him to fight for her and their baby or be executed. If that’s Cersei last word, then Jaime wants Cersei to have the Mountain execute him. Cersei, who went fully paranoid at this point, indeed orders to kill Jaime in front of her only to collapse after she realizes what she has done. Daenerys finds out that Cersei’s not submitting to her in any case and starts to attack King’s Landing with whatever is left of her army. During the fight, Cersei is visibly stressed out. Qyburn advises Cersei to rest since the baby can come any time soon and he’s right. Cersei’s water breaks way too soon. She’s being brought to her chambers by Qyburn who’s helping to put Cersei’s baby on the world. The baby is causing a lot of difficulties for Cersei and Qyburn states that he cannot save both of them. She has to either choose for her own life or the life of her baby. She decides to pull through and wants her baby child to survive. She wants Qyburn to keep her baby safe after Daenerys has taken King’s Landing. A very weakened and dying Cersei labours. She asks Qyburn if she can see her baby son before she leaves this world. She immediately recognizes the baby to suffer from dwarfism. She orders Qyburn to get the baby out of her sight and to let her die. This will be the end of our favourite villain, Cersei Lannister.  Just like Maggy the Frog predicted, a younger and more beautiful queen came to take everything away from her right before she dies…



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