Top 50 Game of Thrones Characters (2017 edition)

Another season passed by way too soon… Unfortunately, Game of Thrones is slowly coming to an end and with the final season looming ahead, it’s not a bad idea to count down the fifty best characters of our favourite television series. A big bunch of Game of Thrones characters went through a thrilling ride this season. Daenerys and Jon finally met each other and fell in love while Jaime and Cersei broke up and part ways. Sansa and Arya were reunited but struggled to accept each other past choices. We’re totally heading toward the endgame of Game of Thrones and it’s interesting to find out how the characters evolve each season and what characters truly stand out by the end of this epic series. This is 2017’s top 50 Game of Thrones characters.

Before we count down the 50 best characters of 2017, you might want to have a look at last year’s top five characters.

5 (12) Davos Seaworth

4 (3) Arya Stark

3 (4) Jaime Lannister

2 (1) Tyrion Lannister

1 (2) Jon Snow

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TOP 50 – 41 of 2017 (IT’S A MAN’S WORLD…)


We already start with a newcomer this year. It’s no one but Jeor (fookin) Mormont, ladies and gentlemen. The former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch wouldn’t want to return alive or dead to the Wall after the Night King had crossed it with his army of undead. On the other hand, he certainly didn’t deserve to be stabbed in the back by his own men. He was one of those few honourable characters that actually cared to save the people of Westeros from the doom that lied beyond the Wall. Leading his own expedition caused his downfall. Jeor Mormont has been brought up on several occasions in the seventh season and our voters haven’t forgotten him as well. The old bear opens our list at #50.

Jeor’s best moment: Jeor Mormont gives his Valyrian Sword, Longclaw, to Jon Snow in ‘Baelor’ 


Now we will begin the dance, the Braavos dance… Arya was introduced to Braavos way back in the very first season of Game of Thrones. Her interest in Braavos never ceased as she decided to travel to Braavos in season two. Arya’s no stranger to water dancing as she demonstrated to Brienne of Tarth last season what she’s capable of. She always hides a bit of Syrio Forel in her own character development. This First Sword of Braavos didn’t have a lot of screentime in Game of Thrones but managed to remain a fan favourite after many years. Some fans were even convinced that Syrio Forel was still alive one way or another as his death was never shown to the audience. His last words made an everlasting impression on us as viewers. ‘What do we say to death?’ ‘Not today.’ What a character he was… He may have been killed by a coward like Meryn Trant, he’ll always be a hero to us. Syrio Forel debuts this year at #49. Welcome in our list, coolest water dancer out there.

Syrio’s best moment: Syrio fights the kingsguard with a wooden sword and gives Arya time to escape in ‘The Pointy End’.


This list would be incomplete without the King Beyond-The-Wall so here he is. Mance Rayder does lose two spots this year, but still makes the fifty best characters yet. Ciarán Hinds did a remarkable job back in season three, four and five and brought Mance Rayder truly alive with his raw acting. Even though Mance made a lot of wrong choices throughout his life, we understand them and feel for this sympathetic character. He fought for freedom and safety for his people, even though he himself failed to provide those things to his people. He was a man of his word, promising us the biggest fire the North has ever seen. Funny is that Mance Rayder is a very honourable man, even when he’s about to die for his people and morals. Still, he broke his oath and got executed for it in the end. This tragic character well deserves a spot in our list and ends at #48 this year. We’ll end with one of my favourite quotes of him. ‘The freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted.’

 Mance’s best moment: Mance’s last conversation with Jon Snow before he’s executed by King Stannis Baratheon in ‘The Wars to Come’.


Look who’s back in our list… It’s Thoros of Myr! After last year’s absence, Thoros of Myr deservedly makes a return at #47. We all mourned our favourite Red Priest when he got killed off in the seventh season of Game of Thrones after being mortally wounded by an undead polar bear and freezing to death not much later. Ironic, isn’t it? A fire worshipper freezing to death. He was an inspiration to many people in the world of Game of Thrones, being a fearless fighter. The failed drunk priest didn’t fail to bring his friend Beric Dondarrion six times back to life. The Lord of Light believed that Thoros was there for a greater reason. Why wouldn’t he provide him with such powers otherwise? We wished to have seen more of him but that doesn’t take away that he did much with so little he got. He ain’t fooling anyone with that topknot. We happily welcome you back in our list, Thoros!

Thoros’s best moment: Thoros, the Hound and Beric Dondarrion seek shelter and look into the flames to find out that they’re there for a reason in ‘Dragonstone’.


One of Game of Thrones finest actors is Michael McElhatton. I don’t think anyone would disagree with me. Roose Bolton did appear as a sympathetic character in the second season, but after his monstrous betrayal during the Red Wedding we couldn’t help but hate his character. Roose Bolton came across as a cunning and excellent strategist, seeming to be loyal to House Starks. He truly was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He did make one big mistake in the end, though. He underestimated his greatest rival out there, his own bastard son, Ramsay. Roose fully deserved to suffer a tragic fate, mirroring the death of his own king he killed. Some may believe he was poisoned by his enemies, but we know better. Lord Bolton will always appear to us as one of those evil, mysterious character. A true player of the Game of Thrones. He loses six spots and ends at #46 this year.

Roose’s best moment: Roose trolling Jaime about the fate of his sister/lover in ‘Kissed by Fire’.


Podrick Payne finally (!) enters our list. How many years did we wait for this moment to happen? This gifted young man is one of the most kind-hearted and loyal characters in Game of Thrones. He has been the silent counterpart of Tyrion Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. Lately, he’s become no more than a background character who’s providing comic relief to the viewer but I do think they’re keeping him alive for a more important reason. Perhaps it’s for his magic c*ck? Who knows? His training with Brienne of Tarth will pay off in the final season as he’ll certainly face the Army of the Dead. It might not be very clear what’s in store for our Pod, but we do look forward to learn his endgame. As for now, he makes his long-awaited entry at #45. Thanks for voting for Pod.

Podrick’s best moment: Podrick’s saying goodbye to Tyrion as Tyrion calls Podrick the most loyal squire that ever lived in ‘Breaker of Chains’.


One of the most anticipated appearances in Game of Thrones’s seventh season certainly was Rhaegar Targaryen’s. Rhaegar might have had no more than 10 seconds of screentime, he’s one of the most influential characters in the series. The biological father of Jon Snow caused a lot of trouble by ‘abducting’ Lyanna Stark and marry her in secret. It wasn’t a horrifying story in the end, but a tragic love story between two people whose houses rivalled one another. Who else got ‘Romeo and Juliet’ vibes from this story? I must admit when I saw Rhaegar Targaryen’s marriage with Lyanna finally revealed in Game of Thrones tears were streaming down my face. What a bittersweet revelation it was. I do hope we’ll get some more Rhaegar scenes next season as he’s certainly one of the most interesting characters we know so little about. Rhaegar Targaryen enters the list at #44. 

Rhaegar’s best (and only) moment: Rhaegar’s secret but sincere marriage to his greatest love, Lyanna Stark in ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’


This terrifying character doesn’t climb one spot this year and he won’t be happy about it. The Night King finally got his screen time extended last season and showed even more of his evil nature. The moment he killed off poor Viserion, he truly became one of those villains we’re wishing a tragic death upon. The Night King might be a victim at the hands of the Children of the Forest, he’s certainly the biggest threat to any character in Game of Thrones alive. His arrival has been warned since the very first moment in Game of Thrones, so we do realize that he’ll be one of the main ‘evil’ players in the endgame. Since he’s breached the Wall, he can begin to invade Westeros with his huge army of undead men, giants and even dragon. To be honest, him flying on undead Viserion was somewhat epic to see. I’m really holding my breath until next season because I’m sure the ravage he’ll bring Westeros will devast us as viewers.

Night King’s best moment: The Night King shows off his epic powers to Jon Snow and resurrects a massive army of undead freefolk in ‘Hardhome’.


Another great character makes the top 50 and this makes me happy, even though he loses five places this year. Brynden Tully or famously nicknamed ‘Blackfish’ didn’t appear in many scenes, but he was a force to be reckoned with. He had lots of great and witty lines and the actor, Clive Russell, did an outstanding job with the little screen time he got. I’m certain most of you wished to see him survive in Game of Thrones and support the Starks during the Battle of the Bastards. I still believe he would have made a better ex-machina than the Knights of the Vale. Sadly, the Blackfish’ premature end didn’t stole that moment away from us. He was great in his final scene, though. It wasn’t out of character to have him fight for his family house but it was a wrong discussion to not show one of the most legendary fighters final fight. Brynden Tully ends at #42 this year.

Brynden’s best moment: The Blackfish confronts Edmure Tully about his ‘victory’ and puts his nephew in his place in ‘Walk of Punishment’.


Every year, Khal Drogo proves us that he hasn’t been forgotten among fans. This grey character certainly wasn’t a fan favourite during the first episodes of Game of Thrones but when he received Daenerys’s respect and vice versa, we started to care for Drogo. He was a strong fighter, perhaps even one of the strongest fighters the show has ever known. This Dothraki leader was Daenerys’s first lover and lasted an everlasting impression on her. The Dothraki are back with full force since season 6 and never ceased to impress us with their battle scenes. The best Dothraki character is Drogo and I’m certain that will never change. Unfortunately, Drogo loses quite some spots this year. He has been lower in this list in 2015 (46th place), so it’s definitely not his worth position. Let’s hope he’ll climb somewhat higher next season. When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east… We won’t forget you, Khal Drogo.

Drogo’s best moment: Khal Drogo promises that Daenerys shall sit on the Iron Throne before the Mother of Mountains and that their son will be the Stallion that Mounts the World in ‘You Win or You Die’


TOP 40 – 39 of 2017 (TO THE WALL AND BACK)



Exactly like Khal Drogo, Edd loses six spots this year. Edd’s role in the seventh season certainly was a bit of a letdown since he only appeared for like 30 seconds or so. This character definitely survived much longer than we anticipated and we don’t complain about it. He’s proven to be a kind and down-to-earth Jon loyalist and he gave us one of the best humoristic scenes throughout the series. Remember that gaze of him when he watched Tormund flirting with Brienne. That’s brilliant acting by Ben Crompton. We wish to see a bit more of Edd next season, although the current circumstances predict anything good. Jon’s prophetic words did come true, though. The Wall was knocked down when he was gone. Let’s hope poor Edd does survive the imminent Long Night. For now, he ends at #41.

Edd’s best moment: That epic moment when Edd commands men of the Night’s Watch to drop the scythe in ‘The Watchers on the Wall’.


A man is not pleased.. A man has lost four place this year. Jaqen H’ghar is slowly losing his popularity, but certainly isn’t forgotten among fans. He has got to be one of the most mysterious characters in Game of Thrones. We know so little about him that we even can’t say for sure if Jaqen H’ghar is one person or not. This faceless man trained Arya Stark to become faceless as well, even though she never finished her training course. Have we seen the last of the Faceless Men and more especially Jaqen H’ghar? I doubt so. His storyline was somewhat repetitive and disappointing in season six, but this man really keeps intriguing us in many ways. Jaqen H’ghar ends at #39 this year.

Jaqen’s best moment: Jaqen H’ghar meets up with Arya Stark, gives her an Iron Coin of the Faceless Men and tries to convince her to come to Braavos with him in ‘Valar Morghulis’.


 The greatest swordsman the Game of Thrones universe has ever known absolutely deserves a spot among the fifty best characters, isn’t it? Arthur only appeared for four minutes in this show but look at the influence he got on fans. The sword fight against Ned Stark, Howland Reed and co. really was one of the best fight scenes we got to see in Thrones. His epic fighting style made the character even better. This honourable fighter didn’t receive the justice he deserved and got stabbed in the back by Howland Reed and later on finished by Ned Stark. Arthur Dayne will always be remembered as one of the most legendary fighters and we keep hoping to see more of him in future spin-offs. He loses two spots this year and ends at #38.

Arthur’s best (and only) moment: Arthur showed what he’s capable of during the epic sword fight against Ned, Howland and co and even wields two swords in ‘Oathbreaker’.


Last year, Bran Stark was the biggest climber of 2016 and climbed an impressive twenty-three spots higher. This year, it’s a bit of the other way around. He goes back thirteen spots and ends at #37, not belonging to the thirty best characters anymore. The reason is a bit obvious in my book. Just like Meera Reed told him in the seventh season, he died in that cave. Bran lost a lot of his human side after he became the Three-Eyed Raven. He’s basically a walking all-knowing source, having access to information from the past, present and even the future. He’s an extremely important character and he’ll have a big part to play in the endgame of Game of Thrones. Still, we miss the characteristics that made Bran, Bran. He’s merely becoming a source of information so his character doesn’t develop any further any more, which is quite sad. Nonetheless, I’m curious to find out what will happen to Bran in the final season. At least, Bran doesn’t have to wait to find out..

Bran’s best moment: Isaac Hempstead-Wright was outstandingly good during the beheading of Rodrik Cassel in ‘The Old Gods and the New’.


‘Hold the door’ will never have the same meaning anymore since Hodor’s tragic death back in season six. Unfortunately, this sweet giant loses four spots on our list this year. Even in death, Hodor chooses to stay close with his best friend Bran, even ending a spot ahead of him. Ever since last year, Hodor hasn’t left the list of fifty best characters and I think he never will since such he was given such an iconic death. The man didn’t have many words, but we were all emotionally so invested in him we’re still not over the man’s death. That alone does make Game of Thrones a remarkable show. Hodor or Wylis ends at #36 this year.

Hodor’s best moment: Hold the door… Hold the door… Ho-door… Hodor… in ‘The Door’



Finally, we meet the first woman in our list and who better than Lyanna Mormont, really? This little lady is as sharp as a razor and doesn’t mince her words, to anyone. She was one of the most acclaimed new characters of last year, even entering the list very highly at #22. Lyanna appeared in a few scenes this season, giving her opinion on the current issues of the North. We’re now awaiting a reunion between her and Jorah Mormont for next season. How would Lyanna react to the return of her uncle? I don’t think she’ll welcome him with open arms. Whatever the case, we’re in for more fun Lyanna Mormont, the youngest feminist Game of Thrones has known so far. Miss Mormont ends at #45 this year, losing 13(!) this year.

Lyanna’s best moment: Lyanna’s emotional and sincere speech when Jon was proclaimed King in the North in ‘The Winds of Winter’.


The first climber of this year is Euron Greyjoy and it’s no surprise. His character was somewhat dull and unauthentic in season 6, but did he return with a vengeance this season. His scenes with Queen Cersei and Jaime were providing some comic relief in King’s Landing and his moves were quite smart and unpredictable. Euron has a greater plan up his sleeve and he’s convinced that he shall be king of the Seven Kingdoms rather soon or late. We’ve seen how dangerous and bloodthirsty Euron can be when he killed the Sand Snakes and captured Ellaria, Tyene and Yara. Everyone knows Euron isn’t a reliable ally and Cersei might realize this as well. We hope she’ll stop him before it’s too late. Euron had a remarkable, interesting season and Pilou Asbaek really took the role for granted. He climbs seven places this year and ends at #34. What is dead may never die!

Euron’s best moment: Euron released the kraken, showed his strength at sea to Yara and Ellaria and turned Theon back into Reek for a glimpse in ‘Stormborn’.


One of the strongest actresses on the show was Michelle Fairley and I still miss her after many seasons. Her character may have made a lot of many decisions throughout her life, the love she shared for her children made her such a sympathetic character. In the end, all Catelyn wanted was to be reunited with her children. The Lannisters took everything away from her: her husband, her daughters, her oldest son. The most heartbreaking moment was when she realized she had lost everything and couldn’t care about living anymore. We’ll never forget the horrifying look on her face during the Red Wedding and of course that last scream of her. Catelyn still goes strong this year and remains a beloved character. She remains at #33 this year.

Catelyn’s best moment: Catelyn’s conversation with Talisa about Jon Snow was heartbreaking and so well-acted by Michelle Fairley in ‘Dark Wings, Dark Words’.


The night is dark and full of terrors, old and ancient Melisandre. We didn’t see her much in season 7, but her story isn’t over yet. Melisandre promised Varys last season that she’ll return to Westeros, one last time. We know that she’ll die next season but the circumstances are still a mystery to us. Will she be executed for her past mistakes? Or will she actually perish during the Great War? We don’t know that yet. Melisandre always remains, together with Jaqen H’ghar, the most mysterious duo in the show. We got to see a more human and fragile side from Melisandre since the last few seasons. She’s slowly becoming a good character, although we won’t ever forgive what she has done to Renly and poor Shireen. Melisandre loses one spot this year. Hopefully she’ll be back with full vengeance next year.

Melisandre’s best moment: Melisandre removes her necklace and shows a glimpse of her most fragile and vulnerable side to the viewers in ‘The Red Woman’.  


No man was kinder, or gentler or kinder. True spoken words by Samwell Tarly. Maester Aemon really was one of the kindest Game of Thrones characters out there, always giving his wisest council to those who sought help from him. I am glad Aemon got a peaceful death, dying of old age. On the other had it’s so sad that he lived to see own family being brutally murdered and that he realized that the only living Targaryen lived miles and miles away from him. In reality, he never got so close to his family in Castle Black. Too bad, he won’t ever find out about Aegon Targaryen. He would be proud of him and his family. We will always remember Maester Aemon when we speak of the Night’s Watch. Peter Vaughan truly brought this character alive and lives on in Aemon’s character forever. Maester Aemon loses two spots this year and ends at #31.

Aemon’s best moment: Aemon reveals to Jon his true identity and tells how much the death of his family members affected him in ‘Baelor’.




A year ago, she was the biggest loser in our list losing fourteen spots. Ygritte shows she hasn’t been forgotten among fans and gains back nine spots this year. Perhaps Jon’s recent relationship with Daenerys made us think back of this time that he got a relationship with Ygritte which was really one of the most intimate and tragic love stories in Game of Thrones yet. Ygritte has become a part of Jon Snow and just like Khal Drogo had a huge influence on Daenerys, Ygritte changed Jon for good. The wildling went down fighting for freedom and died in the arms of her lover. We couldn’t imagine a more bittersweet death for her. Ygritte ends at #30 this year.

Ygritte’s best moment: Ygritte doesn’t want to say goodbye to Jon and shoots him with arrows, having them missed on purpose in ‘Mhysa’.  


He was one of the very first characters that we grow to hate from the first episodes on. There wasn’t anything good to tell about this boy, although Joffrey made some smart remarks like preventing Daenerys from gaining more power way back in season three when nobody cared about ‘curiosities beyond the Narrow Sea’. He was an unredeemable prick and nobody really cared for his death but his mother Cersei. Many were even relieved that he died. Jack Gleeson, the actor, on the other hand, did a terrific job bringing this evil Joffrey alive. Joffrey was certainly one of the best evil guys in Game of Thrones and he still isn’t forgotten among the fans. We loved to see Joffrey go, but we were saddened to have the actor leave the series. Joffrey remains one of Game of Thrones’s best characters, even climbing one spot at #29.

Joffrey’s best moment: Joffrey Baratheon showed his truly evil side and became one of the most hated character after he ordered Ned Stark to be executed in ‘Baelor’.


Another honourable and legendary fighter among this list is Barristan Selmy and he’s still going strong here. Barristan didn’t have the epic death scene everyone hoped for but his character brought us a handful of epic scenes we’ll never forget. Barristan Selmy lived his life to serve his king, but never got to serve a king or queen he actually believed in. That was until he met Queen Daenerys Targaryen, a person he actually cared for and believed in. He even told her some stories about her brother Rhaegar, whom he really appreciated. Just like Daenerys, we were very upset to see him go. This year, ser Barristan loses one spots and still maintains a strong position right at #28.

Barristan’s best moment: Barristan is dismissed by King Joffrey and Cersei but still manages to quit like a boss in ‘The Pointy End’.


Your House will disappear.. Your name will disappear.. All memories of you will disappear.. Sansa’s words didn’t really come true, though. He still is doing quite well in our top fifty best characters. Ramsay is, in my opinion at least, the worst Game of Thrones character to date. His death was thus the most satisfying one, alongside Joffrey and Walder Frey. He didn’t exit without leaving an everlasting mark on his victims like Sansa and Theon. Both became in their way stronger under his torture and are still alive and kicking, unlike Ramsay. Ramsay Bolton did kill a lot of characters himself, just think of Osha, Roose Bolton, Walda Frey and Rickon Stark. We couldn’t wish death sooner upon this monstrous character. Ramsay does lose two spots this year, still kicking this list at #27.

Ramsay’s best moment: Iwan Rheon brought us one of the best acted and most satisfying TV-deaths ever in ‘The Battle of the Bastards’.


Bow you shits, Bobby B is here (and how)! Robert Baratheon makes an impressive ‘comeback’ in our list after almost disappearing last year. Robert loved whoring and hunting in his last days and the last one caused his death, although his ‘loving’ wife played a part in it as well. Robert Baratheon definitely wasn’t the worst king Westeros has known but he wasn’t the most pleasant man to keep company with. His hatred toward the Targaryens was a bit too much if you ask me. Are the Baratheons all gone from the world? Perhaps Gendry might have a last part to play in the war to come, honouring his father’s house. Daddy B would be proud of his son. Sixteen spots higher this year and Robert Baratheon ends at #26.

Robert’s best moment: Robert’s honest and somewhat awkward conversation with Cersei Lannister in ‘The Wolf and the Lion’.



Last year, he made his long-awaited arrival in our list at #44 and look where he stands this year! Another huge climber next to Robert Baratheon is Beric Dondarrion and that’s no surprise to be honest. Beric had a larger role to play in the most recent season, fighting alongside Jon and co. against the Army of the Dead. Beric is here for a reason, as he stated himself. He has been brought back by Thoros of Myr, a character that’s no longer with us. I don’t see him surviving the series but I do think he’ll have an important role to play in bringing down the Night King. Why would the Lord of Light want to keep him alive for so long? Beric Dondarrion did have a questionable fate in his last scene this season. So we have to wait quite some time to find out whether he survived or not. Let’s hope for the best. I still want to see this epic character fight the dead with his flaming sword. Beric Dondarrion climbs eighteen (yes, nineteen!) spots and ends in the middle, at #25.

Beric’s best moment: Beric Dondarrion fights with Sandor Clegane during the latter’s trial by combat in ‘Kissed by Fire. 


He makes a small step forward, but he goes forward at last. Ser Friendzone has been cured successfully, thank the gods and is still among the living after the seventh season of Game of Thrones. His wish may never come true, but he still doesn’t give up serving Daenerys Targaryen. We can easily forgive him for his mistakes in the past and could call him an honourable man, even though that’s not entirely true. There’s no better man in the world than Jorah the Andal to pronounce ‘Khaleesi’ so rough and yet so epic. And he was rocking his new armour this season! We hope Daenerys’s promise come true and Jorah will indeed by next to her side if she rules the Seven Kingdoms. Until that time, Jorah is taking a steady position right at #24.

Jorah’s best moment: That heart-breaking moment when Jorah decides to leave Daenerys Targaryen to not bother her with his disease but she commands him to find the cure in order to be back with her it is in ‘The Door’.



Ouch.. Not so good news for our favourite spider, Lord Varys. Unlike other seasons, Varys has a disappointing storyline this season and not much stuff to work with. His character was reduced to Tyrion’s sidekick, when he was so much more in previous seasons. Still, he remains one of my favourite characters thanks to Conleth Hill’s amazing portrayal. Varys may have been a less sympathetic character in the first seasons, that has entirely changed since he chose to side with Daenerys Targaryen, a Queen he truly believes in. His true motivations might lie with the common folk but we will certainly find out next season if that’s entirely true. Sadly, Lord Varys has lost some fans and votes and loses eleven spots, disappearing from the best 20 characters after having his position secured for this year. Perhaps next season will be a better one for Varys and we’ll see him back where he belongs. For now, he ends at #23 this year.

Varys’s best moment: Varys tells Tyrion about the reason why he lost his manhood and how exacted revenge after all those years in ‘And Now His Watch Is Ended’.


The former King in the North does lose one spot this year, unfortunately. Ever since 2016, Robb Stark is slowly losing popularity but we can’t call the 22th position a bad spot. It’s quite the opposite. Robb Stark was a Stark by all means. He was honourable and loyal, but not so true to his word as his father was. That one mistake cost his head, literally. The Young Wolf might be young forever, he did have an emotional time on Game of Thrones and one of the worst character fates. He died in much pain and agony, together with his mother. The Red Wedding isn’t a celebration we’d like to think back at. Young Robb Stark ends this year quite well at #22 and he deserves it.  

Robb’s best moment: Robb Stark is proclaimed King in the North in an epic scene in ‘Fire and Blood’.


This one makes me sad… Margaery Tyrell no longer belongs to the top 20 best characters of Game of Thrones this year. Margaery arguably was one of the best queens that ruled the Seven Kingdoms. Being groomed by one of the best, her grandmother Olenna Tyrell, Margaery also cared for the common folk and always found a way to make the best out of a situation. Trouble really started from season five on, right after Tywin Lannister died. Cersei Lannister no longer saw a reason to stop the Tyrells from increasing their power and started to bring them down eventually. Margaery got imprisoned, tricked the High Sparrow into believing that she converted herself and the king to the pious believers of the Faith. In fact, Margaery was pulling all the strings and was winning the Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, Cersei used an inhumane way to get rid of everyone that tried to put her in checkmate. Our golden rose ends gracefully at the 21th place.

Margaery’s best moment: Margaery played Joffrey like a fiddle and profiled both of them as capable and beloved leaders to the common folk during ‘And Now His Watch Is Ended’.





BEST CHARACTERS.032.jpeg                                                                                                   

Here are the twenty best characters of 2017… And I am glad she’s part of it. I could talk for hours about my love for this woman and I am very glad to see her gaining popularity this year. Olenna Tyrell started out as a funny, witty character and fully changed into a broken, but still sharp lady. Her story is quite tragic but she still managed to get the upper hand of almost everyone in any conversation. Olenna was a remarkable strong force in the show and stole every scene she was in thanks to Dame Diana Rigg’s terrific acting skills. I always wished that she was able to avenge her family herself, but unfortunately she never got the chance to. After all those great scenes, Olenna even won her own death scene. Only the Queen of Thorns could do that. She deservedly ends at #20 this year.

Olenna’s best moment: Olenna gets a painless death by Jaime Lannister but not before admitting that she killed his son in a gruesome way in ‘The Queen’s Justice’


Way back in 2015, he ended at #42 and look where he ends this year! He wasn’t a very popular character back then, but since season 6 we all grew to care for Samwell Tarly. He is the kind of person Westeros need in order to be saved from the doom that’s coming upon them. Samwell tried to learn more about defeating the White Walkers and to convince the Citadel to undertake action. He failed to convince them, but received a lot of important information. He discovered a mountain of dragonglass in Dragonstone, he cured ser Jorah from greyscale and he found out about the secret marriage between Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Samwell is, without a doubt, one of the most important and vital characters in Game of Thrones and his role will certainly get expanded in the final season. Could he ever make the top ten best characters? We’ll find out next year. For now, he ends very well at #19.

Sam’s best moment: Samwell and Bran put the pieces of the puzzle together and learn that Jon Snow is the true heir to the Iron Throne in ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’.


The Lady of Winterfell stays right where she is, at #18. You don’t hear me complaining. Sansa Stark had one of the most interesting arcs in Game of Thrones, changing from a naïve girl to a strong-minded lady. Her view upon the world of Game of Thrones changed drastically throughout the years and she had no choice then to change it. She was forced to marry the sadistic Joffrey and Ramsay, she got manipulated by better players like Littlefinger and Tywin Lannister, but in the end she learnt a lot from her past. Sansa Stark is starting to receive the respect she deserves and I’m very happy about that. Her reunion with her sister Arya was one of her main plotlines last season and it was a struggle to accept how much they both changed. In the end, they realized that they need each other if they want to survive the coming winter. How beautiful… Sansa ends at #18.

Sansa’s best moment: Sansa becomes a vital player of the game and exacts revenge on the man who manipulated her since she was a child in ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’


It’s been a few years that Stannis Baratheon is no longer with us, but he certainly isn’t forgotten yet. Stannis was one the best grey character the show has had. He definitely wasn’t a bad guy as he cared for the threat beyond the Wall and was the only person to save the Night’s Watch during their war against the wildlings. He did make many mistakes in the past that couldn’t be forgiven and he got rightfully punished for them. Stannis himself accepted his fate and realized he had lost everything thanks to his lust to power. Stannis Baratheon was a man with an iron will and went way too far to achieve his goals. I wonder what choices he would have made if Melisandre’s didn’t keep him company. I guess we never know. Stannis loses two spots this year and ends at a respectable 17th position, being the best Baratheon character the show had ever had.

Stannis’s best moment: Stannis Baratheon saves the day and comes to the rescue to help the Night’s Watch win the war against the King-Beyond-The-Wall in ‘The Children’.


He keeps climbing! It’s unbelievable. After a climb of seventeen steps last year, Tormund keeps going forward in our list ending at #16 this year. This ginger wildling wasn’t a fan favourite in his first season, but as the series progressed, we started to like this guy more and more and now we can imagine Game of Thrones without him anymore. Tormund provides, together with Sandor Clegane, the best kind of humour in the show. D&D should really think about a spin-off series where Tormund and The Hound decide to travel around Westeros. I never thought to see Tormund in season eight, the final season, but here we are. His last scene didn’t predict anything good but this character is way too epic to not get a memorable death on-screen. I doubt we have seen the last of Tormund Giantsbane. After all, he needs to make a lot of babies with Brienne of Tarth. Tormund ends at #16 this year.

Tormund’s best moment: Tormund’s funny conversation with the Hound during their mission in ‘Beyond the Wall’.




Brienne’s certainly one of the strongest female character in Game of Thrones, literally and figuratively speaking. Brienne didn’t have a memorable storyline in season 7, so it surprises me to see her climbing on our list. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to see this strong character popularity increasing still. It’s also funny to see her right above Tormund. Fate brought them together! Brienne’s endgame isn’t very obvious and it looks like she’s right in the middle of a love triangle. The most honourable woman in Westeros definitely deserves a high spot in the list of best characters and I’m glad to tell you she made the fifteen best characters of this year. She deserves so for keeping her oath to Catelyn Stark after all those years. Brienne of Tarth ends at #15.

Brienne’s best moment: Brienne of Tarth fights for Arya in an epic battle against the Hound in ‘The Children’.


Entering the fifteen best Game of Thrones character, at last. Here’s Theon Greyjoy. Theon Greyjoy had a remarkable ride throughout the series. He had the best character development in my opinion, although he was underused this season. Theon suffered immensely in Game of Thrones, even suffering the worst fate of any character now that his sister is abducted and maybe tortured as well. Theon is slowly finding his identity underneath the burden again and found the strength to motivate his men to rescue Yara from Euron. If Theon manages to free Yara and make it out alive is an open question. If this is Theon’s true endgame, then I doubt all three of them are going to survive the rescue attempt. Theon is undoubtedly a very well-written character and I am looking forward to the final conclusion of his arc. This year, he climbs three spots and ends at #14.

Theon’s best moment: Alfie Allen’s facial expressions when he turned into Reek again after Yara got captured by Euron in ‘Stormborn’.


Exactly like his protégée Sansa Stark, he stays right where he is at #13. Thirteen may be an unlucky number and so was Littlefinger’s fate this season. He tried to set up Sansa Stark against her sister but he got killed off in his own web of lies. Petyr Baelish was an exceptional character, gaining more and more influence each season. He kept using Sansa to gain more power but like he once stated himself, knowledge is power. Bran has become a source of knowledge, so it was a lose-lose situation for Petyr Baelish since he plotted so much in secret and behind everyone’s back. Was he really in love with Sansa or was that just another lie of him? Only Petyr knows. He ends at #13 this year.

 Littlefinger’s best moment: Petyr Baelish gets trapped in his own web of lies and can’t find a way to escape justice anymore in ‘The Wolf and the Lion’.


The one and only Martell in this list is Oberyn Martell and what a character he was. Oberyn only survived one season of Game of Thrones but his character brought us so many unforgettable moments. The way Oberyn got introduced made him a remarkable character immediately. His death angered Dorne and in particular Ellaria Sand so the ball got rolling many seasons after his death. We may all conclude that Oberyn was the most important Martell to date as a lot of side plots are centered around his character and his tragic death. Unfortunately, the Martells will never be able to get revenge for Oberyn’s and Elia’s unfortunate deaths. Oberyn was an honest and inspiring character and every year I am happy to see him ending so high. He does lose one spot this year, though. Oberyn ends at #12.

Oberyn’s best moment: Oberyn’s emotional conversation with Tyrion Lannister in Tyrion’s dungeon in ‘Mockingbird’.


What a journey did he have last season! From fighting dragons to meeting Dragon Queens, Bronn was with a doubt one of the most badass characters of the seventh season. This man doesn’t just say whatever he thinks, but he owns everyone in conversation. Bronn is a bit of a selfish character and can’t you blame him for that. He doesn’t need to be honourable in his opinion and seizes every opportunity if there’s something to gain for him. He has been a friend of the Lannisters for a good time now, so I hope his debt get paid at some point. Bronn really deserves a beautiful castle and a hot, highborn lady. I’m curious to find out what’s in store for him now with Jaime Lannister out of King’s Landing. Will he join his comrade back to North or does he think of his own well-being and stay right where he is? We’ll certainly find out next season. Bronn almost made the top 10! He does climb three spots though and ends at an impressive 11th place.

Bronn’s best moment: Bronn wields Qyburn’s scorpion to kill off Drogon in the badass episode ‘The Spoils of War’.


TOP 10 – 1 of 2017 (THE BEST OF THE BEST)


We open the top 10 best characters with the first Lannister we come across, Cersei Lannister. Just like last year, she gets the honour to open the top ten. Queen Cersei had an impressive arc since season 5, becoming one of Game of Thrones’s most prominent characters. Although her path toward the endgame is becoming darker and darker. Cersei has lost all of her children at this point and the fact that there’s one more yet to come, eases Cersei’s mind for the time being. She has something to fight for. If she loses the child, Cersei’s madness will be unleashed and with Jaime gone, there’s no one left to reason with Cersei. King’s Landing would be a damned place. The Queen of the Seven Kingdoms keeps her strong position very well and ends at #10.

Cersei’s best moment: Cersei uses a wildcard to get rid of all those who tried to put her in checkmate in ‘The Winds of Winter’.


Papa Lannister loses one spot this year. Such a brilliant and well-acted character (thanks to Charles Dance) definitely deserves a place among the ten best Game of Thrones characters. He hasn’t been forgotten at all and I think he never will. One of the cleverest and pragmatic characters certainly is Tywin Lannister and his character always kept its value throughout all seasons so it was sad to see him leave the series. Tywin Lannister wasn’t a sympathetic character at all, making me disliking him from the moment he treated Tyrion like he means nothing to him. I do understand the choices he has made, as they were clever and did the Lannister name only justice. With him gone, House Lannister started to crumble and he would turn in his grave if he found out that Cersei was queen now. Tywin keeps his high position, deservedly at #9.

Tywin’s best moment: Tywin’s final confrontation with his son Tyrion in ‘The Children’.



Two years ago, Ned Stark would still be a top five character. Times have changed and Ned Stark slowly loses his top position, ending relatively high at #8. Ned Stark is an iconic Game of Thrones character and the list would definitely incomplete if he didn’t make the top ten. Ned Stark’s character was the catalyst of almost every important event in Game of Thrones and I wouldn’t mind if the series ended with a scene where Ned Stark is remembered, just like in ‘The Wolf and the Dragon’ where Sansa and Arya share memories of their father. Ned Stark would be so proud of his children. Too bad he isn’t around anymore to see where they stand now. He ends at #8 in 2017.

Ned’s best moment: Ned Stark iconic death scene in ‘Baelor’ laid bare the whole philosophy behind Game of Thrones. 


Wow, I didn’t expect this to happen. Arya Stark doesn’t belong to the five best Game of Thrones characters anymore. I am bit gutted about this as she’s definitely one of my favourite TV-characters ever. Arya had an emotional season, reuniting with her brother and sister, hearing that Jon is still alive and has become King in the North and seeing Nymeria again after all those years. We were also confronted with Arya’s coldness last season. She truly has become a cold serial killer but for good purposes only. Her quarrelling with Sansa wasn’t the writers’ best choice, but her last conversation with Sansa makes up for that. Arya Stark is one of Game of Thrones’ strongest female character as she’s one of the few female characters that make it to the top ten. She ends at #7 this year.

Arya’s best moment: Arya poisons all of the male Freys to bring winter upon their House in ‘Dragonstone’.


No need to look sad anymore, Sandor Clegane. You’re going up! The Hound had a thrilling season, fighting the dead and bringing one into King’s Landing. Cleganebowl was even teased by the end of the seventh season. Sandor wasn’t a beloved character in the first season and many blamed him for the death of Mycah. As the seasons passed by, the Hound started to realize that you can use violence for good purposes as well and he began to change his view on the world. He started his path down redemption. The Hound really is the definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You would be terrified if you met this guy for the first time, but when you get to know him better you’d find out there’s a broken man inside, a good soul that can only be seen by those who want to. The Hound remains one of Game of Thrones’ best characters, ending at the sixth spot this year.

The Hound’s best moment: The Hound wants to eat all the fucking chickens and gets rid of everyone who stands between him and his chickens in ‘Two Swords’.


But before that, I first want to mention the characters who were thrown out of the top 50 this year:

  • The Mountain (2016: 50th place)
  • Yara Greyjoy (2016: 49th place)
  • Gendry (2016: 48th place)
  • Wun Wun (2016: 46th place)
  • Meera Reed (2016: 45th place)



Ser Davos Seaworth opens our top five again this year, keeping his position at #5. Davos has always been a loyal advisor, once to Stannis Baratheon and now to Jon Snow. Even though the character gives wise council to those who need it, he also provides some comic relief at times. Davos is a funny and witty character and often these traits makes the best characters. Ser Davos is certainly one of the good guys and I hope he’ll survive the series, counselling whoever is king or queen then. The Onion Knight has also been quite fond of children, especially young girls like Lyanna or Shireen. It would be a fitting ending for his character that he’ll take care of Jonerys’s baby girl by the end of Game of Thrones. Maybe I’m just hoping for too much. We all grow to love Davos and that’s why he ends so high this year again.  

Davos’s best moment: Davos confronts Melisandre with Shireen’s death and gets emotional in ‘The Winds of Winter’.


Tyrion Lannister was the best Game of Thrones character two years ago. Since then, he started losing his position and now disappears from the top three and I can see why. Tyrion had an amazing arc right up to season 4, which was in my opinion when his character’s popularity peaked. Tyrion didn’t have a very interesting storyline since season 5 and mainly became Daenerys’s sidekick. He didn’t have nearly as much well-written dialogues anymore and he started to become quite dull in season 6. Season 7 changed that somehow and Tyrion did get a handful of memorable moments in season 7, like his long-awaited confrontation with Cersei. Aside from all this, Tyrion remains a character we’re all very invested in and we wish to see him survive Game of Thrones, earning a position he deserves to have. Tyrion’s main strength has always been his intellect and it would be nice to see more of that witty side in the final season. Tyrion get kicked out of the top three and ends right at #4.

Tyrion’s best moment: Nothing can top Peter Dinklage’s performance during the trial scene in ‘The Laws of Gods and Men’.


It’s a real surprise to see him here! This means we have a different best Game of Thrones character this year! Wow, I am excited for this, but sad to see Jon Snow / Aegon Targaryen losing his position. Jon Snow has become one of the central characters in later season, perhaps the most important character in the TV-series. He did have a remarkable season this year, meeting Daenerys Tagaryen, falling in love with her and of course the revelation that he’s Aegon Targaryen a.k.a. the true heir to the Iron Throne. Jon Snow grew out to become a very capable leader who actually cares for his people. He’s the right kind of king that should sit on the Iron Throne. After such a ‘Jon Snow’ driven season it’s a bit weird to see him lose his head position, but I’m up to surprises anyway. I’m looking forward to Jon Snow’s conclusion next season, although I fear it’s going to be a very emotional and impactful one. Jon Snow receives bronze this year. Well done, nonetheless!

Jon’s best moment: The Night King and Jon Snow staring at each other in a horrifying confrontation in ‘Hardhome’ will always stay with me.



He almost made it to the top position! Jaime Lannister keeps climbing and ends at a spectacular 2nd place this year. What a surprise. Jaime had a wonderful season and became one of my favourite characters this year. His confrontation with Olenna made up for one of the best scenes in the series, his fight scenes during the ‘Spoils of War’ were amazingly good and him leaving King’s Landing made me much more emotional than I would have thought. What a character development did he get throughout the years. From being the guy we all hated to the guts, to a character we started to care for and now cheer for. Only Game of Thrones could make us do that. Even though we all love Daenerys, wasn’t he just epic when he tried to kill her off on his own in order to save Westeros from the Mad King’s daughter. It wasn’t a wise decision, though. Jaime receives silver this year. Could he make it to the very first postion next year? We shall see.. For now, he’s the best Lannister character.

Jaime’s best moment: Jaime’s emotional confession to Brienne of Tarth in ‘Kissed By Fire’ changed our view upon his character for good.




The biggest surprise of 2017 is undoubtedly Daenerys Targaryen climbing to the first position. And it wasn’t even close! Daenerys had the best arc in season seven. She arrived in Dragonstone, met up with a lot of important characters like Jon Snow or the Lannister siblings/lovers, used fire and blood against team Cersei, rescued Jon and co. from the White Walker threat and lost a dragon in the process. Her biggest moment this season was her boat sex scene with Jon Snow. The moment Daenerys arrived with her dragons and took the risk to save Jon Snow and co. from the White Walkers, we all embraced her as our Queen. Daenerys Targaryen may have had more boring seasons. like season 4 and 5. Season 7 was Dany’s strongest season to date, making the viewers struggle to actually classify her as good ruler or a bad one. We came to the final conclusion that she really deserves the Iron Throne in the end and even if her character wasn’t 100% well received among fans, we all agree at this point that she is the best character in the entire season. We love you, Khaleesi. Congratulations!  

Daenerys’s best moment: Daenerys flying on Drogon above her Dothraki army ready to attack the Lannister soldiers in ‘The Spoils of War’. 

Thanks for those who took the time to vote for my poll or some who even upvoted my post so I could receive more votes. It was a pleasure to host this interesting poll and to see how character’s popularity evolves each season. I hope to see you back at some point in 2018. Take care!

For those who can’t get enough and want to know where the other characters stranded. 
























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87. IRRI





92. OLLY







99. LEAF




Top 25 best of Game of Thrones soundtrack (2017 edition)

Season 7 has already come to an end but not without delivering another wonderful brand new soundtrack. To be honest, what would Game of Thrones be without its wonderful soundtrack? Ramin Djawadi honestly never disappoints and we’re here to ‘honor’ his work by picking the 25 best music pieces of his work in Game of Thrones. Sounds like an impossible job, isn’t it? Will ‘Light of the Seven’ remain at the first spot this year? Let’s find out. 


Jon and Ygritte’s love theme finally makes an entry in our list, opening the top 25. Jon Snow’s love story with Daenerys Targaryen became one of the central storylines of last season. Nevertheless, we were reminded of Jon’s previous relationship with Ygritte. If one listened carefully, you could hear bits of ‘You Know Nothing’ in season 7’s ‘Dragonglass’. Jon may have found love again, we will never forget the scenes he shared with Ygritte on screen. Their moments together were so passionate that Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Rose Leslie (Ygritte) started a relationship together. They’re still together today. ‘You Know Nothing’ found inspiration in one of Game of Thrones’ most famous catchphrases, spoken by Ygritte (You know nothing, Jon Snow). It’s sad to know that these same words were Ygritte’s final words to her lover. 



The first variation on the famous House Stark theme in our list is ‘Winter Has Come’ and captures one of the show’s most important moments, namely the proclamation of the new King in the North. This motivating song made us all go chanting ‘The King in the North’, as Jon Snow finally stepped up his game and got named King, just like his brother Robb in season 1. Now that winter truly has come, the North will need a capable ruler and Jon fits the bill. ‘Winter Has Come’ makes its first appearance in our list on number #24. 



The one and only Greyjoy theme loses two spots this year but still manages to remain in the top 25 for three consecutive years. Well done, House Greyjoy. We first hear this theme when Theon Greyjoy decides to fully embrace his inner Greyjoy and to baptize himself in fuction of the Drowned God. Theon had a remarkable ride in season 2 and it may have been his best season in the series. We were happy to hear the Greyjoy theme at last and it’s peculiar in it’s own way. The title ‘What is Dead may Never Die’ refer to the words of House Greyjoy as this song is the personification of House Greyjoy itself. As for season 7, House Greyjoy is still going strong. Theon finally found himself once again and Euron has become one of the most powerful players. 


Winterfell has always belonged to House Stark, even though it hasn’t always been ruled by a Stark. In seasons five and six the Boltons took Winterfell and changed the beautiful place for good. Since season 6, House Stark has retaken Winterfell and it belongs to its true owners again. This beautiful rendition of the Stark theme was first played in season 2, during the sack of Winterfell. Bran and Rickon had to flee their home in order to survive. ‘Winterfell’ was played again when Sansa was rebuilding her family’s castle in the snow. In ‘The Winds of Winter’ when Sansa and Jon were standing on the walls of Winterfell, we heard ‘Winterfell’ a last time. We will always be happy if Winterfell is ruled by a Stark. And as the saying goes, there must always be a Stark in Winterfell. I am glad that this rendition still manages to climb one spot this year. 


Queen Cersei will not be pleased to find out that her coronation song has lost a considerable amount of places. Last year this version of the Lannister theme entered the list on #13. ‘Hear me Roar’ screams House Lannisters, yet it sounds darker and more powerful. You can even hear ‘Light of the Seven’ in this song as it had a strong effect on the current position of House Lannister. Cersei made a risky move but it paid her off very well last season. Queen Cersei was crowned Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and ‘Hear me Roar’ was absolutely a fitting song to capture the essence of that scene: ‘dark and powerful’. The coronation was, without a doubt, one of the most powerful scenes in Game of Thrones even though few words were said. It was all about the music and the facial expressions. And we must admit, Lena Headey’s facial expressions are always the best. 


Two years ago, ‘The Children’ would have ended at the first place of our list. Since last year, this song keeps losing a lot of places and ends at #20 this year. ‘The Children’ contains the typical Stark theme, bits of ‘King in the North’ and Arya’s Faceless theme. The variation of so many different themes is what makes this song so atypical compared to the other Stark songs. ‘The Children’ is the very last song in season 4 and can be heard when Arya leaves Westeros behind to head to Braavos in order to find Jaqen H’ghar. 


When Ice falls in love with Fire… We all know this was going to happen at one point in Game of Thrones and the set up to their relationship was beautiful and heartwarming. It’s certainly one of the most honest and tragic relationships on the TV-screen. The moment Viserion died may have broken our hearts, but it has certainly brought together Jon and Dany for good. This hauntingly beautiful theme enters our list on #19. 


Daenerys’s first theme in this list is ‘Reign’. A very powerful rendition of the Targaryen theme and the Dragons theme. Daenerys demonstrates her power once again to the slavers and brings fire and blood to Meereen. With full force, she flies on Drogon’s back while Viserion and Rhaegal set themselves free. Then Daenerys decides to burn the slavers’ ships. The whole sequence was badass and one of the best cinematic scenes ever. Reign loses 3 spots this year, but still ends at a well-deserved 18th place. 



The biggest climber last year was ‘Mother of Dragons’, which went from #21 tot #6. This year, Khaleesi’s theme doesn’t make it to the top 10 anymore. Still, it earns a respectable place in our top. Daenerys Targaryen manages to free her dragons out of the hands of the Warlocks of Qarth and learns a lesson of two, trust no one. The Mother of Dragons sacks the city and buys a ship for herself and her people to sail to Slaver’s Bay. ‘Mother of Dragons’ has to be one of the most optimistic renditions of Daenerys’s theme, illustrating that she’s back in the game. She definitely was. 


Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a ladder. It’s weird to live in a world where Petyr Baelish isn’t alive any longer. Back in season 3, this master schemer had such great plans and lines and easily was one of the most fascinating and dark characters in Game of Thrones. From season 6 on Littlefinger’s character became a bit bland and lost its glory. Still, this soundtrack describes Littlefinger best: mysterious, powerful and pragmatic. Petyr’s dialogue with Varys was amazing and this song perfectly accompanied the scene. ‘Chaos is a Ladder’ does lose quite some spots and ends at #16. 


A re-entry this year! ‘Dracarys’ has always been one of the most powerful dragon themes in Game of Thrones and installed the basis for later renditions of this epic theme. The scene where ‘Dracarys’ is first used when the dragons show their true strength. Daenerys’s close relationship with Drogon became obvious in this very scene. She uses dragonfire for the first time and hell breaks loose. The scene has grown out to become one of the iconic scenes of Game of Thrones and portrayed Daenerys as the most powerful female character in the series. ‘Dracarys’ is back with a vengeance and ends at #15. 


What a rare Game of Thrones song this is, ‘Winter is Here’. This variation on the Main Titles is certainly beautiful but haunting as well and so was the scene where this song appeared in. Winter is King’s Landing. Sure it was wonderful to see snowflakes fall in the capital but we all know this means one thing, that winter is here. We know what winter will bring next season. ‘Winter is Here’ enters this list on #14 this year. 


Another splendid song of season 7’s soundtrack and in my opinion the best variation on House Stark’s theme song. This version was used for Arya’s return to Winterfell, which brought tears to my eyes. All of the Stark children are home again and this songs conveys the message perfectly. The song is also used when Sansa and Arya reminisces childhood memories of their father and tell each other they miss him. The two sisters have finally found the way toward each other and now that winter is here they’ll certainly need each other strengths. ‘Home’ enters at #13. 


Season 7 brought a lot of great themes and variations and The Spoils of War was another one among them. The episode ‘The Spoils of War’ was certainly the best one in the seventh season and was accompanied with this badass variation of Daenerys’s theme, the Dothraki theme, the Dragon theme and House Lannister’s theme. All of these variations and themes in one song must make up for a huge song! ‘The Spoils of War’ nearly missed the 10 best tracks from the Game of Thrones soundtrack. The best part in my opinion? The very end of Spoils of War part 2 when Jaime decides to save Westeros from the wrath of Daenerys Targaryen. Such an heroic scene and soundtrack. 


It’s getting exhausting.. Can we already conclude that Ramin Djawadi’s best work was in season 7? The Army of the Dead is, without a single doubt, the most terrifying song throughout Djawadi’s oeuvre. The song captures one of Game of Thrones’s most iconic scenes: the fall of the Wall. The White Walkers can finally start invading Westeros and we’ll definitely see the consequences of that in season 7. The Night King now rides Viserion and used its powers to tear down the Wall to lead its army south and to increase it. This situation is certainly getting way out of the hand.. We’ll see how Westeros deals with that next season. As for the ‘Army of the Dead’, it makes a promising debut on #11. 


And yet another track from the season 7 soundtrack makes it to the top 10. ‘Against all Odds’ accompanied another important and iconic moment in Game of Thrones’s television history. Daenerys saw the threat behind the Wall for the very first time with her one eyes and it was not without losses on both sides. Daenerys might have saved Jon and co. from the dead but also looked right into the eyes of the Night King. This was the first time we saw a truly frightened Daenerys. Against All Odds contains Jon Snow’s heroic theme song, the White Walkers’ theme, The Lord of Light’s theme, Daenerys’s theme and the dragons’ theme, in other word QUITE a lot!  The best part of the song is when Daenerys comes to the rescue. The end of ‘Against All Odds’ gets very emotional and sad as it points out to the Night King murdering poor Viserion which leads to Viserion’s tragic death and Daenerys having to flee the scene in order to save her other dragons. ‘Against All Odds’ enters the top 25 at #10. 


Last year, the Tower made the top 10. This year the song loses two places.. I’m a bit sad about this. One of the most beautiful and important scenes throughout the history of Game of Thrones should have earned a better place. The best part of the song is when we hear the build-up to Jon Snow’s close-up. He may have never seen his mother, not knowing who she actually is, but the viewers know that she cared a lot about her baby. She would’ve been so proud of him now. When I first heard the song, I had goosebumps and I’m sure many will agree with me. ‘The Tower’ ends at #9 this year and I keep hoping for a better place next year. 


Finally a song from the very first season! ‘Goodbye Brother’ has been the soundtrack for a lot of iconic scenes in Game of Thrones and mostly they involved Jon Snow. We first heard this track when Jon says goodbye to his favourite sister, Arya and when he’s about to say goodbye to Bran. The next time we hear this track is when he dies.. Not a pleasant scene, but this song will always remind us of that very scene. On a more optimistic note, this song has been re-used when Sansa and Jon first hug each other after so many years. I am sure we’ll hear ‘Goodbye Brother’ one more time before the show ends. The questions is when.. The song wins one spot this year and ends at #8.


I am very very glad to see this song ending so high on this list. ‘Dragonstone’ is easily one of Daenerys’s best renditions of her theme. The return to her family home should be emotional (hence the quieter part from 1:05 to 2:20) followed by a majestic, grandiose variation of House Targaryen’s theme. The homecoming of the ‘last’ Targaryen should have been treated as a majestic moment and the soundtrack definitely provided the right vibes. ‘Dragonstone’ enters this list very high, namely at #7. 


Finally! Finally the iconic main titles enters our list. It has taken 3 years to have people understand that this song belongs in the top 10 at least and it does make an impressive debut by entering the list at #6. The top 6 is opened by the song we hear the most when we watch Game of Thrones. We never grow tired of it. Surely, it will be a sad day when we hear this song for the very last time in the season finale of season 8 but let’s not think of that already. We all fell in love with ‘Main Titles’ since the second we’ve heard it and it describes the show perfectly with only one word: ‘epic’. 


I remember hearing this song for the first time and I was absolutely thrilled. The infamous ‘Mhysa’ scene might have been a bit awkward for some, the accompanying soundtrack touched my soul. The choir together with Daenerys’s theme was one of the best choices Djawadi had made so far and used it more often it since then. Daenerys liberated thousands of slaves and provided a better life for then. Such an inspirational character deserves inspirational music and Mhysa is the only choice here. Too bad ‘Mhysa’ loses only one spots this year and but still belongs to the best five. I love it.


Last year, the Winds of Winter made an amazing debut, entering the list immediately on the 2nd spot. This year, the Winds of Winter had to give back one spot but still manages to remain among the three best songs of the official Game of Thrones soundtrack by R.Djawadi. The song contains a variation of the Greyjoy theme and Daenerys’s theme. The choir that can be heard in the background is amazing as well. ‘The Winds of Winter’ is used during the very last scene of season 6 when Daenerys sails toward Westeros together with her new allies. It was a scene we strongly looked forward to and it didn’t disappoint. 


It’s no surprise to see the Rains of Castamere ending so high. It doesn’t lose one spot compared to last year. The Lannisters are still going strong in our list, receiving a respectable 3th place. The song has been covered by the National and Sigur Rós throughout the series, but my favourite renditions remain ‘A Lannister Always Pays Its Debts’ and ‘A Lion’s Legacy’. Still, I’m very happy to see the Rains of Castamere still standing among the three best songs of the soundtrack. Yes, now the rains weep o’er his halls and not a soul to hear… 


We ended season 7’s with the show’s most important revelation, Jon Snow’s status as heir to the Iron Throne. This very (!) important scene showed us the long-awaited wedding scene between Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. We also learnt about the true name of Jon Snow being Aegon Targaryen and we finally got to see the epic boatsex scene ourselves. ’Truth’ may be one of the most emotional scores in the history of television and brought Ice and Fire closer than ever. This Daenerys/Jon theme may be one of the most romantic and beautiful themes the show has ever made so far. The highest entry this years belongs definitely to ‘Truth’, which makes a shockingly high debut right at #2. 


Of course this masterpiece won’t just give up its first place. It’s a rare bird since it’s the only song in the official soundtrack that features the piano. The sequence itself made up for one of Game of Thrones best moments  both in direction and acting. ’The Light of the Seven’ remains the most popular song in Game of Thrones as it’s being streamed more than 30 million times on Spotify and is being used for more purposes of marketing (remember the epic season 7 trailer version). Ramin Djawadi’s soundtrack elevated the massive scene to a level the show hadn’t seen yet. This year, ‘Light of the Seven’ remains at the highest spot according to Game of Thrones fans. 


Thanks for those who have voted. I hope to see you back next year!

Special thanks to:

– Subreddits ‘Free Folk’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Asoiaf’

Top 25 playlist

The End is Here: Cersei Lannister’s endgame

Before season 8 starts, I will make an analysis of each character’s endgame. Today we will discuss Cersei’s endgame and how her last story will be told in the upcoming season.


  • There’s a reason why D&D left out Cersei’s miscarriage in the season finale. I don’t think they’re showing her miscarriage yet! They’re using it for the greater good. Her first scene would be together with Euron, who’s arriving in King’s Landing with the Golden Company. Euron will notice two things: Jaime gone and Cersei visibly pregnant. He would start asking questions. I don’t think Euron is stupid and he knows that Cersei’s only using him for her own good. He would want something in return now and with Jaime gone he wouldn’t wait longer. He has done a great deal in Cersei’s favour already: bringing her Ellaria Sand and her daughter, attack the Unsullied during their assault on Casterly Rock, ferrying the Golden Company to King’s Landing. Euron doesn’t want to lose more time and proposes Cersei to marry him right away. Cersei understands that she needs his alliance since she’s surrounded with enemies at all fronts. This time, Euron will stay a while in King’s Landing. Of course he will, who’s Cersei going to interact with otherwise? I’m sure he’ll bring Yara with him since it’s not a bad idea to remind the viewers of her whereabouts. Yara would be thrown into prison for the time being. This episode will mainly set up Cersei and Euron’s relationship for the rest of the season. Both are very wary of each other. The viewers can sense an imminent betrayal on both sides.


  • Episode 2 will explore Cersei and Euron’s relationship even more. One of the scenes we could get in episode 2 is a small council, now consisting out of Cersei, Euron, Qyburn and one of the leaders of the Golden Company. Qyburn would bring up that the Wall has fallen and the Night King would attack Winterfell first. Cersei and Euron won’t be sad about that, since all of their enemies gathered in Winterfell. It’s just wait and see for them now. Qyburn would also want to mention Jaime’s arrival with the stationed Lannister army in Winterfell as well. This news will certainly displease Cersei a lot, much to Euron’s delight. Cersei doesn’t want Jaime getting killed off after all. Another scene we could be getting in the second episode is the marriage between Euron and Cersei in a snowy King’s Landing. This scene could definitely mirror the marriage between Sansa and Ramsay, given the similarities between their marriage. A good thing that Cersei is pregnant right now so she doesn’t need to have sex with Euron. We will learn in episode 2 that Cersei still loves Jaime and that she’s trying to hide it for Euron but it’s too obvious that she’s lying. On the other hand, Cersei’s also shows a lot of hatred toward him. In her eyes, he still ‘betrayed’ her, though.


  • Remember that Theon Greyjoy is still out there planning to rescue his sister, Yara. According to Theon, Euron has turned tail and left to the Iron Islands. It would make sense for Theon to travel to the Iron Islands directly only to discover that no one is there. Euron will find out that his nephew has gone back to the Iron Islands to ‘attack’ him. Cersei will definitely try to convince Euron to sail his men to the Iron Islands to make him submit to his rule. With having Euron gone to the Iron Islands, she could start to plot against him and this is the ideal occasion. Why does she need Euron for at this point? Her army is being shipped to KL. Euron decides to leave eventually. He would take Yara with him to make Theon submit more easier. As for the fight at the Iron Islands, I think we’re in for a great character moment for Theon. Him and his men will definitely lose against Euron’s men but not without setting Yara free. Theon will die a heroic death, having his character redeemed at last. I can see this fight happening by the end of episode 3, though. With Euron being departed for the Iron Islands, Cersei can start plotting with Qyburn what she’ll do with Euron when he returns.


  • Euron Greyjoy and his men arrive back in King’s Landing after their victory. It’s not a pleasant return for Euron as Cersei has commanded the Golden Company to attack Euron’s army as soon as they set foot on King’s Landing. Euron’s army is destroyed quite quickly since the Ironborn are not as strong as the GC on land. A captured Euron is brought before Cersei and she lays her intentions bare. She admits to Euron that she only used him to get her army to King’s Landing and that she doesn’t need him anymore. She couldn’t stand him either way. Cersei would definitely choose to execute Euron and is delighted that she has gotten rid of him. At this point, she only has to deal with what’s left of her enemies’ forces and she understands that Daenerys and Jon will exact revenge on her for having betrayed them.


  • I do believe that this will be the ‘big action episode’ with Westeros fighting the Night King. I don’t think Cersei will appear in this episode, just as in previous season.


  • The war against the Night King has been fought and Westeros has won but not without having lost a great amount of their men. Daenerys is ready to take King’s Landing at this point. She will do that like her ancestors; on her dragon’s back. Of course, Tyrion and Jaime will try to convince Daenerys to not be queen of the ashes. Daenerys understands that Cersei wants to go to war with her and that she has prepared her massive army to fight Dany. Jaime asks Daenerys to let him talk to Cersei first, before attacking her. The reunion between Jaime and Cersei will definitely be heart-wrenching as we can see how much these characters do still love each other. Jaime indeed tries to make Cersei submit to Jaime but Cersei tries to do the opposite thing. She gives Jaime a last chance to redeem himself and wants him to fight for her and their baby or be executed. If that’s Cersei last word, then Jaime wants Cersei to have the Mountain execute him. Cersei, who went fully paranoid at this point, indeed orders to kill Jaime in front of her only to collapse after she realizes what she has done. Daenerys finds out that Cersei’s not submitting to her in any case and starts to attack King’s Landing with whatever is left of her army. During the fight, Cersei is visibly stressed out. Qyburn advises Cersei to rest since the baby can come any time soon and he’s right. Cersei’s water breaks way too soon. She’s being brought to her chambers by Qyburn who’s helping to put Cersei’s baby on the world. The baby is causing a lot of difficulties for Cersei and Qyburn states that he cannot save both of them. She has to either choose for her own life or the life of her baby. She decides to pull through and wants her baby child to survive. She wants Qyburn to keep her baby safe after Daenerys has taken King’s Landing. A very weakened and dying Cersei labours. She asks Qyburn if she can see her baby son before she leaves this world. She immediately recognizes the baby to suffer from dwarfism. She orders Qyburn to get the baby out of her sight and to let her die. This will be the end of our favourite villain, Cersei Lannister.  Just like Maggy the Frog predicted, a younger and more beautiful queen came to take everything away from her right before she dies…


Characters screen presence: Game of Thrones season 7 (episode 1-2)




29. Little Sam: 1 line
28. Alys Karstark: 1 line
27. Ned Umber: 1 line
26. Daenerys Targaryen: 1 line
25. Maester Wolkan: 1 line
24. Yohn Royce: 2 lines
23. Meera Reed: 2 lines
22. Jorah Mormont: 3 lines
21. Tormund Giantsbane: 4 lines
20. Robett Glover: 4 lines
19. Lyanna Mormont: 4 lines
18. Gilly: 4 lines
17. Edd: 4 lines
16. Brienne of Tarth: 4 lines
15. Bran Stark: 6 lines
14. Littlefinger: 9 lines
13. Ed Sheeran: 13 lines
12. Arya Stark: 15 lines
11. Samwell Tarly: 21 lines
10. Thoros of Myr: 25 lines
9. Walder Frey (Arya’s disguise): 26 lines
8. Beric Dondarrion: 28 lines
7. Maester Ebrose: 36 lines
6. Euron Greyjoy: 40 lines


5. Sansa Stark: 45 lines
4. Sandor Clegane: 51 lines
3. Jaime Lannister: 52 lines
2. Cersei Lannister: 52 lines
1. Jon Snow: 53 lines




32. Maester Wolkan: 1 line
31. Dickon Tarly: 2 lines
30. Theon Greyjoy: 2 lines
29. Robett Glover: 2 lines
28. Lyanna Mormont: 2 lines
27. Yohn Royce: 4 lines
26. Euron Greyjoy: 5 lines
25. Tyene Sand: 5 lines
24. Obara Sand: 6 lines
23. Davos Seaworth: 6 lines
22. Nymeria Sand: 7 lines
21. Jorah Mormont: 10 lines
20. Qyburn: 11 lines
19. Sansa Stark: 14 lines
18. Missandei: 14 lines
17. Melisandre: 15 lines
16. Yara Greyjoy: 18 lines
15. Littlefinger: 18 lines
14. Randyll Tarly: 19 lines
13. Jaime Lannister: 21 lines
12. Grey Worm: 22 lines
11. Cersei Lannister: 22 lines
10. Ellaria Sand: 24 lines
9. Olenna Tyrell: 25 lines
8. Arya Stark: 25 lines
7. Hot Pie: 29 lines
6. Samwell Tarly: 34 lines


5. Archmaester Ebrose: 35 lines
4. Tyrion Lannister: 34 lines
3. Varys: 41 lines
2. Jon Snow: 57 lines
1. Daenerys Targaryen: 60 lines




46. Little Sam (1 line)
45. Ned Umber (1 line)
44. Alys Karstark (1 line)
43. Dickon Tarly (2 lines)
42. Theon Greyjoy (2 lines)
41. Wolkan (2 lines)
40. Meera Reed (2 lines)
39. Tormund Giantsbane (4 lines)
38. Edd 4 lines
37. Gilly (4 lines)
36. Brienne of Tarth (4 lines)
35. Tyene Sand (5 lines)
34. Yohn Royce (5 lines)
33. Obara Sand (6 lines)
32. Bran Stark (6 lines)
31. Robett Glover (6 lines)
30. Lyanna Mormont (6 lines)
29. Davos Seaworth (6 lines)
28. Nymeria Sand (7 lines)
27. Qyburn (11 lines)
26. Ed Sheeran (13 lines)
25. Jorah Mormont (13 lines)
24. Missandei (14 lines)
23. Melisandre (15 lines)
22. Yara Greyjoy (18 lines)
21. Randyll Tarly (18 lines)
20. Grey Worm (22 lines)
19. Ellaria Sand (24 lines)
18. Olenna Tyrell (25 lines)
17. Thoros of Myr (25 lines)
16. Walder Frey (desguised Arya) (26 lines)
15. Petyr Baelish (27 lines)
14. Beric Dondarrion (28 lines)
13. Hot Pie (29 lines)
12. Tyrion Lannister (36 lines)
11. Arya Stark (40 lines)
10. Varys (41 lines)
9. Euron Greyjoy (45 lines)
8. Sandor Clegane (52 lines)
7. Samwell Tarly (55 lines)
6. Sansa Stark (59 lines)
5. Daenerys Targaryen (61 lines)
4. Archmaester Ebrose (71 lines)
3. Jaime Lannister (73 lines)
2. Cersei Lannister (74 lines)
1. Jon Snow (110 lines)


Sourceninewheels0  (IMDb-user)

48. Little Sam (5 seconds)
47. Wolkan (10 seconds)
46. Yohn Royce (15 seconds)
45. Podrick Payne (30 seconds)
44. Meera Reed (45 seconds)
43. Obara Sand (45 seconds)
42. Nymeria Sand (45 seconds)
41. Tyene Sand (45 seconds)
40. Dickon Tarly (1 minute)
39. Ned Umber (1 minute)
38. Alys Karstark (1 minute)
37. The Mountain (1 minute)
36. Bran Stark (1 minute)
35. Edd (1 minute)
34. Gilly (1 minute)
33. Robett Glover (1 minute)
32. Lyanna Mormont (1 minute 15 seconds)
31. Brienne of Tarth (1 minute 15 seconds)
30. Tormund (1 minute 15 seconds)
29. Melisandre (1 minute 15 seconds)
28. Davos Seaworth (1 minute 30 seconds)
27. Olenna Tyrell (1 minute 45 seconds)
26. Qyburn (1 minute 45 seconds)
25. Hot Pie (2 minutes)
24. Beric Dondarrion (2 minutes 15 seconds)
23. Ed Sheeran (2 minutes 30 seconds)
22. Ellaria Sand (2 minutes 45 seconds)
21. Randyll Tarly (2 minutes 45 seconds)
20. Walder Frey (2 minutes 45 seconds)
19. Littlefinger (3 minutes 15 seconds)
18. Theon Greyjoy (3 minutes 30 seconds)
17. Thoros of Myr (3 minutes 30 seconds)
16. Yara Greyjoy (4 minutes 15 seconds)
15. Euron Greyjoy (5 minutes)
14. Jorah Mormont (5 minutes 15 seconds)
13. Lord Varys (5 minutes 15 seconds)
12. Archmaester Ebrose (5 minutes 30 seconds)
11. Tyrion Lannister (6 minutes)
10. Sandor Clegane (7 minutes)
9. Missandei (7 minutes 15 seconds)
8. Sansa Stark (8 minutes)
7. Cersei Lannister (8 minutes 15 seconds)
6. Grey Worm (8 minutes 15 seconds)
5. Jaime Lannister (8 minutes 30 seconds)
4. Arya Stark (10 minutes 45 seconds)
3. Jon Snow (11 minutes)
2. Daenerys Targaryen (11 minutes 45 seconds)
1. Samwell Tarly (12 minutes 45 seconds)
















35. EDD



































Game of Thrones season 7 trailer #1 (analysis)

Winter is finally here! We have waited long enough to see the first trailer of season 7 and it didn’t disappoint. Season 7 is looking more expensive and epic than ever. Let’s break down the bunch of shots we received today. Don’t read further if you don’t want to be spoiled! 


  • This scene definitely takes place in the courtyard of the Red Keep. It seems like there are more men standing there. At least six men can be seen. Since there is a big map of Westeros laying on the ground of the courtyard, I assume they want to discuss war strategies there. Given the spoilers, we know that House Tarly allied themselves with the Lannisters. This could be Jaime Lannister, Randyll Tarly, Dickon Tarly standing among some soldiers there.


  • Cersei Lannister is approaching these men. Of course, our Queen wants to attend the war council as well. Is she wearing a winter’s coat? Hard to say so.


  • Grey Worm and the Unsullied reach Dragonstone for the first time. It seems like the Unsullied got new armour. The three dragons on the armour is a nice touch!



  • This table is from the war council in Dragonstone. Remember Stannis and Melisandre having sex right on the table way back in season 2. That’s the one. These first three shots indicate that Daenerys and Cersei are plotting war against each other.


  • Someone is cleaning a dagger. I think it’s the hand of a young girl. My money is on Arya Stark, after she has killed some more Freys at the Twins.


  • Another shot of Arya. This time she is travelling through the Riverlands after she has left the Twins.


  • Another look at the great map of Westeros in the Red Keep. This scene probably takes place earlier than the first shot of the trailer. Jaime and Cersei are trying to recreate an XXXL-sized map of Westeros to help them discuss war strategies, which will be necessary after Daenerys’s arrival.


  • Cersei during the war council in King’s Landing. Her black clothing proves that she’s darker and more evil than ever. She makes the attendants of the council sure that the Lannisters will clear everyone out of their way.


  • The next shot indicates that Cersei isn’t telling lies. The Lannister army marches to Highgarden to sack the city. The Lannisters need the resources to avoid more problems on their part.


  • We can see Jaime, Qyburn and the Mountain standing next to Queen Cersei. This might be an important event since they are all together. Do they receive someone important? Perhaps Euron Greyjoy?


  • Jaime’s looking quite concerned about Euron’s alliance. Euron wanted a marriage alliance with Daenerys but since that didn’t work out for him, he might try to get in favour with the Mad Queen. He could come up with the same proposal and we know that Jaime wouldn’t be too keen about that.


  • Cersei probably wouldn’t be delighted about Euron’s proposal either. They need a strong alliance anyway.


  • Tyrion enjoying the view of Dragonstone. I think this might be the first scene where they show us Drogon. Tyrion would want to spend a moment alone since he’s closer to attacking his siblings than ever.


  • What a breathtaking view and that’s before Drogon emerges. This scene could easily take place in the first couple of episodes.


  • Daenerys entering Dragonstone as well. Notice the big dragon head right before the gates. This is the first time that Daenerys enters Dragonstone in season 7.


  • Going back to the very place where you were born. It definitely makes Daenerys emotional.  Varys and Grey Worm are standing right next to her.



  • Daenerys touching the sand. Just like Tyrion, she’ll need a moment to retreat in silence and process the things that are happening to her. It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster for the Dragon Queen! She could never connect so closely with her family.


  • Daenerys in her Throne Room. Just like Cersei, she might receive an important visitor. Could it be Jon Snow? Or perhaps Melisandre?


  • Then the action starts right away! The Unsullied attack Casterly Rock.


  • It’s going to be a tough situation for the Lannister soldiers since Casterly Rock was quite abandoned. Grey Worm would probably lead the attack on Casterly Rock with the aid of Tyrion. It was Tyrion’s idea to have the Unsullied sneak into Casterly Rock via the entrance where he lured whores into.



  • A shot at Winterfell. Brienne has returned to Winterfell (probably at episode 1). The King in the North has gathered the Northern Lords to discuss how the North will be ruled. Sansa and Davos are definitely acting as Jon’s right hands


  • Littlefinger resumes his plan to turn Sansa against Jon Snow. Sansa could be watching how Jon is leaving Winterfell. LF might tell her that it’s the moment to finally act and take matter into her own hands.


  • The Gate of the Wall is opening for someone. Bran and Meera are probably standing before the Wall’s gate.


  • What a cool shot! Given that there’s a lot of fire in the scene, I think this shot takes place during the naval battle between Team Yara and Team Euron. Theon witnesses how his sister gets captured. Will he finally step up?



  • We can assume that Melisandre allied herself with Daenerys Targaryen. I can’t believe that Daenerys would want to welcome her into her team. We already know that Varys isn’t to keen on the Red Priests and besides, he has found out about Mel’s failures. Melisandre tells Varys that she’s leaving Westeros soon right before seeing Jon arriving in Dragonstone as well. How would Davos react to that? I don’t think Melisandre will get much screentime at all this season. This could be one of the few scenes she’s appearing in.


  • A shot from the wight hunt. Some free folk are entering Eastwatch-By-The-Sea.



  • Someone’s or something’s watching Arya Stark from a distance. Could this be Nymeria? From Arya’s facial expression, she might be quite surprised.


  • Another scene of the wight hunt. This shot could take place at the frozen lake. The weather conditions are very dire. White Walkers might be very close here. Among the 11 men are: Jon, Tormund, Jorah, the Hound, Thoros, Gendry, Beric. It looks like they are surrounded by wights.


  • Littlefinger after he has been put in his place by Jon Snow. Littlefinger won’t be happy about the way Jon’s treating him and start to turn more evil against the King in the North. Expect him to be the major antagonist in Sansa and Arya’s storylines this season.


  • Dothraki ambushing the Lannister and Tarly army. Hell yeah!



  • This scene probably takes place during the naval battle between Euron and his cousins. Expect a major loss on Yara and Ellaria’s part. This looks like a promising scene!


  • Daenerys and her Hand discussing the attack of Casterly Rock? Both aren’t looking very optimistic.


  • Some new armour for The Mountain! (His previous one got damaged anyway). This armour makes him really badass, though.


  • Hmm difficult to see. This shot suggests that soldiers are trying to sneak into somewhere close by a river or sea. My money’s on Ironborn entering a ship. Probably Euron’s men.


  • Jon pushing Littlefinger against the wall of the tombs beneath Winterfell. Littlefinger could tell Jon about his feelings for Sansa and I imagine that Jon doesn’t take that too well.



  • Another shot of Unsullied managing to entering Casterly Rock. This really looks like a promising battle.


  • Arya looking under her bed. Is someone trying to attack/kill her? Perhaps Littlefinger might want to get rid of Arya all the same.


  • Is this ser Jorah’s hand? It looks like someone with a serious condition of greyscale. I don’t think it’s a wight, though. Is Jorah finally getting a cure for his disease?


  • Dothraki ready to kill off some Lannister soldiers. I’m really looking forward to see this epic battle!



  • Jon and Tormund running away from some danger. Probably the Night King and his army. Jon is looking good in this wildling’s clothing.


  • Right before the attack on Casterly Rock, Grey Worm wants to say goodbye to Missandei. Maybe for the last time. Missandei seizes the opportunity to study Grey Worm’s trained body.


  • Another kind of boatsex! Yara and Ellaria Sand come across very well. This scene could well be happening right before the naval battle.


  • Daenerys pushing the lion statue. She’s ready to get rid of the damned Lannisters.


  • And so does she! Bronn and Jaime can barely escape Drogon’s wrath.


  • We are so ready for season 7! This last shot proves that we are getting at least one another Battle of the Bastards scaled episode. I’m definitely hyped.

Game of Thrones season 7 premieres July 16th. For those who wants to rewatch the whole trailer, here you are: 

La La Land Review

In de review zitten er spoilers! Verder lezen is dus geheel op eigen risico. 

Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) en Mia (Emma Stone) spelen het verliefde koppel in La La Land.
Je kon er de laatste weken gewoonweg niet om heen kijken: La La Land is een regelrechte hype. De film verzilverde al zijn nominaties op de Golden Globes en werd maar liefst 14 keer genomineerd voor een Oscar! Dat zijn evenveel nominaties als ‘Titanic’. Als La La Land effectief meer oscarbeeldjes zal binnenhalen als ‘Titanic’, is nog de hamvraag. Ryan Gosling en Emma Stone waren voor mij alvast op hun best in het schitterende ‘La La Land’. Een titel die je bijna niet serieus kan nemen en weg doet dromen naar een idyllisch wereldje waar je stoutse dromen uitkomen. Blijkt dat nu net te zijn wat La La Land wil bereiken.

Another Day of Sun’ / ‘Een ander dagje gevuld met zonneschijn’

Mia’s dromen worden met de grond gelijkgemaakt in La La Land.
Van een geweldige openingscène gesproken! Het zag er allemaal over-the-top uit, maar dat vond ik helemaal geen probleem. De eerste vijf minuten brachten mij net in een extase en ik kreeg onmiddellijk een hongertje naar meer van die activerende scènes. De scène deed me ook weer even terug denken aan de filmklassieker ‘Grease’. Vervolgens ontdekken we dat Mia’s leventje allesbehalve zo ‘volmaakt’ is als de openingsscène. De opener was glamour and glitter, typisch Hollywood zonder meer. Mia’s leven is eerder een sleur geworden omdat ze haar dromen helemaal zag instorten. Ze zit net zoals vele anderen in de ellenlange file en wordt dan nog eens onbeleefd behandeld door een langsrijdende Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) die later haar hele leven op zijn hoofd zal zetten. Mia werkt in een coffeeshop en wordt allesbehalve gerespecteerd. Ze is eigen een nobody in een stad vol met sterren. Let vooral op de chique dame die de coffeeshop binnenwandelt en een cappuchinootje bestelt. De zaak stelt voor om het drankje op de rekening van de zaak te zetten, maar de rijke dame staat erop dat ze zelf betaalt. De vrouw zou Mia moeten zijn, maar dit is helaas niet aan haar besteed. Momenteel is ze nog een pareltje dat verscholen zit in een schelp die op openspringen staat. Mia doet auditie na auditie en ondanks haar talent, wordt ze snel vergeten door de castingbureaus. Qua uiterlijk springt ze er ook niet meteen uit. Ze bezit eerder het imago van een grijze muis, ook al is de film rijkelijk gevuld met prachtige kleuren. Voor Mia was het dus zeker niet nog een dag vol met zonneschijn…

‘Someone in the crowd’ / ‘Iemand buiten de schijnwerpers’ 

Mia besluit om niet langer de grijze muis te spelen in de film van haar leven.
Het zijn vooral de vriendinnen van Mia die haar in de juiste richting duwen. Mia moet zich niet langer blijven opsluiten, maar zelf kleur geven aan haar leven. Ze gaat naar een decadent feestje en probeert meer op zoek te gaan naar haar identiteit. Is ze iemand die voor de rest van haar leven buiten de spotlights zal leven of beslist ze om eindelijk de schijnwerpers op zich te plaatsen? Mia beleeft even de tijd van haar leven, totdat ze bij afloop van het feestje ontdekt dat haar auto weggetakeld werd. Dat wordt dan maar een wandeling voor onze Mia! Onderweg wordt ze verleid door het prachtige geluid van de piano in een restaurant. Ze twijfelt niet en wandelt onmiddellijk binnen. Wat ze ziet, bevalt haar zeer.

‘Mia’s and Sebastian’s theme’ / Mia and Sebastians themanummer

Sebastian leeft net zoals Mia in een wereld vol met teleurstelling en leidt aan een identiteitscrisis.
Het eerste hoofdstuk van de film focust vooral op Mia’s leven tot op het moment dat ze de pianist ontdekt. Laat die pianist toch niet Sebastian zijn! We krijgen een (verkorte) blik op het leven van Sebastian die van zijn leven een puinhoopje gemaakt heeft. Zijn relatie is op de klippen gelopen en hij geraakt niet echt aan de bak als jazz-artiest. Zijn droom is om de jazzmuziek te doen herleven, maar helaas sterft dat muziekgenre aan een vlug tempo uit. Hij werkt in een restaurant en heeft net zoals Mia de rol van grijze muis aangenomen. Hij is extreem getalenteerd, maar zijn talent wordt allesbehalve op prijs gesteld. Wanneer hij de kans grijpt om zijn talent te laten horen, wordt hij ontslagen door zijn baas. Opnieuw een slag in het gezicht van Sebastian. De enige die zijn talent blijkt te appreciëren is Mia, die toevallig het restaurantje binnenwandelde om de prachtige pianosolo nader te beluisteren. Mia wil Sebastian  vertellen dat ze zijn muziek enorm mooi vindt, maar vooraleer ze drie woorden kan zeggen loopt Sebastian haar schaamteloos voorbij. Het nummer dat Seb speelde, zou hun themalied in de film worden en meerdere keren gespeeld worden in ‘La La Land’. Het staat immers symbool voor de eerste ontmoeting tussen Sebastian en Mia.

‘A Lovely Night’ / ‘Een lieflijke nacht’ 

De ene nacht die alles deed veranderen: de vonk tussen Seb en Mia is duidelijk overgeslagen.
Het lot bepaalt dat Sebastian Mia terug tegen het lijf loopt op een feestje. Sebastian speelt in een weinig voorstellend bandje en Mia besluit om ‘wraak’ te nemen op Sebastian voor haar zo voorbij te lopen. Ze vraagt ‘I Ran’ van A Flock of Seagulls aan, een steek onder water voor Sebastian aldus. Mia heeft onmiddellijk de aandacht van Seb getrokken en de twee gaan voor de eerste keer een gesprek aan. Mia vindt Sebastian aanvankelijk helemaal niets voor haar en vice versa. Toch is het overduidelijk dat de vonk tussen de twee is overgeslagen is. De chemie tussen de twee is voor een blinde zelfs zichtbaar en duurt dan ook niet lang vooraleer Sebastian Mia terug opzoekt in de coffeshop waar ze werkt. Na haar werk besluit ze om samen met Sebastian de stad beter te verkennen. Seb neemt haar mee naar een jazzclub en vertelt passioneel over zijn grote liefde, jazz. Mia die jazz aanvankelijk maar niets vindt, begint door Seb het muziekgenre meer te appreciëren. Mia vertelt ook over haar grote passie: acteren. Beiden vertellen mekaar hoe ze hun dromen zagen instorten, wat uiteraard een aangrijpingspunt schept tussen de twee.

‘City of Stars’ / ‘Stad vol met sterren’ 

Sebastian heeft een nieuwe passie in zijn leven gevonden: Mia
Het nummer dat het meest bij bleef na de film was ‘City of Stars’. Door de dag betrap ik mezelf erop dat ik het ongegêneerd meefluit. Seb wandelt op de pier richting thuis, al denkend aan zijn nieuwe passie: Mia. Hij vraagt zich af of deze droom ook op niets zal uitslaan. Mia neemt een belangrijke stap in haar leven en maakt komaf met haar vorige zelve. Eerst heeft ze het moeilijk om haar recente vriend zomaar opzij te schuiven, maar wanneer alle factoren haar in die richting duwen, gaat ze uiteindelijk de uitdaging aan. Ze kiest volledig voor Sebastian en geeft de relatie een kans. Seb neemt haar mee naar een planetarium waar ze letterlijk van verliefdheid door de sterren gaan zweven. Ze bevinden zich letterlijk in een stad vol met sterren. Hun leventje lijkt perfect te gaan totdat Seb een oude schoolvriend tegenkomt. De man, genaamd Keith, stelt Seb voor om samen met hem een bandje op te richten. Hij probeert Seb te overtuigen om zijn aanvankelijke droom een andere wending te geven en open te staan voor vernieuwingen. Seb grijpt de kans en staat aan het begin van een doorbraak in de muziekwereld. Hoe langer hoe meer geraakt hij verzeild in de wondere wereld van de sterren waar hij Mia niet langer meer terugvindt. Mia beseft dat ze Sebastian kwijt is aan het geraken voor iets wat hij niet eens als zijn droom beschouwde. Seb maakt Mia duidelijk dat het tijd is om te ontwaken uit die droom en eindelijk iets van zijn leven te maken. Seb schuift al zijn dromen opzij en begint Mia stilaan te verliezen. Mia, die meer en meer vereenzaamd blijft stuiten op de ene teleurstelling na de andere. Het komt zelfs zo ver dat ze er vrede mee neemt om haar acteercarrière op te geven. Mia geeft net zoals Seb al haar dromen op en maakt komaf met haar leven als actrice en met haar relatie met Seb.

‘Audition (The Fools Who Dream)’ / ‘Auditie (Het zijn de dwazen die dromen)’

De film wordt opzettelijk minder kleurrijk..
Sebastian ontdekt dat Mia gevraagd wordt om auditie te doen voor bij een belangrijke castingbureau. Hij weet hoe belangrijk deze droom voor Mia was en twijfelt geen seconde om haar te overtuigen om de auditie toch te doen. Geen gemakkelijk klusje want Mia geeft aan deze droom al lang begraven te hebben. Op aandringen van Seb, besluit ze om de auditie dan toch maar te doen. Haar leven verandert voorgoed. Het zijn misschien wel de dwazen die dromen; het zijn zij wel die tenminste geen schrik hebben om te dromen. Seb en Mia bevinden zich op het hoogtepunt van hun carrière. Hij heeft veel succes met zijn muziekbandje en Mia is een steractrice in Hollywood geworden.

‘Epilogue’ / ‘Epiloog’ 

Vijf jaren later is Mia nog steeds een succesvolle actrice en keert ze even terug naar de coffeshop waar ze werkte. Ze wordt als een diva behandeld en krijgt zelf een koffietje aangeboden op de rekening van de zaak. Overal hangen er posters van Mia en ze wordt door iedere voorbijganger opgemerkt. Sebastian heeft ondertussen zijn droom toch kunnen waarmaken en heeft een eigen jazzclub geopend waar hij de jazzmuziek heeft kunnen doen herleven. Mia is ondertussen getrouwd met een oudere man en heeft er al een dochtertje bij. Ze woont in een pracht van villa! Mia en haar man besluiten om de stad nog maar eens in te trekken en maken een tussenstop in de jazzclub van Seb. Mia realiseert haar dat Seb zijn droom heeft kunnen waarmaken en de confrontatie is zwaar. Seb ziet hoe ‘gelukkig’ getrouwd Mia nu is en besluit om hun themalied voor een laatste keer voor het publiek te spelen. Er wordt nog enkel gefocust op de twee en vervolgens zien we plots terug de scène waar Mia en Seb elkaar voor de eerste keer ontmoet hebben in het restaurantje. Seb stelt zich voor hoe het geweest zou zijn als hij andere keuzes had genomen. Hij zou haar dus niet voorbijgelopen zijn geweest, hij zou nooit zijn ingegaan op Keith zijn voorstel, hij zou samen met Mia naar Parijs zijn getrokken en daar een leven met een huisje, tuintje en kindje begonnen zijn. Helaas is het zo niet uigedraaid en moeten ze zich tevreden stellen met de realiteit. Mia vraagt aan haar man om de jazzclub te verlaten en gunt Seb een laatste blik. De twee glimlachen naar elkaar, wetende dat ze beiden hun droom hebben kunnen verwezenlijken. Helaas hebben ze hun droom samen daarvoor moeten opofferen.


Mia en Seb nemen afscheid van elkaar.


‘La La Land’ is een streling voor het oog. Elke filmliefhebber moet ‘La La Land’ gezien hebben, zonder twijfel. En zelfs zonder een grote filmfanaat te zijn, moet je weinig moeite doen om de film te appreciëren. ‘La La Land’ is een meesterwerkje op zich: vanaf de muziek, tot de regie en het acteerwerk. Alles is prachtig. De lovende reacties van de filmwereld zijn vast en zeker verdiend en ik ben ervan overtuigd dat de film zal scoren tijdens de Oscars. Het einde van de film was misschien niet het typische Hollywood-einde wat de kijker zou verwacht hebben, maar dat vond ik net het mooie aan de film. Ondanks het feit dat de film wordt voorgesteld in een overdreven Hollywoodachtige stijl en er soms geknoeid lijkt te zijn met het kleurenpallet, is deze film allesbehalve de typische Hollywood romantische clichéfilm. ‘La La Land’ verraste me positief en ik ben er zeker van dat ik de film binnen de vijf jaren talloze keren herbekeken zal hebben.

SCORE: 98%

Verhaallijn: 9,5/10
Acteerwerk: 9,6/10
Romantische factor: 10/10
Cinematografie en regie: 10/10
Compositie (met daarbij de soundtrack): 10/10

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